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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Morgan Corinthos III - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Morgan Corinthos III Played by Chad Duell on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chad Duell (ABC)

    Real Name: Chad Duell
    Height: 6'0


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    GH Recap: Phyllis From Wisconsin.

    Thursday, February 26 2015

    Alexis returns to the courthouse to finalize Nina’s release. Michael arrives and she tries once again to get him to relax. She also warns Michael if he goes through with this then he may permanently sever ties with his family. Carly, Sonny, and Ric walk in with Avery in a stroller. Alexis heads into court to deal with Nina’s hearing, leaving Michael with his family. Carly suggests Michael at least hold Avery and know what he’s fighting for. She hands Avery to Michael, tells him how much they all love her, and tries to convince him to drop all of this. Suddenly Nathan arrives with Nina for her hearing, and Nina sees Avery. Nina remembers Franco telling her that she’ll figure things out, so she blurts out, "It’s my baby!"

    GH Recap: A Father Again.

    Thursday, February 19 2015

    Michael meets with Sabrina at the Quartermaine mansion to go over things for the clinic. The two end up arguing about Michael’s custody suit. Michael says it’s not all about revenge. He brings up what Sabrina almost did to Avery, not to be cruel, but to explain how Avery is in danger simply because of who her parents are. He admits he wants to make Sonny pay, but more importantly he wants to protect his sister from what he, Morgan and Kristina went through.

    Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Sonny arrives to see Michael, so Sabrina leaves them to talk. Sonny tries to convince Michael that Avery will be safe with him as he’s no longer in the business. Michael still doesn’t believe that and orders Sonny out of his house.

    GH Recap: Nag.

    Tuesday, February 17 2015

    At the Quartermaine mansion, Carly confronts Michael over suing Sonny for custody of Avery. The two argue about his motives. Michael claims he wants to protect Avery. Carly says she knows she and Sonny made a lot of mistakes with him, but every day he knew he was loved. She believes he still loves Sonny and it feels like he’s betraying AJ, which is why he is so angry. Michael refuses to listen to Carly and tells his mom that he’ll see Sonny in court.

    GH Recap: Sued.

    Monday, February 16 2015

    At the Quartermaine estate, Michael grumbles to himself about making Sonny pay for killing AJ. Sabrina shows up and apologizing for bringing Carlos to the party. He thinks she has nothing to be sorry for. Michael obsesses over Sonny and is determined to ruin his life. He plans to destroy the coffee business so Sonny can no longer launder his money. The nurse advises against revenge but he won't listen. Alexis interrupts, looking for Ned. She gets a call from Kiki. Michael can see it's about the custody.

    GH Recap: See You In Another Life.

    Tuesday, February 10 2015

    At the hospital, Alexis visits with Julian to tell him that Ava has been presumed dead, that Luke was never in Miscavige, and that there was never an imposter. She plans to represent him in his upcoming trial. Out in the hallway, Olivia finds an upset Michael. She tries to console him, but he feels like some people never pay for what they do. Olivia says she understands as she once blamed AJ for Connie’s death. She says she had to learn not to let grief and rage to control her, but Michael says he isn’t able to do that. Michael storms off and Olivia runs into Ned. Olivia asks him why he is here and he admits that he’s spying on Alexis. He thinks she doesn’t want to hear about this, but Olivia says she misses him even if they only can be friends. He says he misses her too, and he explains that Alexis can’t seem to stay away from Julian. Olivia reminds him that Alexis chose him, and she tells him to trust Alexis. Ned thanks her and then heads off. Meanwhile Michael finds Alexis in Julian’s room and asks her about putting Sonny back in jail, but Alexis says there is nothing she can do to overturn a pardon. Michael says he wants Sonny to pay. Julian tells Michael that he sounds like an ungrateful bastard, and the only thing that Sonny was worried about while in prison was saving him. Julian says he and Sonny risked their lives and risked extending their sentences to save him and Lucas, and that at least Lucas is grateful to his father. Michael tells him that he and Lucas are in two different situations. Michael storms out of Julian’s room and runs into Olivia. He tells her that he just spoke to Alexis and there is nothing she can do to help him. Michael swears on AJ’s grave that he will make Sonny pay. Olivia learns Alexis is in with Julian and worries for Ned.

    GH Recap: The One And Only.

    Monday, February 09 2015

    At the hospital, the governor thanks Sonny for his courageous act and announces that he's not going back to prison. Michael is not pleased. The governor issues a full pardon for AJ's murder. Michael says this is crazy. Sonny agrees and asks the governor to reconsider. The governor goes on about what a great citizen Sonny is. Michael reminds him he's a gangster. The governor ushers Ivy away for lunch. Disgusted, Michael wonders how Sonny pulled this off. Carly defends him but her son refuses to accept this and vows that Corinthos won't get away with this. Before the mobster can go home, there's somewhere he wants to go first. Down the hall, Nathan confirms to Lulu and Tracy that the man in custody is actually Luke. They have a hard time believing that. Tracy assumes that Helena has the answers they need. They tell the cop about Lucky's brainwashing and assume this is a repeat. Nathan warns them not to go and talk to Luke without speaking to Dante first. Tracy is going to the cells immediately. Lulu calls Dante to fill him in.

    GH Recap: It Wasn't Enough.

    Friday, February 06 2015

    At the Quartermaine estate, Michael reads the news. Tracy interrupts and they discuss Sonny's break out. Dante arrives to see his brother. Tracy wants details about the man in custody so the cop tells her about the dead body rigged with a bomb. Tracy rushes out. Dante urges his brother to pay their father a visit. He doesn't need to forgive him but he should thank him. Michael doesn't think he can do that.

    Nathan visits Obrecht at the hospital. He wants some answers. She shows him the remains they've gathered from the house. Liesl wishes her son would just become a farmer or a model. Tracy bursts in and is shocked by the remains. Nathan gets a call and leaves. Lulu rushes in. Obrecht gets some preliminary results and explains that the remains are several decades old. Meanwhile, Dante returns to the hospital to see his father. They talk about the cop's close call. "Sounds like a lot of people owe you," Dante comments. He's impressed and glad he's alive. "Back at you," says Sonny. They hug. Guards come to escort Sonny back to Pentonville. Michael gets off the elevator down the hall. He spots Sonny being wheeled away and meets him at the elevators. The mobster tells him how proud he is of him. Before Michael can thank him, Ivy interrupts to tell them how grateful she is. So is her father, the governor of New York. He suddenly appears and shakes Sonny's hand. He's decided to let Corinthos out of jail because of his courageous act. Down the hall, Nathan tells Tracy and Lulu that the fingerprints of the man in custody are a match... for Luke Spencer.

    GH Recap: The Pain And The Yearning.

    Thursday, February 05 2015

    On the docks, Carly gets the details from Michael and demands to know where Sonny is. She's sure he must still be alive. Michael tells his mom about his final moments with Sonny. He doesn't know what to feel about having no father. Sonny's body is dredged up and dragged onto the dock. He's declared dead. Carly tries reviving him and calls her son over to help. When she starts crying into Sonny's chest, he begins spitting up and coughs himself back into consciousness.

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