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    General Hospital CAST - Siobhan McKenna - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Siobhan McKenna Played by Erin Chambers on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Erin Chambers (ABC)

    Birthday: September 24, 1979
    Birthplace: Portland, Oregon
    Marital Status: Married to Carson McKay
    Real Name: Erin Chambers
    Height: 5'3"


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    Friday, June 17 2011

    Lucky and Dante hear screaming at the burning Spencer house and rush to rescue them. Lucky sees Siobhan's purse and realizes she is in the house. The police duo retrieve her and rush to the hospital.

    Dante and Lucky arrive at the hospital with Siobhan. Dante gets an angry call from Mac, who orders him back to the burning house. Matt takes Lucky's signature to operate on Siobhan. While waiting in a prep room, Lucky apologizes to a sleeping Siobhan for not being able to love her the way she deserves. He doesn't understand why she cares for him so much, but begs her to fight and promises he will be waiting.

    Liz arrives back at the hospital and Steve assigns her to help Matt in the OR. She is surprised when she enters and discovers Siobhan is the patient. The surgery is compromised when the hospital goes into lockdown. They continue to operate and Liz second guesses herself before injecting Siobhan.

    Blaze Of Glory.

    Thursday, June 16 2011

    Lucky returns home and refuses Siobhan's rosemary cookies. She doesn't take offense. He can't get his mind off of Luke and plays with his lighter. Siobhan admits Luke told her that Lucky needs to break free of his past. After he leaves, Maxie arrives and decides to wait on him. Siobhan wants her to leave, but Maxie taunts her that she'll soon be gone once Lucky finds out the truth about Aiden. Siobhan thinks that Lucky can't take any more pressure, but Maxie counters that Aiden might help keep him sober. As they bicker, Nikolas arrives looking for Lucky. Nikolas doesn't want to push Lucky towards Liz. Maxie angrily leaves to solve the problem on her own. Nikolas worries how Siobhan is handling everything. Siobhan thinks Lucky is hurting too much to seek comfort from her. She notices that the lighter is missing and rushes out.

    The Gift Of Hate.

    Monday, June 13 2011

    On the plane home, Lucky tries to explain Luke to Siobhan and how he felt trapped by the house Laura fell in love with. Lucky says Luke always wished he never laid eyes on the house. Lucky is starting to feel the same way.

    Patron Saint Of Sinners.

    Friday, June 10 2011

    Lucky and Siobhan get a hotel room in the city where Luke grew up. Lucky thinks the brothel is the closest thing Luke had to a home. He shares his history with Luke and how he became disillusioned with him. However, he never doubted that Luke loved him. Lucky knows his father is a good man, but he's not sure how to get him to believe it. Siobhan knows he needs to confront his face on his own, but assures him he has her support.

    Every Party Has To End Some Time.

    Tuesday, June 07 2011

    Lucky and Siobhan brainstorm at home about where Luke could be. Siobhan asks where does one go when they've lost everything? Lucky thinks he might know. Lulu and Dante stop by. Lulu apologizes for their interaction earlier. Lucky appreciates it, but agrees that he drove Luke away. He says he'll find him and make it right. He has accepted that Luke needs to deal with his alcoholism in his own way and he promises not to push his agenda on their father. However, Lucky warns his sister it might not make a difference when or if he finds him.

    On the plane, Lucky tells Siobhan he's glad she's going with him to find Luke. She's sure everything will work out, but Lucky says if Luke wants to destroy himself, he will succeed. Siobhan doesn't want Luke to destroy him too.

    May The Spencers Rest In Peace.

    Monday, June 06 2011

    Lucky heads home where Siobhan finds him packing to find Luke. She wants to come along to help.

    See You On The Other Side.

    Wednesday, May 25 2011

    Maxie stops by Lucky's, but only finds Siobhan at home. After a few cryptic statements, Siobhan says it's clear Maxie knows Aiden is Lucky's son. Maxie wonders how she knows and Siobhan explains, but adds that Lucky doesn't know. Maxie says Lucky should find out about this from someone who cares about him, not his green card wife. Siobhan declares she doesn't want to tell him. Maxie realizes she fears he will go back to Liz if he finds out, but warns her to stay out of it anyway. Lucky returns after Maxie has left and tells Siobhan Luke is going to rehab. Siobhan wonders why he doesn't seem happy about it. Lucky tells her he may have been too hard on Luke in order to make that happen. Lucky is also scared that he'll lose Luke forever if rehab doesn't work.

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