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    General Hospital CAST - Brook Lynn Ashton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brook Lynn Ashton Played by Adrianne Leon on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrianne Leon (ABC)

    Birthday: March 15, 1987
    Birthplace: San Diego, CA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrianne Leon
    Height: 5'6


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    Franco Says Hi.

    Friday, June 11 2010

    At his loft, Dante smirks as he listens to Lulu set ground rules with Brook in regards to her man. Brook insists she's not interested in Dante, but Lulu doesn’t want her showing up in a towel anymore or reminiscing about how everyone thought they had sex back in the day. Brook is sorry she upset her and goes across the hall, as Dante tells Lulu she's pretty sexy when she's territorial. He tells her about his meeting and says the lawyer he met with will argue that due to his coma, Michael didn't have the capacity to resist what his family wanted him to do. Dante then makes it clear Lulu doesn't need to feel possessive over him, despite how much he liked it. They start to kiss and Dante teases her about being jealous. Lulu goes in the other room, as Dante looks through his mail and finds a photo of a seemingly dead person that was sent to him.

    Popsicle? Are You Back?

    Thursday, June 10 2010

    While standing in his loft in a towel, Brooke explains to Dante that she was trying to catch the cable guy before he left and locked herself out of her loft. Lulu comes home and finds Brook in one of Dante's shirts watching Dante try and unlock her door. Brook explains as Dante successfully opens her door. Back in Dante's loft, Lulu flirtatiously picks up his bat and tells him she has the rest of the day off from work and she wants to spend her free time with him. He has to go to a meeting with a lawyer about Michael but then he will enjoy touching all the bases later. He kisses her and then leaves. Brooke returns with Dante's shirt and Lulu tells her she's on to her routine and that it won't work because she is with Dante, as Dante returns to overhear.

    A Great Situation.

    Wednesday, June 09 2010

    Brook visits Sonny at his house to catch up and tells him she is living across the hall from Dante. They sit down to breakfast and he asks about Dante growing up. She tells him some stories and she says she sees a lot of him in Dante and vice versa. Sonny shows her a photo of his kids and Brook leaves, but not before inviting him over for dinner, with the possibility of inviting Dante as well.

    As Dante looks at baseball scores online, Brook urgently comes to his door in nothing but a towel.

    A Situation to Deal With.

    Tuesday, June 08 2010

    At her house, Carly tells Brooke Ned's name is on the paperwork for the loft so she can say he took care of it for her and that he wanted her to live across the hall from a cop so she would be safe. Carly orders Brook to go take care of business and then calls Spinelli to instruct him to make sure none of the paperwork is traced back to her. Jax comes in and tells her Michael wants him to stop trying to put Sonny in prison, but his incarceration will help Michael's chances of getting released. Carly tells him to do whatever he can to bust Sonny then.

    While in bed with Dante, Lulu thinks of Carly telling her that she hopes when she and Dante get horizontal, she thinks of Michael sitting in his cell. She shares her thoughts with Dante, who feels like he let his little brother down. They get dressed and go into the living room where they have a beer. Dante tells her they shouldn't feel guilty about their relationship, but he won't give up until he gets Michael free and it's time he did something about it. After Dante has left, Lulu finds Brook moving into the loft across the hall.

    Facing the Truth.

    Monday, June 07 2010

    In the loft, Lulu questions Dante and Brook Lynn's sexual history as they continue to discuss their past. They insist nothing ever happened, but their families wanted them to get together. More reminiscing ensues as Brook brings up Dante's past girlfriends, but she is then forced to witness Dante and Lulu's lovey-doviness. Brook leaves and Dante tells Lulu he doesn’t regret his past because he had fun, but not one of those girls he was with heard the words "I love you." Dante then kisses her.

    It's a Gift.

    Friday, June 04 2010

    In the loft, Olivia and Brook Lynn regale Lulu with stories about Dante, as they cook. Lulu worries she doesn’t know how to cook for Dante, but Olivia assures her Dante is crazy about her no matter what. After Olivia has left, Brook Lynn teaches Lulu some things in the kitchen as Dante returns. After Dante kisses her hello, Lulu watches as he gushes over Brook's cooking and insists she stay and eat with them. After they eat, Brook and Dante reminisce some more, as Lulu looks affected.

    For the Greater Good.

    Thursday, June 03 2010

    Edward comes to the Metro Court as Carly and Brook Lynn talk about their plan. He offers his great granddaughter a place to live and money, but only if she goes back to school. Brook passes, saying she is an artist and will sing for her food at the hotel. Edward reminds her she always has family and leaves. Dante comes downstairs and tells Carly he's going to Pentonville to visit Michael. Brook Lynn wants to go, but he doesn’t think that's a good idea. Dante leaves and Carly tells Brook this is the perfect opportunity to play on Lulu's insecurities by getting closer to Olivia. Brook Lynn meets with Olivia in the lobby and asks for help in thanking Lulu and Dante for getting her the job at the hotel. They decide to work on a meal together for them and leave to do so, as Carly smirks. Carly later finds a disheveled Spinelli working on his laptop in the lobby. He is concerned Maxie will find out what he's up to and spill the beans to Dante and Lulu, so he's feeling estranged from her. Carly assures him it's for the greater good.

    Olivia and Brook Lynn go to Dante's loft with food and they catch up. Olivia thinks it will be nice for Dante to have Brook around in case he needs someone to talk to, since Lulu, although great for him, hates Sonny. Lulu comes to the loft with food she was going to make, but finds Olivia and Brook Lynn working in the kitchen in unison.

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