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    General Hospital CAST - Brook Lynn Ashton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brook Lynn Ashton Played by Adrianne Leon on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrianne Leon (ABC)

    Birthday: March 15, 1987
    Birthplace: San Diego, CA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrianne Leon
    Height: 5'6


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    Zigged When They Should Have Zagged.

    Monday, January 03 2011

    Nikolas and Brook rush to the hospital wondering if any injuries have come in, as they inform the doctors of the crash. Nikolas finds Elizabeth and embraces her as he breaks the news of the crash to her, which Brook takes note of. Sonny and Alexis rush into the hospital looking for information, but none is available. Sonny tries to calm a panicked Alexis as Dante and Brenda enter. Patrick informs Dante his mother was on the bus that crashed. Brenda hugs Dante who is scared for his mother, as well as his siblings.

    It's All About The Timing.

    Monday, December 27 2010

    At the reception in the mansion, Carly privately confirms with Spinelli that the document is real and wonders what she will do with the information that Dante gave Brenda full custody of their kid. She wants to keep this a secret for now, as Jax comes out wondering what they are doing. Carly makes up a story, which Jax accepts, but doesn't necessarily believe. In the main room, Luke and Tracy toast to being Mr. and Mrs. Wile E. Coyote, while Mac and Alexis have fun on the dance floor. Jason and Michael enter the reception, as Tracy tosses the bouquet. It lands in Brenda's hands as she and Sonny return to the party. They announce this is good timing because they are now engaged. The room is stunned, but Michael breaks the ice by congratulating them. Tracy tells Luke she thinks it was rude for them to announce their news at their wedding. Mac asks Alexis if there is any jealousy, but Alexis replies, "Ewww. Yuck. Gross." Jax angrily leaves to get the car as Edward asks Jason to tell Brenda she's making a mistake. Jason says there's nothing he can do, but then grabs Spinelli wondering what he's doing there. Spinelli responds he's there to make peace with Dante. Edward pulls Ethan and Maya aside, as Jason congratulates Brenda and Sonny. However, he says Brenda will still stay at the penthouse because she is still in danger. Sonny doesn’t like that idea, but Brenda thinks it sounds old fashioned and could be fun. Across the room, Lulu assures Dante she isn't looking for marriage as Dante eyes Brenda and Sonny. Brook Lynn welcomes Luke to the family, while Tracy orders Nikolas to terminate his association with her granddaughter. Once all the guests have left, Tracy and Luke dance. She pulls the prenup out of his pocket and throws it in the fire. She cries as she walks back to him and passionately kisses him.

    Christmas Surprises.

    Wednesday, December 22 2010

    Just as Luke and Tracy are about to be pronounced husband and wife at the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy stops the minister and asks Luke to see the prenup. Brooke pulls her aside and orders her, on behalf of everyone there, to step aside, get out of her own way and marry the man she loves. She encourages her to take a chance because nothing in life comes with a guarantee. Tracy returns to Luke and tells the minister to proceed. Luke and Tracy are pronounced husband and wife and Luke kisses his bride.

    During the reception in the main room at the mansion, Brooke asks her grandmother if she's going to yell at her. Tracy hasn’t decided, ordering her to explain herself. Brooke says she wanted to save her from herself in hopes that one day someone would do the same for her. Tracy underestimated her and says, "Good save." Edward tells the newly minted Spencers that he is actually happy for them. Jax finds Carly off on her own texting. She covers saying it's about Christmas. Toasts are made to and by the happy couple who expresses their love and happiness, as Alice sits at a table by herself glumly drinking champagne. As Luke and Tracy cut the cake, Edward tells Ethan he has great plans for him. Luke sends Ethan to get him a drink and tells Edward to back off.

    The Hunter Is Trapped By The Game.

    Tuesday, December 21 2010

    Edward calls everyone to their seats in the foyer, as they all wait for Luke to join them. After some delay, Luke finally enters and takes his place with the minister. Tracy walks down the stairs and if affected by seeing that Luke actually showed up. After getting silent confirmation from Alexis that Luke signed the prenup, Tracy walks down the aisle to her groom. Luke tells Tracy the hunter was trapped by the game. He loves her and they are perfect together. They are each other's unlikely surprise and that's why he is standing there in full out unapologetic husband mode. He throws Alice the key to the getaway car and says he wants to call Tracy wife and know it's more than just another nickname. Tracy tells him he brought her back to life. He gave her something to look forward to and a reason to get up in the morning. She looks forward to their next adventure and will love him until the day she dies.

    The Balkan Revealed.

    Friday, December 17 2010

    Brook and Nikolas dine at the Metro Court and discuss their arrangement and her music career, as Elizabeth and Steve sit at a nearby table. Nikolas steps away to take a call and Elizabeth confronts Brook about what she's doing with Nikolas. Brook defends herself and the women make biting remarks to each other. Nikolas returns and he makes plans with Elizabeth to pick up Aidan over the holidays. She goes back to her table and tells Steve she hates how Brook is working Nikolas. Meanwhile, Brook brings up the wedding and Nikolas offers to help her casually check up on Tracy. They leave and Steve reminds Elizabeth she wanted to raise her boys on her own. Elizabeth knows, but she didn’t expect things to turn out this way. Over at the bar, Lulu and Maxie meet up for a drink. Lulu wonders if Dante could be interested in Brenda in a non bodyguard kind of way. They discuss it as Dante secretly listens in.

    You've Been Served.

    Thursday, December 16 2010

    Nikolas visits Alexis at her office and says they need to wait for Brook Lynn before they get down to business. Brook arrives after being in the studio and Nikolas tells his aunt he needs her to draw up paper work and set up an account for Brook's employment. Alexis interprets that as Nikolas wanting Brook to be his legal mistress. Brook says it all makes sense to her and Nikolas so she doesn’t care what Alexis thinks. Nikolas wonders if that was clear enough for his aunt. Alexis agrees to draw up the papers. Nikolas and Brook leave and Diane enters telling Alexis of the lawsuit against Dante and Brenda. Unfortunately, Alexis thinks the case has merit and Diane worries how they will get Brenda out of this, as Theo walks in.

    Champagne Taste On A Beer Budget.

    Tuesday, December 14 2010

    At the Haunted Star, Siobhan appeals to Nikolas to get his brother to pull out of his mission to get The Balkan. At the bar, Brook wonders if Tracy doubts Luke's willingness to marry her, why doesn’t she just cancel the wedding? Tracy hopes he breaks her heart once and for all so it cures it of loving him. Across the room, Lucky asks Luke if he can afford to lose Tracy. Lucky then abruptly leaves, which makes Siobhan worry. Luke walks over to Tracy, knows what she's expecting. Luke retorts he knows what he's going to deliver. Luke tells Tracy he loves her, but she has champagne taste and he's on a beer budget. He wants to elope, but she turns that idea down, declaring the wedding is on as planned.

    Everything Is In Order I Presume.

    Monday, December 13 2010

    Luke asks Ethan to fleece some high rollers at the casino so Luke can pay for the wedding. Ethan isn't up for it and as Lucky and Siobhan enter, Luke asks his first born to do the honors. Tracy enters wondering what the Spencer men are up to and why there are no customers. Nikolas brings Brook Lynn to the Haunted Star after another successful social engagement. Nikolas talks with Lucky and Siobhan, who informs Brook her grandmother is getting married. Meanwhile, Ethan gets a call from Johnny who needs him now. Brook and Nikolas approach Tracy who says of course she is invited to the wedding. Brook wants to bring Nikolas, but Luke thinks Lucky would have a problem with it. Brook reminds him Nikolas just did Lucky a favor by letting Siobhan stay at Wyndemere, so Lucky shouldn't care. Lucky walks over and pulls his father and Nikolas aside. Nikolas gets invited to the wedding and then Lucky asks Luke if he needs the extra cash so he can bolt, but Luke says no. Lucky threatens to lock him up if he is considering bailing on Tracy. Meanwhile, Siobhan asks Nikolas if he can convince Lucky to back off his undercover work. Across the room, Tracy admits to Brook Lynn she doesn’t think Luke will show up to the wedding.

    Be Careful What You Wish For.

    Friday, December 10 2010

    Lisa denies Robin's accusations that she stole a bottle of pills at the hospital. Theo pipes up and says he saw Lisa take the pills and that they are in her left pocket. Lisa says it's true, but it was a favor for her housekeeper, whose cousin is there illegally. Robin doesn’t buy it but Steve tells her to give the antibiotics to her, but to bring the woman in for treatment. Lisa leaves and Patrick is incensed that Steve has again let Lisa off the hook. Steve is trying to be impartial and if Patrick has a problem with him he can take it up with the chief trustee – Nikolas. Both Steve and Lisa leave, as Patrick thanks Theo for backing up Robin, while Elizabeth asks Nikolas to spend some holiday family time together. Nikolas says he already has plans for the night, as Brook Lynn walks up. Elizabeth thought maybe Brook had gone back to Bensonhurst. Brook retorts, "You thought or you hoped?" Nikolas asks Elizabeth to bring the boys to Wyndemere to decorate and she tells him to call her. Nikolas grabs Brook's hand and they walk away as Elizabeth looks on. Patrick runs into Sam, who him to shed some light on a case she's working on about a cheating husband who works at the hospital. Patrick doesn't think he is the best person to ask. She suggests he let his affair go and move forward. Patrick doesn’t want to comment on another person's marriage, but thinks the doctor in question is a good man who loves his family. Robin tells Theo about the situation with Lisa and Patrick and Theo wonders how Robin could let Lisa run roughshod over her. Robin says the real problem is her marriage. Theo says she can either be a martyr or unload the philanderer. Later, Robin talks with Elizabeth who warns Robin to be very sure she wants Patrick out of her life. Elizabeth laments how she pushed both Lucky and Nikolas away and guess what? they both left. Robin walks over to Patrick and Sam, who says Patrick was just giving her some insight.

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