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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Corinthos III - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Corinthos III Played by Chad Duell on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chad Duell (ABC)

    Real Name: Chad Duell
    Height: 6'0


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    Last One Standing.

    Friday, October 25 2013

    Morgan overhears Sonny and Michael getting close at the warehouse. They notice him and Morgan has something to tell Sonny, but not in front of Michael. Michael reveals he is working for Sonny and Morgan gets upset. Once again Sonny chose Michael over Morgan. Morgan is sick of Michael feeling entitled to everything, including his wife. Michael asks Morgan to run the restaurant with him. Morgan can think of a million other things he’d rather do than work with his traitor brother. Morgan changes his mind – he has nothing to say to Sonny. Outside, he misses Ava’s call as Carlos approaches him with the gun to take him back to Derek. Inside, DA Lazarro got everything Sonny needs on Julian. Sonny realizes Julian and Derek are the same person.

    Not Just Friends.

    Thursday, October 24 2013

    Michael arrives at the coffee warehouse and inquires about what the cops were searching for when he sees the mess. Sonny believes it had something to do with Julian Jerome. Michael worries that Ava's working with Julian to bring Sonny down and Morgan is caught in the middle. Sonny can't convince Morgan without proof. Michael wants to do something since he's still unemployed. Sonny offers him the restaurant and he agrees to turn it into something like Sonny and Connie wanted. They hug. Morgan overhears Sonny's sentiments of how great it is to have his son close to him.

    Follow The Money.

    Wednesday, October 23 2013

    At Kelly's, Kiki's interested in Michael's visit with AJ. He discusses AJ's chances when Lucy comes in promoting Scott Baldwin's run for D.A. Kiki wonders how a change in D.A. could affect AJ's chances. Michael thinks anything's better than going up against D.A. Lazarro. Outside, Scott discusses his campaign with Lucy. In a perfect world, Laura would be by his side. Lucy gives him a pep talk. Scott wonders if her involvement is an escape from the distraction that Kevin is busy somewhere else without her. Lucy's upset at his inference that her marriage is on the skids like his and she rushes off to meet Kevin. Later, Diane joins Kiki and Michael inside. She's hopeful at the prospect of winning the case if Scott's elected. She gives Kiki annulment papers before joining Scott. Scott refuses to tell Diane his thoughts on AJ's case until he's in office. She promises to file Kiki's annulment papers when she leaves. When Scott leaves, he's surprised to find Heather in disguise waiting outside.

    No One Is Careful All The Time.

    Wednesday, October 16 2013

    At his office, Sonny's overhears Kiki tell Michael her mother has a brother. Kiki can't imagine why it's fascinating to Sonny. Michael points out there are concerns over Ava being connected to the Jerome mob family. Sonny's interested in what Silas had to say. All Silas knew was that he was rich and had connections but he never met him. Michael stops Sonny from asking more questions. Sonny thanks Kiki before she leaves with Michael. Alone, Shawn and Sonny discuss different scenarios of who the brother really is. There are too many coincidences. Since Ava appeared in Port Charles, the name Julian Jerome comes up a lot. Shawn agrees he might be alive and lying low with his sister running interference but no one is careful all the time. Sonny remembers the connection between Ava and Derek and asks, "Is Derek Wells really Julian Jerome?"

    At the pier, Kiki's not surprised at how much she doesn't know about her mother. Michael wishes he could help her but Kiki doesn't even know where her mother is. Michael does. Ava's living with Morgan. She's shocked and disgusted. Kiki regrets everything that happened and wishes she handled things differently but neither of them is sorry they are together. Michael's bothered by one thing. He wonders if Ava has an agenda, and if so, is Morgan in danger. Kiki agrees he could be in over his head.

    Fighting For Carly.

    Tuesday, October 15 2013

    At Michael's apartment, the alarm interrupts his and Kiki's love making. It's time for her to get a job. She considers asking Silas for help. Michael wishes he could take care of her but without access to his trust fund he needs to get a job too.

    At Sonny's office, Shawn doesn't know who blew up the shipment but he has a lead on Ava's association to Derek Wells. Sonny's suspicious of their connection knowing they were seen at the pier and wants Shawn to learn more about Derek. Michael arrives as Shawn leaves. Sonny apologizes for keeping Morgan's secret. Michael forgives him. Sonny's glad he and Kiki are well but is concerned about Morgan being with Ava. Michael's shocked that Morgan and Ava's relationship wasn't a one-time thing. Sonny's worried about a possible connection of Ava to a dead mob boss. After Sonny warns Michael to stay away from Ava, Michael asks Sonny for a job. Sonny will consider it after they deal with Carly.

    Shawn returns to Sonny's to alert him that Franco and Derek are fighting at the gym. Kiki meets Michael there and Sonny overhears her tell Michael that Ava has a brother.

    Diamond In The Rough.

    Wednesday, October 02 2013

    At his apartment, Michael asks Kiki what they should do. She considers asking Franco for help since she doesn't know Silas well enough yet. Michael doesn't want her staying with a serial killer and tells her to stay with him. Kiki's technically married and doesn't want that but Michael knows having her there feels right. They shouldn't worry about what others think. She agrees and they kiss. He knows she still might feel guilty and believes they can be roommates until she is ready for an intimate relationship. Kiki points out he has more to lose and he knows he can handle it. She decides to show him how much she loves him and they make love. She wants them to stay there forever to escape the mess that is her life. He wishes they could but at least whatever they face, they can face together.

    Slaughter Away.

    Thursday, September 26 2013

    Kiki wants to know what's going on when she and Michael find Morgan and Ava making love in her room. It's what it looks like; he's 'hitting the sheets with her mom'. Michael stands idly by as Kiki begs Morgan not to do this. He admits he already did and brags about it. He believes they were up all night doing it themselves. Michael sets him straight – they were up all night worried about him. Ava wants to talk but Kiki has nothing to say. She slaps Ava hard across the face, and then calls her the worst mother on the planet. Kiki used to think she was the coolest and all her friends were jealous. She's not so cool now – 'she's a liar, a user, and a slut'. Kiki sees everything Ava's done wasn't enough; she had to sleep with her husband. Morgan thinks she lost every right to complain about that when she left him for Michael. He's tired of being lectured and wants them to go. He's decides to stick by Ava as she stuck by him. Michael gets Kiki's things. She's ready to leave and is done with them. Ava doesn't want to be written off but Kiki blames her for it and says goodbye. Meanwhile, Carly's upset about Ava when she bumps into Franco and exclaims that Ava slept with her son. Franco thinks it's Michael, but he quickly learns it's Morgan. Carly's sorry for not being there for Morgan. Recognizing all the anger and frustration in her body he offers her a way to get it out. They go to his room and Carly wonders how watching him paint will help her feel better. Franco invites her to slaughter the canvas to get back at Ava. Carly doesn't want to and dumps red paint all over Franco. It's his fault. Ava is only around because of him. She starts to paint while she complains about Ava. She turns around and sees Franco, shirtless. Carly confides she's really angry because he had a woman in his room and she thought he was hiding in Ava's room. The woman in his room meant nothing – Carly does. He kisses her. She can't and pulls away but he thinks the mistake would be for her to leave. She does and he smiles at her painting while outside, Carly cries.

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