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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Corinthos III - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Corinthos III Played by Chad Duell on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chad Duell (ABC)

    Real Name: Chad Duell
    Height: 6'0


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    Love With An Open Hand.

    Thursday, August 26 2010

    Lulu comes to Kelly's and sees Brook talking with Michael. The women get in an argument about Dante and Michael tries to make peace. He asks Brook to do as Lulu asks and back off, but she says no.

    Coloring Outside The Lines.

    Wednesday, August 25 2010

    Brook goes to Kelly's and orders an expensive bed over the phone, which Michael overhears. He sits with her and asks if Carly is paying her to break up Dante and Lulu.

    Game Over.

    Tuesday, August 24 2010

    Michael meets Jax at the Metro Court bar and learns Sonny was arrested for shooting Johnny.

    Time For Closure.

    Thursday, August 19 2010

    Michael watches as Dante very slowly and groggily wakes up in his loft. Michael tells him he was drunk or high last night and hooked up with Brook Lynn, which Lulu saw.

    That Would Be Crazy.

    Wednesday, August 18 2010

    Michael comes to Jason's, who runs downstairs to open the door. Sam follows in her robe, but then runs back upstairs to give them some time alone. Michael feels like he's always interrupting people having sex. Jason assures him it's fine and they talk about prison. Michael likens his recent feelings to soldiers who have post traumatic stress. Jason is confident it will get better with time and assures him he's there for him. Michael leaves and Sam comes down to ask if Michael will be okay. Jason says no.

    Particularly Potent.

    Tuesday, August 17 2010

    Lucky continues to counsel Lulu about Dante and marriage at the police station. Lulu feels like she can love someone for the first time completely and she doesn't want to mess with that. Lucky thinks she should just talk to Dante herself because they have to be honest and vulnerable with each other if they want to make it work. Lulu leaves and Michael comes in to thank Lucky for covering with Ronnie. Lucky warns him about getting caught in between the war between Johnny and Sonny. After Michael has left, Lucky calls Jason down to tell him about the shoot out and how Michael saved Johnny's life. Lucky warns it's only a matter of time before someone dies in Sonny and Johnny's war and asks Jason to talk one of them down.

    Compromising Positions.

    Monday, August 16 2010

    After telling Dante an eyewitness saw a kid matching Michael's description at the scene of the shoot out, Ronnie comes into Dante's loft and sees Michael watching the game. Lucky walks in saying he just questioned the witness, but she's not very reliable and she won't make an official statement anyway because she's spooked. Ronnie storms off and Dante thanks Lucky, but he says he was just telling the truth. However, Lucky wants to know the truth so he can help. Michael admits he was with Johnny when he was shot at and Dante tells him to just stick to the story and everything will work out. Michael points out that's how he got sent to prison in the first place, but there's no way he's going back.

    There's Something Very Wrong Here.

    Friday, August 13 2010

    On the street, Michael pushes Johnny out of the way as shots are fired at them. Ethan runs over as the men get up. Johnny thanks Michael for saving his life and they both realize the men who fired on them weren't Sonny's. Johnny says they were Santos Lopez's men who are avenging Tomas' death, which Sonny set him up for.

    Dante finds Johnny, Michael and Ethan at the scene of the shooting. He reminds them Michael could get sent back to prison because he's on parole. The cops show up and get ready take statements. Dante tells them Michael isn't a witness and just came by to drop off his cell phone. Michael leaves and Johnny says Ethan is the one who threw him out of the way of gunfire. Maya runs up and learns what happened. She's glad Ethan's okay and calls him heroic. Ethan steps aside with Maya and confesses he really didn’t do anything. Meanwhile, Johnny thinks Dante won't take action on the shooting because of Sonny.

    Dante comes home and assures Michael they all covered for him. Ronnie comes over and Dante talks to him out in the hall. Ronnie says a witness claimed there was a kid with blond hair at the scene of the shooting.

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