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    General Hospital CAST - Siobhan McKenna

    Full detailed profile on Siobhan McKenna Played by Erin Chambers on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Erin Chambers (ABC)
    Siobhan McKenna

    Actor: Erin Chambers

    Who played Siobhan McKenna over the years

    Erin Chambers (September 15, 2010 - August 23, 2011; November 15 - 16, 2011)

    Useful information on Siobhan McKenna

    * Met Lucky while he was pretending to be Ronan O'Reilly in Ireland.
    * Was blackmailed by the Balkan.
    * Married Lucky for a green card.
    * Had several run-ins with Elizabeth.
    * Killed by Anthony Zacchara in order to keep her quiet.


    Past: Bartender


    Siobhan met Lucky in Ireland when he went undercover as Ronan O'Reilly to track down the Balkan. Once Lucky's true identity came to light, she followed him back to Port Charles so he could protect her. As the two grew closer, it was revealed that she was being blackmailed by the Balkan, who had her sister, to give him information on Brenda Barrett.

    Once her sister was rescued and the Balkan threat was diffused, Lucky offered to marry her to keep her in the country. However, news of the death of Lucky's son Jake prevented them from marrying.

    Siobhan and Lucky eventually married, but Lucky continued to support Elizabeth through her grief. During his own rage over Luke killing his son in a hit and run, he set fire to his childhood home. Worried for Lucky, Siobhan ran in to look for him, but got caught in the blaze herself. Siobhan was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery, where Elizabeth made a mistake that almost killed her. When Siobhan found out about it, she accused Liz of wanting her out of the way so she could have Lucky to herself.

    Lucky convinced Siobhan to drop her lawsuit against Liz and the hospital, but Siobhan remained wary of Elizabeth's intentions toward her husband. During one of their altercations, Siobhan fell down a flight of stairs. As Elizabeth drove her to the hospital, they got in a car accident. Anthony killed Siobahn, as she recovered in the hospital, in order to keep her quiet about what she knew about his drug operation.


    Lucky Spencer


    Megan (sister)


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    Wednesday, November 16 2011: Finish What You Started.

    Lucky falls asleep on the plane and his dream self talks to Siobhan. He thanks her for Aiden, but she reminds him there's still a long ways to go. They talk about the stuff at the well and he thinks she should have been better to her. She knows she was there for a reason and she died for a reason. He doesn’t know what that could be. She counters that he does, but he has to figure it out for himself. Lucky thinks he's lost his faith, but Siobhan knows it hasn't gone away, it's just being tested. He wonders if he's being tested to see how far he can be beaten down. Siobhan reminds him that faith means you keep believing if though you don't know. She fears his heart is shrinking away to nothing, but believes there's still hope. She urges him to follow through with whatever is next, but no one can tell him what that is. Lucky is just tired of feeling this way. She orders him to stop wasting time. Lucky says he will miss her. She says, "Good. That was the idea." He wonders if he goes back to the well, will he get a message from her? She can't hold his hand forever. The rest of his story is for him to tell. He needs to finish what he started, even if he doesn’t know what that means right now. She says she has to go back, but asks him not to forget the best of her.

    Monday, November 14 2011: Walking Away And Letting Go.

    Siobhan's ghost visits Lucky as he sleeps at the inn. She tells him to hear what Jake is telling him. She slams the window open and disappears as Lucky bolts awake. He decides to head back to the churchyard.

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