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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Corinthos III - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Corinthos III Played by Chad Duell on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chad Duell (ABC)

    Real Name: Chad Duell
    Height: 6'0


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    A Cassadine First.

    Friday, July 09 2010

    Michael goes to Sonny's office to make sure his father is doing okay. He says he knows what it does to a person to cover something up and hold it inside. Sonny tells Michael he doesn't have to worry about him, but says what almost happened to Kristina will haunt him, as Claire walks in.

    Skilled Liar.

    Wednesday, July 07 2010

    In Sonny's office, Michael stands by as his father vows he had nothing to do with the car bomb. Alexis doesn't look entirely convinced, but leaves. Sonny asks Michael if he understands why he had to lie. Michael says it would destroy Kristina if she found out and Alexis would never let her see him again. Sonny declares Johnny had to be stopped and thinks Michael will one day understand when he's a father. Michael gets it and promises not to say anything. Alone, Sonny's hand shakes as he picks up a drink. He throws the glass at the wall, as Claire walks in assuming he's feeling lousy about almost killing his daughter. He denies everything to the prosecutor, but expresses his anger at himself. He doesn’t care if Johnny is taken out, as long as he's not with his daughter. Claire thinks he's putting on a good performance, but Sonny declares he didn't do it and she won't find proof that he did. After Claire leaves, Olivia comes by to ask if he planted the bomb. Sonny maintains his innocence, but she knows he's a gifted liar and begs him not to lie to her now. Sonny swears on Dante's life he didn't do it. Olivia thanks him and leaves.


    Tuesday, July 06 2010

    Patrick goes to the hospital to check on Shirley, as Kristina is brought in. Steve comes over to check her out and they go to an exam room. Sonny walks in as does Alexis, Sam, Molly and Michael after getting a call from Epiphany. Alexis tells Sonny to stay away from Kristina for now and he agrees to but tells her not to shut him out of his daughter's life. Patrick updates Alexis, the girls and Michael on Kristina and Michael slips out. Johnny walks up and Alexis yells at him and slaps him. She tells him to leave, but he promised Kristina he would stay. Steve comes out and privately tells Patrick both Kristina and Shirley are okay. Lisa walks in to check on Shirley as well and awkwardly updates Steve on their celebratory drinks at the Metro Court. Patrick leaves and Lisa follows suit, as Steve tells Alexis and the gang Kristina is okay. Alexis leaves to take care of something.

    Michael comes to the restaurant and overhears Sonny talking to Max about the bombing and admitting they set it off. Max leaves and a stunned Michael confronts his father. Alexis barges in and demands to know if Sonny planted the bomb.

    Point of No Return.

    Friday, July 02 2010

    At the lake house, Sonny realizes Kristina has been missing for awhile and wonders if she's going to join them. Alexis says she had a class, but is coming home right after. Sam has to check on a case and says she will be back as well. Sonny and Alexis talk about Kristina privately and then Max calls to tell Sonny the job is done. Sam returns and reveals she went to the classroom Kristina was supposed to be in, but no one was there. Sonny looks panicked as Molly admits Kristina went to hang out with Johnny. Sonny bolts out of there as Alexis angrily questions Molly.

    Nothing He Can't Handle.

    Thursday, July 01 2010

    Alexis tells Kristina they are having a family dinner with Sonny at the lake house. Kristina reluctantly agrees to it, but says she will be late due to her SAT prep class. Alexis walks out of the room and Molly reveals she knows the class is next week. Kristina says she's going to Johnny's and it will be too late for Sonny to stop her. Molly tries to talk her out of her plan, as Michael comes in. Sam follows and gives them the good news that Jason is home. Michael privately tells Sam once Franco is caught, she and Jason should disappear. Molly worries about Michael to Kristina, suggesting she stay for her brother. Alexis returns to the room, as Sonny walks in and embraces Michael. Kristina pretends to be fine about the evening, but Michael notices her hard edge. He encourages her to be nice to Sonny and let him know how she feels. Kristina intends to and then goes to freshen up. As the rest of the family talks about Jason's release, Kristina sneaks out of the house.

    Facing the Facts.

    Tuesday, June 29 2010

    In Dante's loft, Michael and his brother debate the situation regarding Jason and Sonny. Dante thinks Michael and his siblings need to stay away from Sonny, but Michael tells him it's not as hard to love Sonny as he thinks. Lulu returns and after Michael leaves, she and Dante both apologize, which leads to them having makeup sex. In bed, Lulu tells him no matter what happens, she will be by his side, but she wants him to be careful especially when it comes to Jason. Dante won't do anything to mess this up.

    Michael meets Kristina on the pier where Kristina laments Sonny's over protectiveness is a little late. She insists she doesn’t love him, but Michael knows better. Kristina lists all of Sonny's faults including getting Michael sent to prison, but Michael defends him and says his time in Pentonville is over. He doesn't want to keep talking about it. Kristina says it's not over for Johnny and their plan is working perfectly. She tells him when she spends the night at Johnny's on Friday, Sonny will completely lose his mind.

    What Are You Going To Do?

    Monday, June 28 2010

    At the loft, Lulu questions Brook's desire for Dante to bond with the man who shot him. Both Brook and Michael make a case for it. Lulu and Brook bicker and then Brook walks out. Lulu talks with Michael about Sonny, saying it's okay to love him, but he just shouldn't want to be like him. She's sorry to trash him in front of him, but thinks if Dante gets close to Sonny, he will take advantage of him. Michael doesn't think Dante would compromise himself to get close to Sonny, but Sonny loves him and that won't change. Lulu wonders if he's okay with that and Michael just reiterates he doesn’t see it changing. Lulu leaves to run an errand.

    Lulu returns to the loft, as does Dante. He tells Lulu and Michael Jason is getting out of prison until they get Franco. Lulu thinks it's a bad idea and tells him she asked Sonny to guarantee Jason wouldn’t escape. Dante wonders why she would to go Sonny for anything. They argue with Lulu yelling if he throws away his life, he's throwing away hers too.

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