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    General Hospital CAST - Brook Lynn Ashton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brook Lynn Ashton Played by Adrianne Leon on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrianne Leon (ABC)

    Birthday: March 15, 1987
    Birthplace: San Diego, CA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrianne Leon
    Height: 5'6


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    In Plain Sight.

    Wednesday, July 28 2010

    Brook comes to Kelly's to pick up some food from Mike. Johnny walks in, but gets a chilly reception from Mike, who orders him out for what he did with Kristina. Brook Lynn follows Johnny out and asks why he hates Sonny so much. Johnny goes over his past with Sonny and then she shares her own ideas about the man. She says Johnny has his own issues with Sonny and he's allowed to feel however he wants about him. They inch closer to each other, as Dante walks up. He tells Johnny he might want to consider Brook off limits, but Johnny wonders why that's his call.

    Full Of Surprises.

    Thursday, July 22 2010

    On the beach, Johnny breaks off his kiss with Brook Lynn citing his love for Olivia. Brook says opposites attract, but it never lasts.


    Wednesday, July 21 2010

    Brook and Johnny have a picnic on the waterfront. Johnny thinks she was probably trouble growing up. She says Olivia was there to guide her like a mom. Johnny talks about what a great sister Claudia was to him. Brook asks him why he's in love with a boring old woman. She claims he is lonely and then plants a kiss on him!

    Change In Plans.

    Tuesday, July 20 2010

    Brook sees Johnny on the pier and she finagles an invitation to go with him on his boat. He makes it clear he's holding out hope he and Olivia will get back together, but she tells him to relax – it's just a boat ride. Olivia comes to the pier and sees Johnny and Brook preparing to head out on the water together.

    Raising the Dead.

    Wednesday, July 14 2010

    Kalup Ishmael performs "Route 66" at Jake's, which makes Jason and Dante think it has something to do with Franco. Johnny walks in after he's done, which catches Brook Lynn's attention. She goes to the bar to flirt with him, as Dante and Jason approach Kalup. Jason asks him if Franco told him to sing that song. Ethan joins Maya at her table who opens up to him about her ex-boyfriend. She says he was wonderful to her, but he took a lot of risks and it caught up to him, as his last dangerous stunt cost him his life. At another table, Johnny and Brook discuss music. Dante, Jason and Lulu question Coleman about Kalup and he tells him about the guy who came in earlier asking if Kalup could sing there, but that's all he knows. Jason thinks maybe this whole thing was just a diversion. Matt and Maxie sit at another table where Maxie explains she feels like she needs more than what Spinelli can give her. Spinelli knows this and would give her up for her own good, despite how much he loves her. That makes her feel the worst and Matt thinks it's a good thing he is so cocky and thick skinned or else a girl like her would really get to him. Brook gets up on stage and flirts with Johnny as she sings "Before He Cheats."

    Special Delivery.

    Tuesday, July 13 2010

    Brook Lynn runs into Tracy at the Metro Court. They share a chilly reunion, trading insults. Brook assures her grandmother she's not after her money, but Tracy assumes she has an ulterior motive for being in town. Tracy warns she will be watching her very closely.

    Franco comes to Jake's and hands Coleman a stack of cash. He wants Coleman to book a performance artist for one night only. Coleman looks at the money and says, "Done." Once Franco has left, Matt and Maxie arrive and banter at a table over drinks. They discuss music and Matt notes it's nice to have a real conversation with her. He asks what's really going on with her and she tells him she's been unsure of things recently. She's not sure how to be really happy and he admits he's been there. Coleman gets on stage to announce the special performance coming later that night. Maya walks in and sits at the bar. She asks Coleman if he's a reckless guy who likes to take big risks. Coleman says he's the guy who consoles the hot widows of those dudes. Brook arrives and learns of the guest performer. Lulu is next to walk in and tells Maxie how jealous Spinelli is, which makes her happy, which in turn annoys Matt. Dante and Jason then enter. Lulu goes over to her man, as Ethan walks in, which Maya takes note of. Coleman then introduces Kalup Ishmael to the stage.

    What Are You Going To Do?

    Monday, June 28 2010

    At the loft, Lulu questions Brook's desire for Dante to bond with the man who shot him. Both Brook and Michael make a case for it. Lulu and Brook bicker and then Brook walks out. Lulu talks with Michael about Sonny, saying it's okay to love him, but he just shouldn't want to be like him. She's sorry to trash him in front of him, but thinks if Dante gets close to Sonny, he will take advantage of him. Michael doesn't think Dante would compromise himself to get close to Sonny, but Sonny loves him and that won't change. Lulu wonders if he's okay with that and Michael just reiterates he doesn’t see it changing. Lulu leaves to run an errand.

    Lisa finds Patrick at Jake's who doesn't think Steve is Lisa's type. She wonders who is – him? They play pool and Lisa says if she wins he owes her a dance. Patrick cockily says he doesn’t need to win in order to dance with her. Lisa leaves in a huff and Patrick follows. Brook comes to Jake's and chats with Coleman asking after Johnny, who walks in. She goes over to him and they play pool.

    Rolling the Dice.

    Friday, June 25 2010

    Brook finds Olivia on the pier looking up at Johnny's penthouse. Olivia admits it's probably over between her and Johnny. Brook is sorry it didn't work out for them, but Olivia says they had a lot working against them. She gives Brook a recap on Johnny's history and wonders if she jumped the gun on breaking up with him instead of trying to change his mind.

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