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    General Hospital CAST - Brenda Barrett Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brenda Barrett Corinthos Played by Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Vanessa Marcil (ABC)

    Birthday: October 15, 1968
    Birthplace: Indio, California
    Marital Status: Married to Carmine Giovanazzo
    Real Name: Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo
    Height: 5'4


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    Until Next Time.

    Tuesday, April 23 2013

    Carly finds Michael at Kelly's and asks where Brenda is. Michael says she's left for the airport. Carly's glad Brenda's not there to hurt him. Michael tells Carly what really happened. She gets angry and leaves for the airport. Michael starts to remember what happened between him and Brenda.

    Brenda interrupts Sonny at the airport to say she's leaving. He asks, "So sleeping with my son was just a one night stand?" Brenda tells him the truth and wants to make it right between them. She confesses she loves him. She apologizes since he is in a relationship. Sonny tells her there is no Kate. Brenda asks if it's a sign the two of them ended up meeting there. She invites him to move to Rome. He thinks it would be a pretty dream but they need time to heal. She asks, "Why do I always have to lose you?" They say their goodbyes. He kisses her and she leaves. Carly arrives ranting.

    I'm Not Sure Who You Are.

    Monday, April 22 2013

    AJ bumps into Carly at GH and jokes about what might be in the white bag. She points out it's anti-rejection meds for Josslyn. He loses the sarcasm and asks how Josslynis doing. Carly's more worried about Michael and is looking for Brenda. AJ doesn't see what the big deal is but tells Carly that Michael is with Brenda. He doesn't want to tell her where the new lovers are. Carly threatens to make him a falsetto with a pair of scissors if he doesn't tell her.

    Michael sits down with Brenda at Kelly's. He asks how they can make it right and she confesses they never had sex. He is confused wondering why she'd let everyone believe they did. She answers, "Because I wanted to stick it to your mother." She explains how Carly ruined things with Jax and tells Michael what happened the night he slept in her bed. He doesn't believe her story. She exposes her plan to get Carly to her room to find them in bed. Michael realizes his mother was right. Brenda was using him. When he's alone Carly shows up and asks, "Where's Brenda?" He tells her, "She's gone."

    In flight Luke and Laura discuss Lulu's condition. Lulu sits quietly with Dante. He explains she might remember something when they arrive in Port Charles. She calls him David and reminds him that the only thing she can remember is the man who kidnapped her. Dante surprises her when he talks about their baby. She panics thinking she's pregnant. Lulu gets upset the more he talks. Laura switches seats with him and promises Lulu it will be alright.

    Olivia meets Sonny at the airport with balloons and a welcome home sign. She expects things have turned out okay for Dante and Lulu. They discuss Connie while waiting. Olivia wants to know what else is bothering Sonny. Sonny explains what happened between Michael and Brenda the night of the Nurses' Ball. He's about to tell Olivia what he was going to do to Brenda when Dante and Lulu appear. She rushes Lulu with balloons and a hug. Lulu pushes her away. Olivia asks her what's wrong and she screams, "I don't know you people!" Olivia explains who she and Sonny are. Lulu reiterates she doesn't know them nor want to and walks away from them. Laura goes after her. Luke explains to Sonny and Olivia what happened. Laura takes Lulu to the hospital. Dante thanks Sonny and Olivia for their support and leaves. Olivia worries Lulu won't be the same. Sonny hopes Dante won't have to find out what it's like to love someone who can't love you back anymore. They both hope Lulu and Connie will come back to them. Olivia leaves and Sonny sees Brenda arrive at the airport.

    Tell Me What You Know.

    Thursday, April 18 2013

    Olivia arrives at Crimson as Connie admires her new nameplate. Olivia knocks her upside the head and asks what she's thinking. Olivia's has different ideas about how Connie should take her life back that don't involve kicking Sonny to the curb. Connie admits she loves Sonny but she won't undermine her recovery. Olivia doesn't understand since Sonny loves both Connie and Kate. She advises Connie not to bounce back and forth so she better be ready to give up Sonny for good. Olivia receives a text from Dante. She apologizes for overstepping her boundaries. They're sorry it is ending this way for her and Sonny and hug. Olivia rushes off. Connie looks at a photo of the two of them.

    Carly's surprised Sonny knows about Brenda and she's still alive. Sonny doesn't want to talk about it. He's afraid to hurt Michael by doing something to Brenda. Carly doesn't want Sonny to leave it alone. Sonny asks Carly to tell him what she really knows happened. Carly is certain everything that happened at the Metro Court is about Brenda getting revenge. Sonny hates everything that happened and asks annoyed, "What do you want me to do, shoot her?" Carly's upset he won't do anything. He shares how Connie left him and about the letter he never read from Brenda. Carly's insulted when Sonny compares her to Brenda for their ability to do damage when wronged. She reminds him Michael is their kid and it will be on him if Brenda keeps using him. She decides she's happy that Brenda has guaranteed that Sonny will never touch her again.

    AJ hugs Brenda when she shows up at Kelly's. He introduces her to Michael. She apologizes for not saying hi at the Nurses Ball. AJ understands that she was busy throwing food at Carly and sleeping with Michael. He encourages the two of them to do their thing. Michael suggests AJ go visit Liz at the hospital. AJ leaves. Sam announces she's leaving Port Charles. Michael confesses he told Sonny what happened. Brenda wishes he wouldn't have done that. He feels guilty and doesn't think things will be the same with his father. He apologizes for not remembering how incredible their night probably was, but wishes he could change it. Brenda says, "We can change it." Michael is confused when Brenda announces, "I have a confession."

    Third Time's A Charm.

    Thursday, April 11 2013

    Michael meets AJ at the Quartermaine's and confirms he had sex with Brenda. AJ asks about Starr. Michael shares Starr called stating they're over. AJ thinks he's free, only Brenda has to worry about Jax. AJ compliments him for sleeping with a gorgeous model. He asks if Michael told Sonny yet. Michael doesn't want to hurt him. AJ seems happy that Carly and Sonny might get what they deserve, he's only sorry he doesn't get to tell Sonny himself. Michael gets what happened off his chest, from them consoling each other to guessing he had sex. AJ asks, "You guess?"

    Carly offers to strangle Brenda with Michael's bowtie at the Metro Court. Brenda says she'll return it herself then and Carly protests. Brenda thinks Carly should pay attention to the details, like Michael getting dumped the night before. She gloats that she consoled Michael. A fight ensues and they need to be separated by security. Carly demands to be put down and tells Brenda she crossed a line. She threatens to call Sonny but decides not to torture him with Dante missing.

    Olivia and Sonny go to the Falconeri's. Olivia rushes to a disorientated Dante. He says he wasn't able to save her. A voice calls her out of her vision. She apologizes to the cop she's hugging. She tells Sonny she saw Dante and he couldn't save Lulu. Sonny doesn't want her to jump to conclusions. Olivia asks him to distract her. She wants him to tell her about Carly and Brenda. Sonny confides about Brenda visiting him and Carly eavesdropping. Olivia hopes Sonny showed her the door and asks if Kate or Connie has anything to worry about. Sonny says he is committed to Kate and Connie. They decide they will go crazy waiting for news and Sonny takes Olivia away.

    Let's Get This Party Started.

    Wednesday, April 10 2013

    At GH Scott leaves Nik's room and sees Bobbie. He complains he can't reach Laura wishing she never ran off with Luke. Bobbie quips, "It's not as if they're shacking up in bed somewhere together." She takes him back to his hotel to rest and wait for word on Laura.

    At the Metro Court Carly interrupts a room service delivery. Brenda gets out of bed as Carly sees pants on the floor. She berates Brenda for jumping into bed with Sonny as soon as Jax is gone. Carly pulls the blankets down to find Michael and yells, "Why the hell are you in bed with Brenda?" Brenda swears it's not what it looks like. Carly calls Brenda sick and throws Michael his clothes. He says he's okay telling Carly to leave Brenda alone since it's his fault. He begs Carly to leave so he can talk to Brenda. Carly curses while throwing a glass of water at Brenda and leaves. Michael apologizes for Carly, and for taking advantage of Brenda. Brenda disagrees that he made her do anything she didn't want to. Michael checks his messages and sees he's late for a meeting with AJ. In the lobby Carly orders staff to get Brenda out of her hotel. Scott and Bobbie arrive and Carly confesses she found Michael in bed with Brenda. She realizes once Sonny finds out he'll kill Brenda. She goes to call him but Bobbie grabs the phone. Scott jumps in and strategically addresses Carly so Michael can sneak out of the Metro Court. Carly takes their advice to avoid jeopardizing her relationship with her son. Alone she looks at photos of her kids. Brenda interrupts handing her Michael's tie that was left in her bed.

    Are You Ready?

    Friday, April 05 2013

    At the Metro Court Patrick tells Sabrina she looks beautiful. Sabrina's unsure about her makeover and says it's still her underneath. Patrick confesses his feelings and that he was sidelined by Milo. She confirms her feelings haven't changed. He apologizes for taking so long to do this and kisses her. Patrick hopes her happiness means he didn't lose her to Milo. Sabrina decides to smooth things over with Milo and accepts an invitation to be Patrick's date for the Ball.

    Downstairs guests arrive on the red carpet. Felicia calls for Mac to join her and Frisco for a picture. Maxie sees Spinelli arrive with Ellie. Duke is followed by Anna and Emma. Anna gives a heartfelt interview about the benefit in Robin's honor. The announcer asks Carly if she's back with Sonny and for comments on Jax and Brenda's engagement. Carly doubts a wedding will happen or if they will show up tonight. Brenda shows up alone. The announcer asks where Jax is. Brenda apologizes he couldn't make it. Michael, Bobbie and Olivia are photographed followed by AJ and Elizabeth, Monica and Tracy, and Alexis and Shawn with Molly and Sam in tow. Anton escorts Epiphany in and tells Sam it's not too late to dance with him tonight. The announcer wonders where Patrick and Noah are. Felix escorts Lucy in last and worries about Sabrina.

    Inside the ballroom, Mac catches Frisco swapping seating cards. Felicia comes by and Frisco asks if she wants filet mignon or cold fish referring to her men. Nearby Noah gets reacquainted with Bobbie. He's pleased she's not with Scotty. Anna catches him and they reminisce over Eli Love. Alexis asks Sonny about his choice for a date. Carly approaches Brenda presenting the signed divorce papers. Carly asks about Jax. Brenda tells Carly to go to hell and confirms the wedding is off because of her. Sonny and Shawn come over to break up the argument. An announcement comes on and everyone takes their seats. Carly, Sonny and the Giambetti brothers are seated with Brenda. Emma asks Patrick, "What's that on your collar?" when he arrives to his seat late. Noah's knows Patrick got his girl.

    Sabrina rushes backstage late, relieving Lucy and surprising Liz with her new look. Felix beams over her kiss with Patrick. Lucy rushes onstage announcing the opening number featuring GH's nurses. Afterwards Sabrina catches up with Milo who is not certain she will want to be seen with him. At a table nearby Anton tells Sam he needs a partner. Onstage Lucy honors Jessie Brewer and Amy Vining in her monologue and gives a shout out to Bobbie Spencer. She then asks the anonymous donor to stand up. No one does.

    Maxie asks Felicia if she is choosing the steak or the fish. Felicia tells her she doesn't know…she loves both. Ellie and Spin argue before their number about children. On stage they sing "She Blinded Me With Science." In the middle of the song Spin declares "Good heavens Miss Trout you are beautiful," they close with a kiss. During the applause she says she loves him too much to let problems get in the way. Maxie stands to leave. Frisco tells her it's not too late to tell Spinelli. Meanwhile Brenda throws a roll at Carly who reciprocates. A waiter asks Carly if she needs assistance. She throws Brenda out. Sonny's mad since this is for Robin. He goes after Brenda. To the side Milo confesses to Sabrina what he did and realizes Sabrina and Patrick have a connection.

    Million Dollar Bet.

    Thursday, April 04 2013

    In their room, Jax asks Brenda what’s on her mind. He doesn’t believe she can’t figure out what to wear. She says she’s guilty as charged when he asks if it is something else. Brenda says she hates Carly for not signing the papers. Jax’s not worried about Carly and explains he defended her when Carly thought Brenda was with Sonny. Brenda wants Carly to worry about her own pathetic life and says she wasn’t at Sonny’s last night as she responds to a knock on the door. Carly walks in telling Jax he looks good and claims she’s there to check on their accommodations. Brenda says the only thing they need from her is her signature on the divorce papers. Carly tells Jax she’s bringing the divorce papers and that Jax should bring her a check for $1M. Jax says she owes him but Carly corrects him saying she heard Brenda lying as she opened the door. She quotes Brenda as saying to Sonny, "What if we tried again?" She leaves and Brenda tries to get her digs in about Carly when Jax stops her and asks if she saw Sonny. She admits she did but is silent when Jax asks if she tried to get back with Sonny. The letter comes up and Jax tells her to say it. She nods yes when he asks again if she asked to get back with Sonny. He claims this is a mistake and she’s mad that this is what Carly wants. Brenda says they shouldn’t have come and wants to leave. Jax says he’s not going anywhere with her. She’s ruined. He realizes Carly saved him from the biggest mistake of his life. He leaves Brenda in the room calling after him.

    Carly returns home to find Sonny there with the scarf she dropped spying on him and Brenda. He asks why she was there. Carly tells him about her visit from Jax. They both hope Jax and Brenda figure it out. Sonny is leaving for the Ball and Carly asks to go with him. He knows she’ll take too long to get ready but she won’t take long. She’s ready to party after saving Jax.

    Say Goodbye.

    Wednesday, April 03 2013

    Elizabeth shows up at GH to visit Nikolas. She sees Patrick who confesses Sabrina’s not returning his calls. Liz thinks she’s too busy with the Nurses’ Ball. Patrick’s certain she’s interested in nice-guy Milo. A patient is wandering around in the hall looking for his favorite nurse, the one with the long hair and big glasses. He’s surprised she hasn’t been snatched up. Patrick says she has but he’s not the lucky guy.

    At home Carly asks Jax to clarify that he’s marrying Brenda Barrett. She loses it, wanting to know why Jax is wrapped up with Brenda again. Carly explains Brenda’s trying to provoke Sonny. She bets Brenda is down the road at Sonny’s right now. Jax doesn’t agree. Before leaving he asks her to sign the papers and bring them to the Ball.

    Brenda catches Sonny off-guard at his place. She tells him he could say congratulations. He does and tells her now she can go ahead and leave. Before she leaves he’s not sure that her announcement is part of her big plan. He reminds her he didn’t get the letter and they still have a connection. She disagrees saying her and Jax can live normal lives now. Sonny ask why she came then. While they are talking Carly lets herself in to eavesdrop. She hears Sonny ask if Brenda wants him to talk her out of marrying Jax. Brenda wonders if their love is not gone. Carly sneaks out. A ladies scarf lies on the floor. Brenda wants to get back before Jax does and leaves.

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