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    General Hospital CAST - Brenda Barrett Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brenda Barrett Corinthos Played by Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Vanessa Marcil (ABC)

    Birthday: October 15, 1968
    Birthplace: Indio, California
    Marital Status: Married to Carmine Giovanazzo
    Real Name: Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo
    Height: 5'4


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    Spies Like Us.

    Thursday, March 10 2011

    When Brenda can't give Theo the answers he's looking for in his lair, his henchman injects Brenda with a deadly neuro-toxin that will paralyze her and stop her lungs from functioning. As Jason, Sonny and Dante surround the place, Suzanne comes to Theo's office and finds Brenda passed out. Theo knows she's brought Sonny and the cops to his door. She assures him Dante won't let Sonny execute him, but Theo reminds her Dante threw their son into the harbor. When Theo hears the signal from Dante's gun, he grabs Suzanne and walks her out of the room. Theo and his men bring Suzanne out to Dante and Jason with guns drawn, as Sonny finds a semi-conscious Brenda. He pulls her into his arms and promises to get her out of there.

    Enlightenment Lies Within.

    Wednesday, March 09 2011

    In his secret office, Theo intentionally rattles a jumpy Jules, as Brenda walks in. He questions her about her time abroad, her baby and Suzanne's involvement. Theo leaves after he doesn’t get the answers he was looking for. Brenda tells Jules now is the time and after he finally gets a handle on his blade, he agrees. After Theo has returned and Brenda has left, Suzanne enters the lair. Jules runs off to tend to Theo's meal. Theo makes a call and says, "Do it." He then questions Suzanne about the baby, but she insists there is no child. He then quizzes her to see if her story matches Brenda's about their whereabouts last year.

    Elizabeth Is Dealt A Double Blow.

    Tuesday, March 08 2011

    In his hidden office, Theo demands to know where his grandson is. Brenda tells Theo she would never let a child anywhere near him. He threatens her life if she doesn't tell him where her baby is. Brenda in turn warns if he hurts her, Sonny will kill him. Theo thinks he is successfully driving Sonny crazy, so he will be unable to come to her rescue. Theo leaves and Jules enters with food for Brenda. Jules fears Theo will retaliate for him going to see Sonny on her behalf. She urges him to go back to Sonny and tell him of her location. She promises he will protect him. Jules agrees, as Theo secretly listens at the door. Theo walks in and asks an extremely nervous Jules if he has something to confess.

    Proceed With Caution.

    Monday, March 07 2011

    After finding her in the woods, Theo brings Brenda back to his secret place. He hands her a drink, which he insists isn't drugged. He asks her who unlocked the door for her. She tells him to go to Hell. He lets that go, but wants to know where his grandson is because he knows he is still alive.


    Friday, March 04 2011

    Brenda tries to unlock her door, but to no avail. Defeated, she recalls her wedding to Sonny. Jules returns to Brenda and tells her he couldn't talk to Sonny, as Theo walks in warning them about escaping. Later, Theo returns to find Brenda is gone.

    Whatever It Takes.

    Thursday, March 03 2011

    In his lair, Theo orders Brenda to tell him about this grandson, but she says the child doesn't exist. He believes she put her son up for adoption, but she tells him she had a miscarriage. She relays the story of how she got sick in Africa and lost her baby. He asks if there were any witnesses and she tells him she was with Suzanne.

    After Brenda is taken back to her room, Jules brings her some food. She uses her feminine wiles to try and persuade him to help her escape.

    Get Out Of Your Own Way.

    Wednesday, March 02 2011

    Theo's servant, Jules, enters Brenda's room to offer his services. She tries to get information out of him, but even though he appears easy to sway, he declares he can't tell her anything because he has his orders.

    When Will The Violence End?

    Monday, February 28 2011

    Brenda wakes up in Theo's lair. She's confused, but he tells her he's not just Theo her attorney. He's also Aleksander's father and the grandfather of her child.

    Clink. Boom. Redux.

    Thursday, February 24 2011

    As they dance, Brenda tells her husband she will never be known as Brenda Barrett again. She is now officially Brenda Corinthos. Sonny is happy to say they are husband and wife and he kisses his bride. Out in the corridor, Molly and Morgan interrupt Michael as he is about to kiss Abby. Meanwhile, Tracy tells Luke he needs to stop Dante from working his way back into Lulu's life. Luke doesn’t want to get involved, but says he already gave his daughter his advice on love. On the dance floor, Patrick dances with Carly, who notes he's pining over Robin. She admits she's bad at the happy, love thing, but wishes him luck. At a nearby table, Brook Lynn questions Nikolas on his issues with Sonny. Nikolas won't go into their past, but he says he made a promise to his mother to be civil. He mentions he told Laura about her. Brook wonders what he said. Nikolas relayed to Laura that Brook works for him and he holds her in high regard. Michael brings Abby inside the reception and introduces her to Edward, who is taken by her. He wonders how the two became acquainted and Molly jumps in asking Edward to dance. Carly walks over to her son and Abby and says she's glad Sonny invited her. Morgan asks his mother to dance, as Michael kisses Abby on the cheek. Robin clinks her glass to get the room's attention and makes a speech, wishing Sonny and Brenda a lifetime of happiness. Michael, Morgan, Molly and Kristina all speak as well and express their happiness for the couple and welcome Brenda to the family. Sonny is next. He tells the kids how much he loves them. He also says Brenda makes his life complete and he can't wait to spend the rest of his life with her. The Corinthos' cut the cake and when it's time to toss the bouquet, Abby asks Michael to walk her home. She says her goodbyes to Sonny and Brenda, who are happy she came. Brenda tosses her bouquet and Kristina catches it, but Sonny tells her she can't get married for a few decades. Ethan sits with Kristina and notes how far she's come in regards to her father. She credits therapy and Ethan for helping her. He thinks she's a special young lady and asks her to dance. As they do, Kristina declares she will marry him someday. Ethan just laughs. Dante returns to the reception and congratulates the happy couple. Brenda and Sonny make their exit, as their guests throw flower pedals and wish them well. Sonny puts Brenda in the limo, which then explodes.

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