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    General Hospital CAST - Siobhan McKenna - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Siobhan McKenna Played by Erin Chambers on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Erin Chambers (ABC)

    Birthday: September 24, 1979
    Birthplace: Portland, Oregon
    Marital Status: Married to Carson McKay
    Real Name: Erin Chambers
    Height: 5'3"


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    Love Is A Lie.

    Tuesday, July 19 2011

    Lucky makes Siobhan some food at home and then tells her he and Elizabeth want to start up their weekly family dinners again. He asks if it's cool with her. She reminds him she is his wife, not his jailer. She gets riled up though over Elizabeth screwing up in the O.R., her affair with Nikolas and her always being the damsel in distress. She asks if there is something more going on between him and Elizabeth than just their boys. Lucky assures Siobhan nothing has changed the way he feels about her. He tries to make it as clear as he can that he and Liz are not getting back together. However, he declares she's not an evil person and has no ulterior motives.

    Off Limits.

    Tuesday, July 12 2011

    Lucky brings Siobhan home from the hospital. They talk about the fire and Luke. Siobhan thinks grief is a terrible burden, but Lucky insists he is fine. Siobhan doesn't believe him. She assures him it's okay to admit that he might be reaching his breaking point. She suggests he go to therapy. He resists the idea. She presses him until he explodes at her to drop it. He apologizes for his outburst, but she thinks he just proved her point. He knows she's trying to help, but he doesn't want to do this right now. She suggests they go to the beach this weekend. Lucky tells her as long as he get a note from the doctor saying it's okay he'll take her. She assures him he'll get a note even if she has to write it herself. Lucky knew there was something he liked about her.

    When You Lose A Kid There Is No Moving On.

    Monday, July 11 2011

    Siobhan insists to a doubtful Lucky in her hospital room that Elizabeth tried to kill her. It breaks her heart how Lucky continues to defend Liz. She believes he can't see her other than the victim he rescued when they were teens. Lucky admits their relationship became dysfunctional, but he doesn't think Elizabeth tried to kill her. He asks her to think about what this will do to the kids and pleads with her to let it go. She knows he is grieving but she thinks Liz is preying on his grief. Lucky thinks all Siobhan is doing is forcing him to defend Elizabeth, the woman she wants him away from. Siobhan eventually agrees to drop the suit.

    All Hail The Chief.

    Friday, July 08 2011

    Elizabeth enters Siobhan's hospital room to appeal to her to drop her malpractice suit. Siobhan blames her and will see that she pays for what she did.

    Lucky visits Siobhan in the hospital. He asks her to let her suit go for his sake. Siobhan tells him she can't do that. Elizabeth eavesdrops as Siobhan tells her husband that Liz has been jealous of them from the start. She thinks Liz saw her opportunity to get rid of her in the O.R. Lucky knows that 's not who Liz is.

    Wake Up Call.

    Wednesday, July 06 2011

    Elizabeth visits Siobhan in her hospital room and admits she made the mistake that almost killed her. Siobhan didn't even know Liz was in the O.R. and asks for details. Liz explains and says she is glad she will be okay. Siobhan had no idea she was so close to dying.

    Steve tells Patrick, Robin and Matt at the hub that all of them have to make a full disclosure to the board about Elizabeth. Patrick is incensed calling it a witch-hunt. Steve appreciates their loyalty to his sister, but says it's not on them to protect Liz from the board. Steve walks away and Robin admits to Patrick she has been covering for Elizabeth. Elizabeth joins the group and explains she told Siobhan what happened. She also apologizes to her peers for being so unprofessional. Later, Steve tells his sister the board decided to suspend her for three months. Once she returns, she won't be able to assist in the O.R. for another six. Steve adds he got two months probation. As they all express relief over the decision, Siobhan approaches. She accuses Elizabeth of trying to off her in order to have a clear path to Lucky. Siobhan declares she is suing all of them for malpractice.

    Aiden Is My Son!

    Wednesday, June 22 2011

    Upon waking up in the hospital, Siobhan tells Lucky he is Aiden's father. He says he already knows. Siobhan explains that he didn't feel like it was her secret to tell and adds that Maxie knows as well. Lucky takes it all in stride. Siobhan wonders if he wants to rethink all the promises he made her now that he and Elizabeth share another child. He insists nothing will change between them. He tells her he almost took a drink tonight, but Elizabeth stopped him with the news about Aiden. She has all the faith in the world that he would recover from falling off the wagon. Lucky doesn't ever want Aiden to look at him like he looks at Luke. He worries his son will follow in the addiction and "romance of self destruction" that is the throughline of his family. Siobhan knows Lucky will be there for Aiden if he should fall to show him that he can stand up and do better.

    Finally Free.

    Tuesday, June 21 2011

    Lucky returns to a still unconscious Siobhan's hospital room. He says he doesn’t even know where to start making amends. She wakes up and after she is checked out by a doctor, Lucky tells her he set the fire. She says it just means he owes her now and she will think of ways for him to repay her. He will start by trying to be the husband she deserves.

    No Good To Anyone.

    Monday, June 20 2011

    Lucky learns from Liz and Matt in the hallway that it's too soon to say what the long term effects on Siobhan will be, since there was bleeding on her brain. He's not sure if she will even wake up. Lucky sits with his unconscious wife and talks about how beautiful Ireland is. He's not sure why she stayed with him. He should have let her go. He gets upset and leaves the room.

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