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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Morgan Corinthos III - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Morgan Corinthos III Played by Chad Duell on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chad Duell (ABC)

    Real Name: Chad Duell
    Height: 6'0


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    GH Recap: Get With The Program.

    Thursday, January 15 2015

    Michael takes Rosalie to the old house and he explains he wants to turn it into the clinic. After they find the basement locked, he goes looking for a key and she calls Helena to fill her in. Helena orders her to get Michael out of there before he can go in the basement. Rosalie doesn't get the big deal so Helena barks at her. Michael returns with a crowbar to open the basement door. As he tries to pry it open, she distracts him by pretending to twist her ankle. He offers to take her to a doctor.

    Back at the house, Michael escorts Rosalie away as Fluke watches from the bushes. When he enters the building, Shawn follows.

    GH Recap: Embracing The Cassadine Name.

    Wednesday, January 14 2015

    Michael walks into Metro Court and Carly asks if he’s there to see her. He’s not, he says he has a business meeting. Michael walks away from Carly and runs into Rosalie. Rosalie has come about a job posting for a reservation clerk. Michael suggests she work for him instead. She is flattered but refuses. Rosalie confesses to him that Nina was blackmailing her to pose as her nurse, which she’s not. Michael offers to help her and asks what Nina’s holding over her. A phone call from his assistant interrupts them. Michael’s assistant has quit, so he begs her to take the job. Rosalie agrees. Elsewhere, Jake wakes up in his hotel room after having a dream about Helena ordering him to kill Sam. He opens his bag and finds a gun inside. Suddenly Carly knocks on his door and asks if they can talk. Jake puts the gun away and invites Carly in. She cries to him about Michael hating her. Jake consoles her and tells her to trust that Michael will get through this. After Carly leaves, Jake remembers his orders from Helena as he loads his gun.

    GH Recap: Batter Up!

    Monday, January 12 2015

    In the basement of the old Spencer house Fluke is using Luke’s old bat to threaten Luke, though his real hatred appears to be for Bobbie. Fluke heads upstairs to find Bobbie and Michael standing there, they heard a crash in the basement. Luke claims he came here after his and Bobbie’s fight to confront their past. Luke shows them the baseball bat he found, and says he broke a jug getting it down from a shelf. Michael reveals he has plans to build a clinic here, which is why they came. Fluke gets mad at the idea of Michael tearing down their old house, but Michael says the house belongs to Bill Eckert. Michael says Bill’s son Sly owns it now and he gave him permission to inspect the property. Fluke is upset that Bill ended up with the title to their house. Michael suggests they leave and go talk about his plans for the clinic.

    GH Recap: Big Mouth Bobbie.

    Friday, January 09 2015

    Bobbie drops by Michael's office to talk about the old house. He tells her his plans for it and she encourages him to use the house... though she's not sure Luke will be so supportive. She gives him the key and agrees to come along.

    Bobbie and Michael arrive on the porch of her childhood home. She's flooded with memories. They head in and she starts to reminisce. Meanwhile, Fluke visits Luke in the basement to rant about Tracy 'braying', the idiots who work for him and 'big mouth Bobbie'. He rails about how she yaps about Bill. Smashing a bottle with a bat, he threatens to crack Bobbie's head open. He threatens to smash Luke's head next. Upstairs, Michael and Bobbie hear the noise and he offers to check it out while she calls the cops.

    GH Recap: Not So Sure.

    Thursday, January 08 2015

    Ned arrives in Michael's office. They discuss Luke's house being in Bill's name. Michael asks him to get in touch with Jenny since she was Bill's executor. After Ned gets off the phone with her, he explains that she doesn't know anything about the house. Watching Michael at work makes Ned realize how happy his grandfather would be.

    GH Recap: As Dead As Disco.

    Wednesday, January 07 2015

    At his office, Michael greets Bobbie as 'grandma'. She is glad he still considers her family. She complains about him writing off Carly. Michael's not buying the excuse that she was protecting him. Bobbie pleads with him to give Carly another chance. Michael tells Bobbie he's turning the house she and Luke grew up in into a clinic. Bobbie gives her blessing. Michael says Bill Eckert owns it. Bobbie says he passed away twenty years ago. She mentions Luke's aversion to Bill's name earlier.

    GH Recap: Evicted.

    Wednesday, December 17 2014

    Michael finds Carly, Morgan and Kiki with the baby at the brownstone. Michael rejects their attempts to mend fences and tells Morgan and Kiki that he’s come to evict them. Words are exchanged between Michael and Morgan, and Kiki and Carly try and cool things between the brothers. Carly tells Morgan and Kiki that they can stay with her. Carly also tells Michel that she is not with Sonny anymore. Sonny refuses to see her in hopes it will help Michael to forgive her. Carly begs her son to let go of his anger, but he refuses and tells them all to be out of the brownstone by the end of the day.

    GH Recap: Oh Baby!

    Wednesday, December 10 2014

    At the Quartermaine mansion, Fluke apologizes to Michael for the hell that “Fluke” put him through, but Michael feels more betrayed by Sonny. Michael knows Luke and Sonny are old friends, but Fluke says that his time at Miscavige has made him reflect on things. Fluke says Sonny has always been ruthless and power corrupted him. Fluke asks to apologize in person to Kiki for what Fluke did to her, but Michael says he can’t help him there because they broke up. Fluke says it’s important to him to make amends for what his imposter did, so he asks for a job at ELQ to prove himself. Michael says he’ll give it some thought and heads off to work. Fluke then takes a call and says that he will meet them “there” and that they have a lot to discuss.

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