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    General Hospital CAST - Siobhan McKenna - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Siobhan McKenna Played by Erin Chambers on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Erin Chambers (ABC)

    Birthday: September 24, 1979
    Birthplace: Portland, Oregon
    Marital Status: Married to Carson McKay
    Real Name: Erin Chambers
    Height: 5'3"


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    Break From Reality.

    Wednesday, May 04 2011

    Nikolas stops by Lucky's to make sure his brother is okay after the intervention. Lucky knows Luke needs to want help for himself, so he has moved on to worrying about how to keep Siobhan in the country. Nikolas wants to take care of that because Lucky should not be getting married right now. Siobhan walks in and Lucky tells her Nikolas might be able to make it so she doesn’t has to marry him. She doesn't want Nikolas to take any burdens on for her, but Nikolas assures her it's no big deal. After Nikolas leaves, Siobhan takes Lucky off for a surprise.

    Siobhan brings Lucky to a cabin. He thinks she is trying to distract him from Luke and Jake, but she just wants to be alone with him. They kiss and then curl up with a blanket on the floor. Siobhan wishes they could stay like this, but she knows reality is waiting for them outside the door. Lucky is optimistic Nikolas will make magic happen with her green card and says one way or the other it will work out. Siobhan hopes so because she hates the idea of leaving him behind.

    Lucky and Siobhan return to his place. Nikolas shows up and tells them he had no luck with his contacts. Siobhan thinks it's time to accept that she has to go back to Ireland. Lucky doesn’t want her to give up, suggesting they get married, but Siobhan says it's over.

    Breaking From The Past.

    Monday, April 25 2011

    Siobhan enters Luke's office and finds him drinking. She rails at him for drinking again, warning he will lose Lucky for good if he keeps this up. Luke thinks Lucky will hang on to all of them because he is incapable of letting anything go, no matter how painful. He suggests she get Lucky to go to Ireland with her because the best thing for him would be to completely break from the past. After Luke has left, Nikolas finds Siobhan cleaning up the office. She says she wishes Lucky would accept that she's going back to Ireland so he can focus on fixing things with his father. She was hoping Nikolas could get Lucky to see reason.

    Couldn't Have Done It Better Myself.

    Tuesday, April 19 2011

    Lucky discovers a plane ticket to Ireland in Siobhan's things at his place. He questions her about it and she tells him it would be wrong to expect him to go through with the green card marriage now. He's not ready to let her go and thinks she doesn’t want to go either. She tears up and says she didn't want to tell him she was leaving because she knew as soon as he started talking she would get lost. He asks if she'll stay and she says they'll deal with it in the morning. He kisses her.

    Keep Moving Forward.

    Monday, April 18 2011

    Elizabeth walks into Lucky's place to find him with Nikolas. She holds the paternity results, as she asks Lucky to forgive her. Both brothers assure her she has nothing to apologize for because what happened to Jake was an accident. Lucky takes the blame for not intervening with Luke sooner. As Nikolas tries to reassure Lucky, Elizabeth puts the results in her bag. After more debate about who is to blame, Nikolas offers to take Elizabeth home. Once they've left, Siobhan walks in to see Lucky looking at an old Christmas card from Jake. Siobhan takes Lucky out for a bit and he thanks her for reminding him that he is still alive.

    No Quick Fix.

    Friday, April 08 2011

    At his place, Lucky asks Sonny to be there for Luke. Sonny tells him Luke doesn't need a friend - he needs his son. Lucky can't be there for him until he admits drinking played a part in Jake's death. Sonny thinks Luke deserves the benefit of the doubt. Lucky loves Luke, but he's done enabling him. Sonny thinks Lucky is punishing himself, like Luke is, because he partly blames himself for Jake's death. He adds Lucky is afraid of what happens when he does forgive Luke. Lucky wants to forgive his dad, but he can't get the image of Luke throwing back a couple of shots out of his head. Siobhan comes by after Sonny has left. Lucky says they should get married today. She doesn’t think getting married is the answer for him. She points out he needs time to grieve. He reminds her she could get deported, but she notes the deadline isn't for awhile. Agitated, he leaves for work.

    Nikolas finds Luke trashing the Haunted Star. Luke talks about how he should never have been a father. Nikolas tells him Lucky needs him more than ever and that he needs to find a way to forgive himself. Nikolas thinks Luke and Lucky can help each other and urges Luke to do something to prove to his kids he is the man they think he is. Luke says this is who he is and continues to drink. After Nikolas implores him again to take the steps to help Lucky, he leaves. Sonny drops in to try and get Luke to reach out to Lucky. Luke responds that he respects his son enough to keep his distance. Sonny exits and Siobhan is next to board the Star. She finds Luke drinking and tells him to put down the glass and go find his son. Luke just wants her gone. Siobhan angrily makes a last ditch plea before she storms out. Once alone, Luke pours gasoline all over the casino and flips open his lighter.

    No Guarantees In Life.

    Tuesday, March 29 2011

    Lucky goes home and tells Siobhan Luke was the one who hit Jake. Siobhan is shocked and says how sorry she is. Lucky relays that Luke is sorry too. He shares his rocky history with Luke and how his father always drank. He knew Luke's alcoholism would catch up with him some day. Lucky blames himself for not stopping his father and for not taking the boys that night. Siobhan assures him he had no control over this. He says the bottom line is that he chose to be Jake's father, but his selfishness set the stage for this to happen.

    Jake Is A Match.

    Tuesday, March 22 2011

    Outside Jake's hospital room, Lucky tells Siobhan he doesn't want his last memory of his son to be of him hooked up to machines. He sobs, as Siobhan reminds him Jake is not in any pain. She suggests he just sit by his bed and say what he needs to say. She'll be waiting for him in the hallway. Elizabeth walks up and Siobhan gives the parents some time alone. Elizabeth tells Lucky they don’t have to make any decisions right because she's not ready to let Jake go.

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