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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Morgan Corinthos III - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Morgan Corinthos III Played by Chad Duell on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chad Duell (ABC)

    Real Name: Chad Duell
    Height: 6'0


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    A Liar And A Hypocrite.

    Thursday, February 03 2011

    Carly lowers the gun she has aimed at Dante in his loft. As much as she'd like to shoot him, she knows Michael cares about him. She tells him to remember he is the man who sent Michael to prison where he was raped. He calls it the worst decision he ever made, but he won't stop doing right by his brother. Carly just wants him to hurt as much as Michael is hurting. She promises he will. Michael walks in as Carly continues to berate Dante. Michael wonders what's going on and Carly snows him with a story about asking for Dante's help with him going to therapy. She beams a fake, yet menacing, smile at Dante, thanks him and leaves. Dante tells Michael about the murder he covered up with Brenda. He blames himself for not doing the same for Michael and turning him in, which resulted in his going to prison and getting raped. Dante doesn't know how to express how sorry he is. Michael says they've all handled things poorly, but it's too late to make him hate him. Michael leaves and Lulu comes by, saying Maxie keeps encouraging her to take him back. He says the last thing she wants is to be with him because he's a liar and a hypocrite and he's done everything wrong so far.

    After Michael picks Abby up from the hospital, he brings her to a Metro Court hotel room. He assures her there's security and a spa she can use. He also says it's free so she doesn't need to worry about paying for it. She is floored and thanks him for his generosity. She kisses him on the cheek. He gets uncomfortable and makes an abrupt exit.

    Best Laid Plans.

    Wednesday, February 02 2011

    Michael visits Abby in the hospital and says if Brandon did rape her, it's okay to tell him about it. Carly listens in from the hallway as Michael admits to Abby he was raped in prison. Abby cries as she promises she wasn't raped because he saved her. Carly walks in and apologies to Abby. She knows Abby has been a good friend to Michael and she is glad he was able to help her. Abby is grateful and calls Michael an amazing man. Carly leaves and Dante returns to question Abby. Michael decides to also tell his brother about his rape in Pentonville. Stunned, Dante blames himself, but Michael doesn't blame him. Dante says Michael's a better man than he's ever been. Dante tells him he can just sign a statement about Abby's attack, but Michael wants to testify. Dante tells Abby she has a hell of a friend. Abby concurs, "The best I've ever had." Once alone, Abby asks if Michael is going to tell his father about the rape. Michael doesn’t know if he can do that. He also doesn’t know how he's going to be able to tell a complete stranger in therapy what happened to him. However, he says stopping Brandon helped him take some of his power back.


    Tuesday, February 01 2011

    Jason tells Michael it took a lot of courage to admit he was raped, while at the penthouse. Michael cries as he says he tried to stop Carter. Michael knows Jason wouldn't have let Carter rape him, but Jason says he wouldn’t have been able to fight him off when he was Michael's age either. He is in awe of how Michael has handled this. Jason apologizes because Franco sent Carter after Michael in hopes of getting at him. Michael knows it was no one's fault but Carter's. If Jason could, he would take away everything that happened to him and put it on himself. Michael says he can't live his life for him. He will find a way to survive. Jason thinks he's doing that right now. Carly knocks on the door and Michael pleads with Jason not to tell her what happened. Michael hides as Jason opens the door. He tells Carly she needs to leave because he's dealing with something else right now. Carly is hurt, but Michael reveals himself and says Jason did it for him. Carly learns about Abby. Michael thinks Abby might be covering the fact that she was raped hoping it will go away because that's what he did. He tells Carly he didn't want anyone to know, but when he was in prison, he was raped. Carly grabs her son and hugs him as he cries. She tells him he will be okay. She says they will get him the help he needs and urges him to work through what happened to him. Michael doesn't want to think about it anymore and won't go to counseling. Carly knows he's strong enough to handle this. She and Jason eventually convince him it's the best thing to do.

    A Turning Point.

    Monday, January 31 2011

    After having a flashback of Carter attacking him in prison, Michael pulls Brandon off Abby and throws him to the ground in the alley. He punches him and says, "You will never touch me again." Jason passes by and hears Abby's screams. He finds Michael pummeling Brandon and stops him. Michael runs over to a sobbing Abby and Jason puts his jacket over her. Michael assures her it's over, but Abby's worried Michael will get in trouble. Dante comes by after Jason calls him. Jason tells him to take Michael and Abby somewhere, but Dante wants to call it in. Abby assures Michael she wasn't raped as Dante arrests Brandon. Jason wants Abby to go to the hospital so they have documentation to prove Michael acted in self defense. Abby agrees and Jason helps her walk away. Dante assures Michael he will be okay before Michael follows Jason and Abby out.

    At the hospital, Jason and Michael listen as Abby recounts her story to Dante in her room. Jason notices Michael's intense reaction to her description of the attack. Michael gets too upset and runs out of the room. Jason follows, as Abby assures Dante she will testify against Brandon. She knows he would have raped her if Michael hadn't stopped it. She feels like she threw Michael back into his nightmare by bringing him into her mess, but Dante thinks she's only helped Michael and this might be a real turning point for him.

    Jason brings Michael to the penthouse and says Abby will be okay thanks to him. Michael wonders if she's lying about not being raped. Jason asks why he thinks Abby would lie about it. Through tears, Michael says if you don't say it you can convince yourself if didn't happen. He then slowly tells Jason about the night Carter came to his cell after lockdown. He recalls how he fought as hard as he could, but Carter kept hitting him until he couldn't fight back anymore. He finally admits that Carter forced him over the table and raped him. Michael then breaks down into tears.

    Lucky Figures It Out.

    Friday, January 28 2011

    Molly stops by the loft to see Michael. She tells him about her episodes and meeting Shawn who helped figure out what might be wrong with her. Molly is now seeing a therapist and thinks he could benefit from counseling too. Michael says he's fine, but Molly thinks he's exhibiting the signs of post-traumatic stress. She tries to convince him that talking about what happened helps and urges him to tell her what happened to him in prison. Michael says even though he doesn't see her anymore, Abby helped him a lot. Molly thinks Abby was perfect for him because she was mature. After everything Michael has gone through, he needs someone like that. She suggests if he loves Abby, he should be with her.

    Michael and Molly walk outside and run into Abby, as Brandon lurks. Molly tells Abby she and Michael are perfect for each other and that she will never find a better guy than Michael. Michael puts a stop his cousin's diatribe on love and they walk away. Brandon approaches Abby asking who Michael is. He starts to get rough with her. Michael returns and sees Brandon hit Abby, which causes a flashback of Carter.

    To The Rescue.

    Thursday, January 27 2011

    Spinelli sees Michael looking for Abby on the street. He asks if he is waiting for someone. Michael explains he just wanted some air, but Spinelli points out it's quite cold. Michael likes it because he doesn't feel so trapped. Spinelli offers to get him a warm beverage or walk him home, but Michael is fine.

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