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    General Hospital CAST - Brenda Barrett Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brenda Barrett Corinthos Played by Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Vanessa Marcil (ABC)

    Birthday: October 15, 1968
    Birthplace: Indio, California
    Marital Status: Married to Carmine Giovanazzo
    Real Name: Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo
    Height: 5'4


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    The Animals In Africa.

    Thursday, March 31 2011

    At home, Brenda and Sonny discuss planting a garden in the backyard. Sonny says they can get started after Jake's service. Brenda doesn’t want to go because of her last interaction with Carly. Sonny says he's not great at funerals so they can stay home together. That way he can give Jason the gift of keeping her away from Carly. Sonny brings out a cake for Brenda's birthday. She is surprised he remembered.

    No Guarantees In Life.

    Tuesday, March 29 2011

    Brenda and Sonny return home after getting word about Jake. Brenda encourages Sonny to go see Jason.

    Two Suspects Are Cleared.

    Wednesday, March 23 2011

    On their honeymoon, Brenda tells her husband she is happy to be a family with him and his kids. He wants to give her the world. She worries that now she has everything she ever wanted, she could lose it all. Sonny vows they won't lose anything because Theo and Suzanne will never hurt her as long as he's breathing.

    All We Can Do Is Wait.

    Friday, March 18 2011

    On the jet, Brenda tries to get their honeymoon destination out of Sonny. He gives her some clues and she correctly guesses Positano, Italy. She wonders though if he is just trying to hide her from Theo. He wants her to forget Theo and instructs her to just think about the two of them in paradise. He promises no one will hurt her again.

    On A Collison Course.

    Thursday, March 17 2011

    Max, Milo and Diane wait at Sonny's place to welcome the newlyweds home. When Sonny and Brenda walk in, Sonny says their job is to make sure his bride is safe and happy. Brenda thought they were going to live in the house in the woods though. Diane informs her the house has been sold. Brenda is upset, so Sonny dismisses his employees. Sonny tells his wife the house they are in is better for her safety. She wishes he would have told her first before doing anything. Sonny and Brenda head upstairs and end up in bed. They decide to go on their honeymoon.

    After she gets her hands on the syringe, Robin drives, with Lisa following in hot pursuit. Sonny and Brenda, Luke, Sam, and Carly, who is racing to get to a feverish Josslyn, are also on the road at the same time.

    Treasure Hunt.

    Wednesday, March 16 2011

    Brenda is fully recovered and ready to spend some quality time with Sonny in her hospital room. Sonny reminds her the body she's tempting him with just went through a major trauma, but he is more than prepared to make things up to her. Brenda wonders if that means he's out for revenge. They talk about the explosion and Brenda blames herself for letting Suzanne get close to her. She doesn’t want to focus on Theo anymore though. She just wants to focus on them. Dante drops by and talks with Sonny in the hallway. He tells his father he can't work with him anymore. In fact, he will take him in if he catches him doing anything illegal. Dante enters Brenda's room and they joke about her being his step mom. He wishes her and Sonny nothing but the best. Dante leaves and Patrick, fresh off getting reamed out by Steve about Lisa and Robin, enters to tell Brenda she is fine and can go home. Patrick exits and Sonny tells his bride they are going on their honeymoon.

    You Can't Leave Me.

    Monday, March 14 2011

    Patrick pulls Sonny outside Brenda's room and tells him he's not sure Brenda will make it through the night. Sonny says Brenda needs reassurance not doubt right now and sits by his wife's side to tell her about the honeymoon they will go on. Edward arrives by Sonny's request. Edward lashes out at Sonny, but Sonny just wants him to give Brenda some strength to fight. Edward sits with Brenda, who is now unconscious and hooked up to a breathing machine. Patrick returns with new test results and tells Sonny Brenda isn't getting any better. Michael and Abby rush to the hospital to check on Brenda and Sonny. Abby waits in the lobby as Michael goes to his dad. Kristina sees Abby and tells her to get out of Michael's life if she really cares about him. Michael walks up on Sonny calling Bernie. He declares he will do whatever it takes to make sure Theo dies for what he did to Brenda. Michael talks with his father and offers to help find Theo. Sonny doesn't want him involved. He orders his son to make himself a better man than he is by staying away from the business. Sonny returns to his bride to tell her how much she changed his life. His world means nothing without her in it so she can't leave him. Brenda's monitor goes off as she opens her eyes. Patrick and Robin walk in and determine the antidote is working. Out in the hallway, Robin asks Sonny to let Brenda's improved health be enough and to not seek revenge. Elsewhere, Michael meets up with Abby and bemoans the fact that his dad and Jason treat him like a kid by not wanting him in the business.

    A Safe Place.

    Friday, March 11 2011

    Sonny carries Brenda out of the cave as Jason and Dante are locked in a stand off with Theo, who has Suzanne. Sonny orders his son and hit man to take Theo out, but Theo warns Brenda has been injected with the neuro-toxin and will die shortly. He asks Sonny what's more important – revenge or Brenda's life. Sonny orders Jason and Dante to let Theo and Suzanne go.

    Robin and Patrick return to the hospital where Robin admits they both made mistakes in their marriage and they used Lisa as a way to lose sight of that. A nurse tells them Brenda is being airlifted to the hospital right now. Brenda is wheeled in as Sonny follows. Sonny tells Patrick and Robin that Brenda was injected with a toxin and has less than an hour to live. Sonny urges his barely conscious wife to fight. Robin puts something in Brenda's IV, telling Sonny it should counteract the toxin. Sonny whispers to Brenda that she's coming back to him. Sonny sits with Brenda and talks about their future, as Patrick and Robin wait to see if the antidote will work.

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