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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Corinthos III - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Corinthos III Played by Chad Duell on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chad Duell (ABC)

    Real Name: Chad Duell
    Height: 6'0


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    Friday, January 07 2011

    At the office, Michael tells Sonny Ali's death made him realize how good he has it and that he can't waste his life looking back. Sonny is happy Michael appreciates what's important in life. Michael admits he's been doing that with Abby. He feels comfortable around her and extols all her positive qualities, the most of which is that she doesn't make him feel damaged. Sonny reminds him if he goes to a strip club he'll be in violation of his parole. Sonny doesn't have a problem with Abby, but he warns his son that Carly is on a warpath.

    She's A Stripper?

    Thursday, January 06 2011

    After visiting with Morgan in his hospital room, Michael and Carly step out into the hall, where Carly brings up Abby. Carly doesn't think Abby belongs with him, but Michael reminds her that it's his call, but she's just a friend anyway.

    Michael finds Abby at Kelly's and she tells him she met Sonny last night and he seemed okay with her being a stripper.

    I Won't Let You Go.

    Wednesday, January 05 2011

    The hospital staff rallies as the victims of the bus crash are brought in. Patrick takes Olivia into surgery, as Lucky rushes in with Siobhan to talk with Elizabeth about Cam, who enters with Matt and Maxie. Maxie insists Matt get his arm taken care of but when Lisa offers to look at him, Maxie orders her to back off. Matt assures Maxie Lisa is a brilliant surgeon who can take care of this. Jax sees Alexis and Sam and gets an update on all the kids. Jason, Molly, Brenda and Michael enter and explain Kristina has hypothermia and is arriving by ambulance, as are Carly and Morgan. Molly tells all the adults that Michael is a hero and saved them all. Dante asks Robin about his mother and learns Patrick is with her right now. Brenda and Michael try to comfort and reassure him that Olivia will be okay. Dante thanks Michael for finding and saving Olivia and hugs him. Lulu rushes in the hospital and comforts Dante as Patrick returns from Olivia's surgery. Sonny brings Abby some coffee in the waiting area and tells her he's Michael's father. He assumes she's a stripper due to her fishnets and shoes. She explains she's going to school and just trying to make some money. Sonny understands but reminds her his son is on parole and has to be careful about who he sees and where he goes. Abby assures him he doesn't have to worry, but it's not his or Carly's call who Michael hangs out with. Sonny doesn’t want Michael around strip joints and getting into trouble, but Abby tells him they are just friends and Michael has never been to the club. Morgan is wheeled in with Carly following behind. Carly and Sonny demand a doctor for their son right now, but Epiphany tells them they have to wait. New pediatrician Terrell just so happens along and offers his services.

    Terrell puts Morgan at ease in a room in the E.R. as they talk about his broken bones and him wearing a cast. As Terrell gets Morgan admitted, Carly tells Sonny she's glad he's there and leaves. Brenda joins Sonny who thanks her for helping to find his kids. She tells him she had a nice talk with Kristina and Molly. She thinks it's amazing to see him with his kids and that he's doing everything right. He explains he's not going to Morgan's room in order to avoid any tension with Jax, who he admits has been good to Morgan. Robin finds them and tells Sonny Kristina is hysterical because her friend collapsed and she's blaming herself. Sonny and Brenda take off and Abby worries something has happened to Michael. Abby finally sees Michael and runs over to him and hugs him, which Carly sees.


    Tuesday, January 04 2011

    Michael finds Morgan lying in the snow and writhing in pain. Michael thinks Morgan broke his leg and carries his brother back to the group. Michael runs off to get Steve, who doesn't want to leave Olivia, but she insists. After Steve sets Morgan's broken leg, he races back to Olivia's side. Michael and Molly head off to the road with the flashlight to try and find help. Michael finds a phone and once by the road, gets a signal. He calls 911, who tracks their location from the phone signal and connects him with the PCPD. Lucky answers and Michael updates him on what's going on, but then the signal goes out. Michael flags down Dante's car as Carly and Jason follow. Once back with Olivia, Steve tries to keep her awake by asking about Dante. Olivia groggily says she's warm and the pain seems to be going away. Steve keeps asking her questions about Dante to keep her conscious. Carly and Jason run to find the kids, as Dante races to his mother's side. As Carly and Jason wait with Morgan for rescue, the rest of the kids head up to the road to wait for the rescue team. Matt, Maxie and Cam take off for the rescue team as well, as Dante makes his mother promise him she'll be okay. The rescue team comes down with a stretcher for Olivia and take her up the hill. Dante thanks Steve for looking after his mother and Steve tells him she hung on for him. As they wait in the car, Molly and Kristina question Brenda about her and Sonny's wedding. Brenda asks them to be in the wedding. She also wonders if they can be friends until she is considered a member of their family. Molly and Kristina exchange excited looks.

    Zigged When They Should Have Zagged.

    Monday, January 03 2011

    After the crash, Steve finds Cameron who is okay and explains to his nephew they zigged when they should have zagged. He finds a couple of the other kids and asks them to watch Cam while he goes to check on the other passengers. Elsewhere, Maxie finds Matt, who has a broken arm and Michael makes sure Molly, Kristina, Ali and Taylor are alright. The kids realize Morgan is missing and as they search, they find a barely alive bus driver. Steve tends to Matt, as Maxie unsuccessfully tries to get a signal on a cell phone. They note they took a different route in hopes of trying to beat the storm, so no one knows where they are. Steve gets called away to tend to the bus driver, who dies. Taylor and Michael head out to look for Morgan, but instead find Olivia, who is in bad shape. Michael stays with her as Taylor grabs Steve. The guys carry Olivia to be with the rest of the group and she encourages Michael to go find his brother. Steve sits with a scared Olivia, who knows she's in bad shape. Steve tries to reassure her, but Olivia cries as she asks him to tell her son she loves him if she doesn’t make it. As Michael, Morgan, Molly and Kristina make a plan to find Morgan, Ali hears a truck and Michael runs off to find it. Michael runs to the road, but is disheartened to find he missed it.

    What's Happening?

    Wednesday, December 29 2010

    Michael and Abby meet up outside and she asks him to go to a movie or dinner. He says he can change his plans because he'd rather spend time with her. Molly and Kristina walk up and Kristina tells her brother he has to go on the ski trip because she promised Ally he'd be there. Abby encourages Michael to go, but he sends the girls on and tells Abby he'd rather be with her. She suggests they meet up another time and makes him promise he'll have a good time.

    Elizabeth asks Patrick and Robin what they are doing for New Year's Eve at the hospital. Robin tells her they are giving their tentative reconciliation a whirl, so Patrick will still be at home with her and Emma. Steve approaches, as he prepares for the ski trip he's going on in Elizabeth's place. He looks forward to teaching Cam to ski. Maxie and Matt join the group as they are going on the trip as chaperones as well. After Carly begs Olivia to take her place on the ski trip, she and Morgan show up. Steve is pleased to learn Olivia will be joining them and offers to teach her to ski. Molly and Kristina meet up with Taylor and Ali, as Alexis sees them off. Michael shows up, as Steve tells everyone it's time to head out to the bus. Lisa shows up hoping to go over a case with Patrick over a snack elsewhere, but Patrick says they'll do it right there.

    On the bus, Maxie and Matt discuss the fun they're having together, Molly questions Michael about being able to leave Port Charles and Olivia encourages Steve to strum a tune on his guitar. The whole bus joins in and sings along to "Hallelujah."

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