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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Morgan Corinthos III - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Morgan Corinthos III Played by Chad Duell on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chad Duell (ABC)

    Real Name: Chad Duell
    Height: 6'0


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    GH Recap: Something Came Up.

    Thursday, October 30 2014

    At the Haunted Star, Bobbie fusses over Lucas until Carly shows up with Michael. Kiki fusses over Michael while Joss complains that this wedding is cutting into her candy time. Spencer gets smarmy with Carly. She gets him to admit Franco knew he was hiding in her house and badgers him to explain why Franco was lying. Spence explains that Franco was plotting against Sonny and hacked into Carly's email. He leaves. Everyone starts to wonder when Franco will arrive. He jogs in and explains that something came up.

    GH Recap: Pull The Trigger.

    Wednesday, October 29 2014

    At Carly’s place, Franco and Carly chitchat over the phone about their wedding day. Someone rings Carly’s doorbell, so she says goodbye to Franco. Michael is at the door, he came to wish his mom luck. Carly thanks him, but she can tell something is on his mind. Michael talks to Carly about the new lead on AJ’s murder and that he’s determined to find out the truth. He suspects Ava and asks Carly if she knows anything that can help him. Carly tries to dissuade Michael from dwelling on AJ’s death and looking into his murder. However Michael won’t rest until whoever killed AJ sees justice.

    GH Recap: Townies.

    Tuesday, October 28 2014

    Jake tries wheeling himself around the hospital. Michael pops up and lends him a hand. Jake asks if they know each other. Corinthos doesn't think so and introduces himself. They soon discover they have comas and brain injuries in common. The topic turns to Carly's wedding and then AJ's death. Jake suggests that he let the police handle the latter.

    GH Recap: It's A Doozy.

    Monday, October 27 2014

    Michael is startled to find Sonny in the Quartermaine tomb. They discuss Jason dying two years ago. Sonny curses Faison. Michael curses AJ's killer. His father warns him that revenge only closes doors in your life. Michael tips him off that Carlos may not have killed AJ. He thinks it was Ava and can't let it go. Sonny wishes he would drop it. They sit down and Michael explains that he's Franco's best man. He wishes Sonny was marrying Carly instead. "Maybe we'll end up together," Sonny suggests. Once he leaves, Michael assures his father's grave that he will find who is responsible and make them pay.

    GH Recap: Are We Monsters?

    Friday, October 24 2014

    Rosalie walks into Kelly's and sees Michael making calls about Ava. She joins him and he tells her about his suspicions of Ava. Madeline interrupts and tells Rosalie how much Nina needs her. Michael leaves. Maddy is looking for Ava and knows Rosalie knows where she is. Rosalie isn't comfortable helping her. Madeline threatens to expose her secret.

    Sonny walks into the Quartermaine crypt to visit Jason's grave. A vision of Connie appears. After some small talk, he gets angsty about revenging her death. He rails about Ava. She reminds him of the baby and nags him about Franco. She accuses him of trying to clear the way to Carly. Connie gets him to admit he won't stop until he gets her. This imaginary conversation is interrupted when Michael walks in.

    GH Recap: Two Year Anniversary.

    Wednesday, October 22 2014

    At Metro Court, Michael interrupts Anna's breakfast to talk to her about AJ’s murder. Michael fills Anna in on all he’s learned about Ava threatening Carlos to confess to AJ’s murder. After enough convincing, Anna says she will look into the story. Michael thanks her and leaves.

    Michael shows up at Morgan’s place to see Morgan and Kiki. Michael tells Kiki that Anna will look into the new information about AJ’s murder. Michael knows he’s put them both in a position here, but he says if Anna doesn’t find Ava then he will.

    GH Recap: Plans For Heather.

    Tuesday, October 21 2014

    Morgan, Kiki and Silas are at Morgan’s place and working to stop Ava’s contractions. Michael calls Kiki from the hospital asking to come right over to see her. Kiki makes excuses why he can’t and says she’ll come to him. Kiki explains to Ava that she has go meet Michael and will be back as soon as possible. Ava is feeling better, so Silas sends Morgan to make Ava some soup. Ava and Silas discuss the past, and Ava admits she was so in love with Silas back then. She says that is why she held onto Kiki instead of giving her up, it was the only piece of him she could have. Silas warns Ava that Nina has a vendetta against many people, and it’s best that Nina doesn’t know where Ava is right now. Ava says Nina’s nurse knows that she’s here. Morgan returns and he assures Ava that Rosalie and Nina had a falling out, their secret is safe.

    Kiki soon arrives at General Hospital and Michael stuns her with the news from Sabrina that Carlos is innocent and Ava may have killed AJ. He needs to speak with Ava and asks where her mom is. Kiki claims nobody knows where she is. Michael tells Kiki that he’s going to have to tell the police what he knows. Kiki tries to dissuade him and says this is just gossip. Michael however calls Anna and leaves a message saying he has new information on AJ’s murder.

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