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    General Hospital CAST - Brenda Barrett Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brenda Barrett Corinthos Played by Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Vanessa Marcil (ABC)

    Birthday: October 15, 1968
    Birthplace: Indio, California
    Marital Status: Married to Carmine Giovanazzo
    Real Name: Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo
    Height: 5'4


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    Heart And Soul.

    Tuesday, April 02 2013

    At home, Carly lets Jax in. Josslyn runs in welcoming him. She gets a tea party set. Carly jokes that he must be there to give her a pizza party set. Jax presents her with divorce papers. He thinks the state mixed something up because they are not officially divorced. Carly needs to sign and file again. They joke at the consistency of how many attempts it took them to get married, and that their divorce follows the same pattern. He compliments at how well she’s doing. They remember always letting Sonny get in the way but agree the good outweighed the bad. Carly thinks signing is another mistake. Jax knows Carly has moved on a few times already and says he can’t be the fallback guy. Carly claims he isn’t. He says they’ll always be connected by Josslyn and asks her to sign the papers because he’s engaged to Brenda.

    Sonny’s surprised to see Brenda at his door. She asks to come in and says she’s there for the Ball. She can’t believe it’s a year since Robin died. She remembers how trustworthy a friend she was and that is why she entrusted her with a letter for Sonny. It takes Sonny a while to remember the letter he tore up without reading. She’s emotional and says if he read it, it might have changed everything. She tells Sonny what it said. All he remembers is getting divorce papers. She tells him she’s there for more than the Nurses’ Ball and that she’s engaged to Jax.

    Goodbyes And New Beginnings.

    Thursday, July 21 2011

    At the house, Carly orders Brenda to make good on her promise to stand by Sonny for better or worse. Brenda responds that she hates her. Carly leaves, as Brenda begs Sonny to say he's sorry and to admit he made a mistake. Sonny wonders if that would be enough for her to take him back and move to California with him. She wonders if he means it. She says it would be perfect, but Sonny knows it would be a lie because his power base is in Port Charles. It scares him how much he wants power. She wonders if he wants it more than love. He responds that love doesn't last – it gets taken away, dies or walks away when there's too much pain. Power is something he understands and can hold on to. He won't give that up for anybody. Brenda notes, "Not even me." Sonny doesn't think he can love her the way she wants. Brenda wants him to be the man she has carried in her heart her whole life. Sonny tells her that man never existed. He was a part he played so he could have her. He's sorry for that. Through tears she tells him she's glad this is who he really is so she can leave and protect her son. As she gives him her rings back, he tells her to find a man who can give her what she needs. But no matter where she is, he will always love her. Brenda starts to sob and walks out. Sonny sits in his chair and cries. Carly returns and Sonny explains that Brenda loved him in a way that she wanted him to be, but once they got married she saw things she didn’t see before. Carly thinks it sounds hypocritical, but Sonny knows she did what she felt was right. Carly is sorry to see Sonny like this. He says he will always love Brenda, but he will never regret helping Carly get Josslyn back.

    Robin sits with Brenda as she packs in her hotel room. They friends hug goodbye and Brenda asks Robin to give Sonny a letter. After Robin leaves, Jax drops in to say goodbye to Brenda. She tells him she's leaving town as well. Jax can't believe she left Sonny, but he's happy for her. He asks if he can help with her travel arrangements.

    Brenda and Alec join Jax on his jet to Rome. Jax tells Brenda to throw a coin in the fountain for him. She suggests he stay long enough to do it himself.

    Nothing Left To Lose.

    Wednesday, July 20 2011

    In her hotel room, Brenda tells Sonny she is leaving him, but doing it for the right reasons. Sonny says he loves her and would never intentionally hurt her. She doesn’t want to leave him, but she needs truth in her life. She thinks he's sorry she figured out he framed Jax, but he's not sorry for what he actually did. Brenda knows it's always about him and Carly and he needs to do something about it. Sonny won't give up on her. She can't stay there and knows he would never leave the mob. She won't make him choose though because that's what love is. She will leave so he can stay with his kids. Despite it ending, Brenda says nothing can ever undo what's happened between them. He says it won't end like this and holds her. She cries and he leaves. Carly barges in and tells Brenda to take Sonny back or else she will take him back for herself. Brenda informs Carly she's already left him. Carly calls her pathetic and a wimp for running just because she's scared. She states that Sonny is better off without Brenda and exits.

    Love Is A Lie.

    Tuesday, July 19 2011

    Brenda visits Jax in his office. She believes everyone will see that he was framed, but Jax knows his mug shot will be around forever. She is sorry this is happening and suggests they focus on Josslyn. Jax says it would help if she told the judge she thinks Sonny set him up. Brenda doesn't think that would prove anything.

    Sonny and Carly enter the courthouse and run into Brenda and Jax. The foursome bicker until the judge calls Carly and Jax into his chambers. He orders Sonny and Brenda to wait outside because he won't be hearing any more testimony. Jax tries to defends himself regarding the drug bust. The judge reiterates that he won't hear any testimony today, but commends Carly for consistently trying to cooperate with the court and Jax. She states she wants joint custody, but the judge holds Jax's arrest against him He deems Jax to be a danger to Josslyn. Carly gets full custody. It's up to her when Jax can see their daughter, but only after he takes a drug test.

    Sonny goes to Brenda's Metro Court room. They debate the situation again and Sonny asks his wife to come home. Through tears she tells him he took away the only home she ever felt she had. Now she doesn’t have one.

    Walking Away.

    Monday, July 18 2011

    At the house, Brenda tells Sonny she's leaving him. He reminds her there is no evidence implicating him in Jax's arrest and suggests Jax does in fact do drugs. She wants him to stop treating her like one of his stupid ex-wives. She recalls that he used to have boundaries. She brings up Stone, but Sonny doesn’t want to talk about him now. She is outraged because Stone contracted HIV from a woman who used drugs. After that he swore he wouldn't get involved in drugs, but now he's destroying Jax's life with them. She declares that he used to stand for something, but now he's ruining Jax's life for Carly. Sonny declares he loves her, but Brenda can't get past the fact that he is lying to her. Sonny wants a chance to fix it, but Brenda doesn’t want her son to think it's okay to destroy another person's life and then come home like everything is okay. She doesn’t want Alec to hurt or kill people. She won't be silent anymore, which means she has to go. She breaks down into tears as she heads upstairs. She returns with her luggage and says Alec is waiting for her in the car. She tells Sonny that she doesn't even like him anymore. He begs her not to run to Jax. She says she's not running to Jax; she's just walking away from him.

    We Have The Baby.

    Friday, July 15 2011

    Jason bursts into Sonny's office and asks Brenda if he can talk to Sonny alone. Brenda asks if it's about the custody hearing. Jason says he doesn't like what she did and they bicker. She leaves and Jason indicates he knows Sonny won't forgive Jax as easily as he did Brenda. Sonny says there's no reason to when he's already gotten even. Sonny say Jax may look squeaky clean, but he's not. Jason warns it will cause trouble for him with Brenda. Sonny will handle Brenda. Carly calls Jason for help. Kristina stops by after Jason has left. She wonders if they can to go to New York together. They make plans to go in August and she asks him for money to buy some dresses for all the places they'll be going. He laughs as he hands over the cash.

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