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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Corinthos III - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Corinthos III Played by Chad Duell on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chad Duell (ABC)

    Real Name: Chad Duell
    Height: 6'0


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    Thanksgiving In Port Charles.

    Wednesday, November 24 2010

    Luke and Ethan arrive at the Quartermaines for Thanksgiving dinner, much to Edward's disdain. Edward learns Dante, Lulu and Lucky will be joining them and is even unhappier. Lucky enters with Siobhan, which perks Edward up as he takes an immediately liking to the redhead. Lulu shows up and is then pleased to see Dante arrive. Edward is even happier to see Michael who has accompanied Dante. Lulu pulls Siobhan aside to ask what her intentions are towards Lucky, who overhears. Lulu says they are all just worried about him. Elsewhere, Tracy finds Luke looking at a diamond ring and assumes he stole it, but he assures her it's the real thing that he bought in Germany. She tries it on and tells him if it is real, he's doing pretty good. He reiterates that it is real and asks her to be his bride. Tracy tears up and says she thinks it's real. They return to the rest of the group to show off her ring. The pizza is brought in and Edward begins singing, as everyone eventually joins in.

    Broke Into The Old Apartment.

    Monday, November 22 2010

    Dante walks in the loft and Michael tells him he overheard him talking with Suzanne earlier. Michael agrees with her that he's emotionally involved with Brenda. Dante insists anything he felt for her was in the past. He's committed to Lulu now and he won't hurt her over Brenda or anything else. Dante says he isn't sure what he feels for Brenda, but he got over it before and he'll get over it now, as Lulu walks in.

    Caught In The Act.

    Friday, November 19 2010

    Suzanne visits Dante at his place. Suzanne knows Brenda freaked out because she made the connection between her and Dante. She wants to know what the real story is between them. Michael overhears from around the corner as Suzanne tells Dante he appears to be emotionally attached and is acting as more than just a cop during guard duty. Defensive, he ushers her out.


    Thursday, November 18 2010

    On the pier, Michael lashes out at Abby when she pushes him to talk about prison. He apologizes, but she feels bad that she pushed too hard. She wants to help him, but he can't talk about it. She urges him to talk to someone because he is too good a person to let whatever happened wreck him.

    Sonny visits Michael at the loft and tells him they can now see each other freely. Sonny explains how Claire helped him out, but he had to break things off with her because it cost her too much. Michael wonders if he should have hung on for more favors, but Sonny says she's done enough. He adds Claire thinks he can be happy with Brenda.

    An Offer They Can't Refuse?

    Wednesday, November 17 2010

    Michael comes to the Metro Court to talk with his mother. He knows she's up to something and worries it won't work out the way she wants it to. He knows she still blames Dante for his going to prison, but he reminds her he also got him out. Carly can never forgive him for putting her child in prison. Michael assures her he is fine with Dante and likes having an older brother so she doesn’t have to hate him. He wants her to stop whatever revenge plot she has against Dante. Carly says fate will take a hand and things will turn out the way they are supposed to turn out.

    At the penthouse, Jason orders Spinelli to find out who "Jack" could be. As Spinelli searches, Maxie stops by and a debate about Brenda ensues. Maxie kisses Spinelli and tells him his fantasy Brenda doesn’t hold a candle to the real her. Maxie leaves and Spinelli smirks. Jason realizes Spinelli just played Maxie. Spinelli admits she will only respond if she feels she has to fight for him. Jason thinks he's been spending too much time with Carly. Michael stops by to talk to Jason about Carly plotting against Dante. Jason tells him if Carly is headed for trouble he will handle it.

    Michael runs into Abby on the pier and they exchange numbers so they can actually make plans to see each other next time. They talk about Carly and Dante and she tells him she is siding with Carly on this one because of what happened to him in prison. He stiffens as he wonders if she knows exactly what happened. She responds only what he told her.

    Something In Your Eyes.

    Tuesday, November 16 2010

    Dante tries to downplay his connection to Brenda with Carly at the loft, but she knows better. Michael walks in, as his mother leaves. Dante asks Michael not to tell anyone what he divulged to him about Brenda. Michael agrees, but asks if he fell in love with Brenda when he was guarding her. Dante says he thought so but Lulu is all he ever wanted and the past is just the past. Michael leaves and Lulu comes over. Dante intends to spend the rest of the night showing her how much she means to him. After they fool around and Lulu falls asleep in bed, Dante pensively looks out the window.

    Internal Affairs.

    Thursday, November 11 2010

    Michael comes home early from school due to a half day and Dante asks if he's seen Lulu. Michael hasn't and asks if they got in a fight. Dante admits he lied to her about Brenda. Michael offers to help if he can because Dante has done a lot for him. Dante balks, but Michael reminds him he has a family now and that's how brothers and sisters work. Dante relents and explains how he lied about knowing Brenda when she first returned. He also shares he was more than just a cop to guard a door. Dante leaves and Lulu returns. After Lulu talks with Michael about the situation, Brenda stops by to see Dante. She wants to wait for him to get home and they engage in uncomfortable chit chat. Lulu then brings up Dante guarding Brenda in 2007 and asks if she remembers.

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