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    General Hospital CAST - Siobhan McKenna - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Siobhan McKenna Played by Erin Chambers on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Erin Chambers (ABC)

    Birthday: September 24, 1979
    Birthplace: Portland, Oregon
    Marital Status: Married to Carson McKay
    Real Name: Erin Chambers
    Height: 5'3"


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    No Compromise.

    Tuesday, May 17 2011

    Outside Kelly's, Siobhan and Lucky go over details they might be asked by the immigration interviewer. Cam calls Lucky to ask him to come over because Elizabeth is sick.

    Not The Way It Was Supposed To Happen.

    Wednesday, May 11 2011

    At home, Siobhan asks Lucky if he would have stayed with Elizabeth if Aiden turned out to be his son. He tells her it's too late for him and Liz because too much has happened between them. Lucky and Siobhan discuss how they met and then Siobhan suggests they get back to celebrating their wedding night. After they presumably consummate their marriage, Lucky gets dressed and leaves the apartment, as Siobhan looks worried.

    Threatened By A Beautiful Woman.

    Tuesday, May 10 2011

    Elizabeth returns to her living room to find a shocked Siobhan wondering why she didn't tell Lucky the truth. Elizabeth assumes she's talking about watching them get married and says she didn't want to interrupt Lucky's happiness. Siobhan eyes the DNA results on the table, but doesn't say anything else and then leaves. Lucky stops by to apologize to Elizabeth for the timing of his wedding as well as sending Jake's present. He promises his commitment to Cameron won't change because he married Siobhan. Elizabeth tears up as she says she has something to tell him, but just admits she was at the courthouse when he got married. She doesn't want to interfere. She just wants him to be happy. After some more talk about Jake, Lucky leaves.

    Lucky returns home and finds Siobhan, who tells him there's something he needs to know about Elizabeth.

    Not There Yet.

    Monday, May 09 2011

    After Siobhan sees Elizabeth breaking down in Lucky's arms, she runs back to her room. Elizabeth apologizes to Lucky and leaves. Siobhan returns to the room and Lucky apologizes for what she walked in on. She says she would never be upset about him comforting Liz over Jake. Siobhan gets them some cake and asks Lucky to tell her about Jake. Lucky happily talks about his son and she notes Jake never lived a day not knowing he was safe and loved.

    At home, Elizabeth talks to a photo of Jake about how broken she feels inside. Siobhan stops by to apologize, but Elizabeth is the one who's sorry for barging in on their wedding night. Elizabeth explains how she was at the justice of the peace. She didn’t interrupt them because she heard Lucky's voice which told her he wanted to marry her beyond the green card reason and she didn't want to take that away from him. Liz goes to check on some cookies in the oven and Siobhan finds the DNA test results.

    Just Having A Hard Time.

    Friday, May 06 2011

    Elizabeth shows up at the justice of the peace with DNA results in hand, as Lucky and Siobhan are about to get married. Elizabeth watches from the hallway as they exchange vows. She flashes back to when she and Lucky did the same. Elizabeth walks away as Lucky and Siobhan are pronounced man and wife, as Nikolas stands up for them.

    Nikolas, Lucky and Siobhan return home and find that Alfred set up a cake and champagne for the happy couple. Nikolas pours them drinks (water for Lucky) and despite him not agreeing with the circumstances, he toasts to Mr. and Mrs. Spencer. Nikolas leaves the newlyweds alone and as Siobhan exits the room to put the cake in the fridge, Lucky realizes it is Jake's birthday. Siobhan returns to the room and he talks about his son and how he won't ever see him smile again or blow out the candles on his cake. Siobhan encourages him to hold on to everything good about his son and says he will always be with him. She suggests they go for a walk to clear his head. Lucky says he has all he needs right there and kisses her.

    Happy Wedding Day.

    Thursday, May 05 2011

    At Lucky's, Nikolas backs Siobhan up when she says getting married while Lucky is still grieving is a bad idea. Lucky assures them he is thinking clearly and wants to keep Siobhan around. Nikolas suggests they travel the world on his dime instead. Lucky is tempted, he but doesn’t want to run away because that will bring him one step closer to being his dad. Lucky turns to Siobhan and urges her to stay there with him and marry him. After more debate, Siobhan agrees to get hitched. Nikolas leaves, as Siobhan and Lucky get dressed for their nuptials. Before they head out, Lucky kisses her and says, "Happy wedding day."

    Nikolas shows up at the justice of the peace to be there for Lucky and Siobhan. He even brought the rings.

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