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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Corinthos III - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Corinthos III Played by Chad Duell on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chad Duell (ABC)

    Real Name: Chad Duell
    Height: 6'0


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    An Inevitable Pull.

    Monday, October 04 2010

    After Sam tells Jason they should break up in the penthouse, Jason asks if she loves him. She says yes and he tells her he won't let her walk away because of Brenda. She says it's not even about Brenda, she's just insecure. He assures her she's easy to love and the one he wants to be with. He asks her to move in with him. She knows he loves her and declares they don’t have to change they way things are. They try to take advantage of being alone but Michael knocks on the door. Sam goes upstairs as Michael tells Jason about Ally and how he's worried if they start dating that she will expect him to sleep with her. He's too messed up for his first time to be with someone sweet like Ally. He just wants to know what he's doing and asks Jason to find him a girl to have sex with.

    It Can't Hurt.

    Thursday, September 30 2010

    Molly comes to the penthouse and finds Spinelli cleaning. She brings him the flowers he ordered from her friend's store but the truck broke down so she was helping out. He excitedly tells her about Brenda's impending visit and Molly is excited Brenda will actually be living there. Spinelli giddily says he will be sharing his home with an angel. After Jason and Brenda have returned, Jason cleans up all the pink stuff Spinelli has laid out for Brenda. Michael stops by and talks with Jason. Brenda comes down, interrupting them. She gets acquainted with Michael, who becomes uncomfortable when she brings up school and Josslyn. Michael leaves and Jason fills Brenda in on Claudia. He asks her to be careful with Michael because he's going through Hell.

    Not Crazy, Just Unwise.

    Friday, September 24 2010

    Still at the penthouse, Sonny confides in Michael about Brenda and why they never worked out. Sonny hopes Michael doesn’t lose at love because he followed in his father's footsteps.

    This Is No Backyard Adventure.

    Thursday, September 23 2010

    Michael stops by the penthouse and finds Sam who says Jason is still in Rome. She asks for his help in figuring out what happened to Jason in prison, because he's been different since that ordeal. Michael says he can't help, but she wonders if she should press the issue or pretend everything is fine when she knows it isn't. Michael tells her if he doesn't want to talk she shouldn't pry. Sonny stops by and Sam leaves so they can talk. Sonny brings up Brenda and says it's not easy staying out of things with her. Sonny explains their relationship to his son, but says it doesn't matter because she doesn't fit in his life now. Michael wonders what if Brenda still loves him.

    Lisa Strikes Again.

    Tuesday, September 21 2010

    At the house, Morgan says he is happy Jax is coming home and he is the best stepdad in the whole world. Jax thinks maybe that's enough and asks if Morgan wants him to stop the adoption process. Carly tries to reason with him, but Morgan thinks Michael will feel left out if he and Josslyn have different last names. Michael assures him he won't mind and Jax tells Morgan it won't hurt his feelings if he doesn’t want him to adopt him. Morgan reiterates how much he loves having Jax in his life, but he also worries about his dad. Michael says the most important thing to their father is that he is safe and declares he'll be safer as a Jacks. No one wants him to stop loving Sonny, but if he gives up his name he'll have a better chance at life than Michael had. Morgan says he still wants Jax to be his dad and okays the adoption. Michael takes Morgan upstairs and Jax and Carly make out on the couch, which Michael returns to see. They stop kissing and invite Michael to hang out with them, but he leaves in a hurry.

    Not Lonely Tonight.

    Monday, September 20 2010

    At home, Jax wants to make sure he and Carly are committed to each other, and Carly assumes he's scared to take the risk again. She's scared too, but she knows she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Jax will fight for them for as long as she lets him and she says, "Welcome home." Morgan helps Jax move back in as Michael talks with his mother assuming Brenda's presence prompted their reunion. Carly assures him she's not threatened by Brenda, but the expression on her faces says otherwise. Jax gets the family pizza and Carly asks her men for total honesty even if it hurts. Morgan goes first and thinks since Jax will be his stepdad again, there is no reason for him to adopt him.

    What Happens Now?

    Friday, September 17 2010

    Still at Jason's penthouse, Michael wonders why Carly is so bothered by Jason being with Brenda. She thinks Jason should be around to help him instead of playing bodyguard to Brenda. He assures Carly she will always come first in Jason's life.

    Savior Complex.

    Thursday, September 16 2010

    At his loft, Dante questions Michael about Carter in prison, but Michael wants him to leave it alone. Dante is trying to do everything he can to make things right since he feels guilty about him going to prison in the first place. Michael tells him if he wants to help he should never bring up prison again.

    Carly urgently goes to Jason's place but learns from Sam he's in Rome. Carly is furious because Jason's first obligation is to her and her kids and she will not share him with Brenda. Sam asks Carly about Jason's feelings for Brenda and then Michael comes in looking for Jason. Sam leaves to give them some time alone and Carly asks about the fight at school. He tells her about it and learns Jason is in Rome. He wonders why she's so upset about it and she tells him nothing good has ever come from helping Brenda.

    Listen More Than You Speak.

    Wednesday, September 15 2010

    Michael meets with the headmaster at Madison who wants to make sure there will be no problems. Michael assures him he doesn’t intend to get into any trouble and the headmaster is glad to hear it hoping to give him another chance.

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