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    General Hospital CAST - Brook Lynn Ashton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brook Lynn Ashton Played by Adrianne Leon on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrianne Leon (ABC)

    Birthday: March 15, 1987
    Birthplace: San Diego, CA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrianne Leon
    Height: 5'6


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    Compromising Positions.

    Monday, August 16 2010

    Brook meets Carly at the Jake's who tells her to get Dante into bed tonight, with proof. Carly tells her she'll give her an extra $10,000 in cash if she succeeds, but if she can't make it happen, it's back to Bensonhurst for her. After Brook has left, Carly calls Michael at the loft to tell him Jason has been released. Dante later meets Brook at Jake's who cries over not knowing what she wants out of life. Dante suggests she calm down and they'll figure it out together. Brook goes to the bar for drinks and puts something in Dante's beer.

    Crossed Wires.

    Wednesday, August 11 2010

    Still in a robe, Brook Lynn flirts with Dante in his loft. She goes in for a kiss, but Dante backs off. He tells her she's gorgeous, but he loves Lulu. Brook tears up and says it's fine. He thinks they got their wires crossed, but she thinks she messed things up and says she never meant to tell him how she really felt. Michael comes in and thinks he's interrupting. Dante and Brook insist he's not and Brook explains why she's there. She leaves and Dante insists to his brother that nothing was going on. He does admit Brook kissed him but insists it was a mistake and asks him not to tell Lulu, as she walks in. Lulu tells Michael to call Carly to ease her worry. Michael says he'll call her and leaves. Dante and Lulu take the opportunity to make out on the couch.

    I'll Always Wish You Were Mine.

    Monday, August 09 2010

    At Carly's hotel, Carly asks Brook when she's going to produce some results and orders her to get Dante into bed! Brook thinks Dante might not be seducible because he's devoted to Lulu. Carly points out that he is his father's son and orders her to get the job done. They are surprised when Olivia walks up behind them and asks why they are fighting. Carly orders her to stay out of her business. Carly brings up Johnny's arrest for killing a mobster and Olivia runs away. Carly tells Brook to stop stalling with Johnny and to go have sex with Dante!

    A completely soaked Brook shows up at Dante's. She claims her hot water is out and leaves to use his shower! She emerges in a silk robe and asks for wine. She asks Dante how she can repay him.

    It's Always About Sonny.

    Thursday, August 05 2010

    Brook threatens to tell Jax about Carly being at Johnny's, while at the Metro Court. Carly cuts her off at the knees and tells him herself when he approaches. Brooke leaves so Jax can find out what exactly Carly is up to. Carly tells him she was trying to find out why Johnny hates Dante when Olivia came in. Jax makes it clear it's not his business who she dates, but he worries about the kids if she gets involved with him. She assures him she would never bring another mobster into her home. Jax walks over to Brook questioning what she's doing with Carly. She says she just wanted to warn him, but he in turn warns her against going head to head with Carly. Jax leaves and Carly tells Brook she can come through on their original agreement or she can go back to Bensonhurst. Brook agrees and Carly orders her to stay away from Johnny. Later, Johnny walks in and flirts with Carly as Sonny and Claire sit at a table. Claire notes that Sonny seeing Carly with Johnny doesn't bother him all of a sudden and wonders what he's up to. Dante comes in to arrest Johnny for murder.


    Tuesday, August 03 2010

    Claire walks in Sonny's place as he tells Brook Lynn to stay away from Johnny. After Brook explains their connection to Claire, she leaves. Claire tells Sonny she's only interested in his ability to procreate and when he again refuses, she brings out a file to explain the list of charges he will be facing. She tells him the photos Johnny sent her garnered a search warrant for the warehouse. Sonny isn't worried and starts flirting with her. She tells him they have surveillance on Johnny and Carly is over there right now.

    Let It Go.

    Monday, August 02 2010

    Patrick comes to Jake's and indicates to Coleman he cheated on Robin with Lisa. Coleman suggests he not tell Robin, but Patrick worries Lisa will do it if he doesn’t. Coleman says all he has to do it deny it if it comes up. Lisa walks in and Patrick sits with her at a table. She knows she made a fool out of herself. He tells her to stop the flirting because there won't be anything else between them. As a friend, he asks her to let it go. She says old habits are hard to break, but their friendship means more to her than a drunken hook up. They shake hands and she leaves. Brook Lynn walks in and sits at the bar. She asks Coleman if he's seen Johnny, but he hasn't. She orders a beer as she looks over towards the door. Coleman walks over to Patrick and suggests Lisa might not be as cool about this as he thinks. Johnny walks in and sits with Brook at the bar. They talk about Sonny, as Carly enters. She gets annoyed as she sees Brook with Johnny. After Johnny has left, Carly reminds Brook she's being paid to sleep with Dante so she needs to stay away from Johnny.

    Brook goes to see Sonny to appeal to him in regards to Johnny. He doesn't want her to see Johnny, but she reminds him she's not a little kid anymore. Sonny points out Johnny is after revenge and will use anyone close to him to get it.

    May We Come In?

    Thursday, July 29 2010

    Outside Kelly's, Dante and Johnny argue, as Brook tries to assure Dante she's fine. Dante thinks Johnny is using her because she's friends with Sonny. He says he'll take her home and Brook gets up to leave with Dante. Once they've left, Olivia walks by Johnny. They say tentative hellos and she goes inside to get some coffee. She comes back outside and tells Johnny what happened at the hospital and that Ethan was shot. She says Warren's mind snapped because of his obsession and it's something for Johnny to think about. They debate it and Olivia says she loves him. Johnny loves her too, but he wonders if she can love him the way he is.

    Dante brings Brook back to his loft lecturing her on Johnny. Lulu walks in as Brooke says he's acting like a jealous boyfriend. Brook leaves and Lulu wonders if Dante is jealous of Johnny. He makes jokes about it and they both profess their love for each other. They kiss and then Dante has to go to the station to do some paperwork and then take Jason back to prison.

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