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    General Hospital CAST - Brook Lynn Ashton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brook Lynn Ashton Played by Adrianne Leon on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrianne Leon (ABC)

    Birthday: March 15, 1987
    Birthplace: San Diego, CA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrianne Leon
    Height: 5'6


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    A Ginormous Mess.

    Friday, November 05 2010

    Brook learns of all the parties and traveling she will be partaking in with Nikolas at Wyndemere. She tells him this experience has helped with her confidence in meetings she’s recently had with music producers. An infuriated Alexis bursts in rambling about Sonny getting arrested for the car bomb that almost killed Kristina. Brook leaves the room, as Nikolas offers a surprised Alexis good advice on how to handle the situation.

    An Interesting Threesome.

    Wednesday, October 20 2010

    Nikolas finds Brook Lynn dancing to her iPod in the main room at Wyndemere. She explains she has an audition as a backup singer in the city, but she will still be available to him. He says good, because he's got a party lined up for them tonight. Later, Elizabeth visits Nikolas as Brook walks in ready for the party. Nikolas has to go get dressed and tells Liz they will talk later. Once he's left the room, Brook tears into Elizabeth for the fallout Nikolas continues to endure from their tryst. She wonders why Liz keeps hanging around him if they are over. Elizabeth turns it around on her, accusing her of being a gold digger.

    Hazard Pay.

    Thursday, October 14 2010

    Nikolas overhears Brook trying to get her own place at Wyndemere and asks what's going on because he thought she was staying there through the holidays. She doesn't want to be his excuse for not dealing with Elizabeth. She thinks his relationship with Elizabeth was all about Emily and declares it's time he get over her. He shares the only thing he doesn't regret during the whole thing with Elizabeth is Aiden. He hopes his sons never fail each other like he failed Lucky. Brook jokes that he has a way of looking at the dark side of things.

    Players Don't Change.

    Wednesday, October 13 2010

    Nikolas brings Elizabeth and Aiden to Wyndemere and they discuss their co-parenting schedule. Brook walks in with breakfast and Nikolas explains he hired Brook to be his escort to social engagements. Elizabeth is set on edge and asks to talk to Nikolas alone. She wonders why he is paying someone to be his date and he does his best to explain. He will always be grateful to Elizabeth for giving him a son, but he's realized they will never work out as a couple. Once Elizabeth has left, Brook hopes her presence won't cause problems between Nikolas and Liz. Nikolas admits Elizabeth has her concerns, but the arrangement suits him perfectly.

    Taking A Life Changes A Life.

    Wednesday, October 06 2010

    After returning to Port Charles, Nikolas and Brook Lynn go to Jake's. He offers to pay her to escort him to a few more parties. Elsewhere, Kate watches as Steve and Olivia have a beer. She walks over and makes disparaging remarks about her cousin. Olivia stands up, takes off her earrings and the women go at it. Steve gets in between them and then Dante walks in to try and help break it up. Coleman restrains Kate as Olivia welcomes her son home. Dante goes to get some food and then leaves to get back to his girl. Olivia sits back down with Steve, as Kate flirts with Coleman at the bar. Olivia goes to the bar for another beer and starts bickering with Kate again. Brook starts singing and tells the women to shut up. Nikolas seems impressed with Brook as she belts out a song while sitting at their table.

    Panic Sets In.

    Tuesday, September 28 2010

    Nikolas is impressed with Brook's new outfit at Wyndemere. She says she's feeling good and she isn't nervous about the party in France. He feels her manners are impeccable and she's ready to show them off.

    Nikolas quizzes Brook on the plane to prepare her for the party. She has the facts down, but she worries she will say or do something wrong. She starts to hyperventilate and panic, but Nikolas calms her down reassuring her he has confidence in her.

    Playing With Fire.

    Wednesday, September 22 2010

    Brook models her new outfit for Nikolas at Wyndemere but she says it isn't her style. He agrees it's not right and says he knows someone who can fix this. Nikolas calls Maxie over to hire her to be Brook's stylist. Brook wants no part of it and Maxie is aghast at first, but she eventually agrees. However, Maxie badmouths her in the process.

    Nikolas finds Brook Lynn at Jake's and she suggests he take Maxie to France. He wants to take Brook but says she just needs some polish. He asks if she still wants to go and she asks if she can keep her wardrobe. He says yes and she agrees to go and Maxie can even be her stylist.

    Listen More Than You Speak.

    Wednesday, September 15 2010

    Jax sees Carly and Josslyn at Kelly's and correctly assumes she was waiting for him. They argue about Brenda again and Jax says he'll see her at the office. Jax leaves and then Carly sees Nikolas and Brook Lynn come in. She calls Brook a traitor and leaves. Brook hopes Nikolas doesn't believe she'd double cross her as Carly suggested, but Nikolas says he does – he just won't give her the chance. Lulu walks in and rails at Nik for being with Brook. After she's gone, Nikolas and Brook discuss their arrangement and their reasons for doing it.

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