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    General Hospital CAST - Brenda Barrett Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brenda Barrett Corinthos Played by Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Vanessa Marcil (ABC)

    Birthday: October 15, 1968
    Birthplace: Indio, California
    Marital Status: Married to Carmine Giovanazzo
    Real Name: Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo
    Height: 5'4


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    Stirring The Pot.

    Thursday, July 07 2011

    A shaken Brenda and Alec return home. Sonny tries to comfort her and then once alone with Jason, says they know who sent this message. Now, they have to send one back. Jason leaves and Brenda returns downstairs. Sonny is sorry she has to feel any kind of fear, but he knows she was never in any real danger tonight. She isn't comforted by that. Sonny asks her not to bring this up at the hearing, promising he'll take care of it.

    Threats And Confrontations.

    Tuesday, July 05 2011

    The Jackal P.I. bursts into Sonny's house when he thinks Maxie and Sonny are doing more than just adjusting Sonny's collar. Maxie tries to diffuse the situation until Brenda walks downstairs. She asks what's wrong with Spinelli, noting his change in demeanor. Maxie gets defensive, which turns the Jackal on. Sonny orders them out of his house and Maxie pushes her former non-husband out. Later, Sonny summons Alexis to order her to resign as Jax's counsel in the custody suit. She refuses and they debate the issue. Sonny urges her not to let Jax take Carly's daughter away. After their meeting, Carly barges in as Sonny and Brenda pop champagne. Carly tells an angry Sonny Jax wants to call their sons to testify.

    Take Care Of Yourself.

    Thursday, June 30 2011

    Sonny and Brenda argue at the house about her subpoena for Josslyn's custody case. Brenda becomes irate when Sonny continues to defend Carly. She wants him to support her, not Carly, and orders him to make his choice. They argue some more and Sonny wonders what Brenda will say on the stand. Brenda responds that she will say he promised he would keep them safe.

    Learning The Ropes.

    Wednesday, June 29 2011

    Jax stops by the house to tell Brenda she is on the list of witnesses and will need to schedule a deposition. Brenda doesn’t want to get involved and won't testify against Sonny. She's sorry for everything he's going through, but she won't sacrifice her marriage to help him. Jax states her name will remain on the witness list, but she declares she won't say the things he wants her to say. Once Jax is gone, Brenda makes a call to a lawyer. Sonny walks in and she hangs up. Sonny asks Brenda to talk to Edward about backing off Michael and then sees her subpoena for Jax and Carly's hearing.

    Risk Versus Reward.

    Monday, June 27 2011

    As Jax asks Brenda to be a witness in his custody case, Carly walks in his place to pick up Josslyn. Carly accuses him of setting this up so she would go off upon seeing Brenda there with her daughter. Carly assures him it won't work because she won't screw up and lose her daughter. Jax insists to Brenda that isn't true as Carly leaves with Josslyn. Brenda can't believe he was ever with Carly. Jax doesn’t want to destroy her in court, he just wants to establish the truth. Brenda says Carly never deserved him. He needs her help to say that Sonny's world is dangerous for children. Brenda just leaves.

    Brenda returns home to Sonny, who just finished talking with Dante about Luke. Brenda assures her husband he is nothing like Luke. He then asks how her visit with Jax went. He brings up Jax and Carly's issues over Josslyn and Brenda angrily wonders if he wants to get involved in their problems. They fight and then decide to just focus on their own family.

    Michael Joins The Family Business.

    Friday, June 24 2011

    Brenda visits Jax at his office. She knows he's calling her as a witness in his custody case and wonders why. He wants her to tell the court how dangerous Sonny is. Brenda won't trash her husband in court and thinks he needs to leave Sonny out of it. Jax presents his case for how dangerous Sonny is, yet Carly continues to be in his life. Brenda stands her ground and then Jax brings Josslyn out to meet her.

    Scarier Than Business.

    Thursday, June 23 2011

    At Casa Corinthos, Michael rejects Sonny's offer to work in an office and travel to coffee plantations. Michael doesn't want Sonny to pave the way for him. He wants to start in an entry level position at the warehouse. Brenda shows up as father and son reach some common ground. Sonny brings up Anthony's threat on Brenda. Sonny warns Michael son Anthony is upping his game so he doesn’t want him anywhere near the Zaccharas. They make arrangements for Michael to start work and then he leaves. Brenda wants Sonny to hang out with her and Alec for the day, but he can't. She assumes he has to work, but he assures her it's scarier than work – it's Alexis. He has to talk with her about Kristina and Ethan. Brenda tries to remind him she was just like Kristina when she fell in love with him at 18. She urges him to realize he can't change his daughter's mind about who she's falling for. She also reminds him that Ethan isn't as bad as he was back then. Alexis stops by and Brenda leaves. The parents biker over Kristina's punishment. Sonny thinks she's too lenient and Alexis calls him a Neanderthal. After more frustrating conversation, Alexis throws up her hands and leaves. Jason stops by and tells Sonny about Edward's offer to Michael. Sonny doesn’t like it, but Jason knows at least Michael would be safe.

    Aiden Is My Son!

    Wednesday, June 22 2011

    Anthony joins Brenda and Alec at Kelly's. He indicates he was following them during their trip to the aquarium. He makes veiled threats and leaves.

    Max tries to keep the peace at the house as Sonny and Diane argue about him adopting Alec. She won't be a party to making him a father again and she already told Brenda that. Sonny warns that unless she stays out of his personal life, he will fire her. Brenda returns with Alec, who tells Sonny, "Anthony says hello." Max takes Alec upstairs as Brenda relays that Anthony indicated they are being watched at all times.

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