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    General Hospital CAST - Morgan Stone Corinthos (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Morgan Stone Corinthos (Past) Played by Aaron Sanders on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Aaron Sanders (ABC)

    Real Name: Aaron Sanders


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    Goodbyes And New Beginnings.

    Thursday, July 21 2011

    Jax drops by the house on his way out of town to say goodbye to Josslyn. He talks with Morgan and tells him he enjoyed watching him grow up and being a part of his life. He tells his stepson he will miss him and Morgan tears up as he says the same. Michael brings Josslyn out and Jax says goodbye to his daughter and asks the boys to look out for Joss and Carly. Once Jax is gone, Carly returns home and learns that Jax left. She loves Jax and hates how things turned out, but as long as she has her kids she can handle anything.

    Walking Away.

    Monday, July 18 2011

    Kristina and Ethan bust in on Molly and Morgan at the pizza shack trying to write up a reconciliation contract for Jax and Carly. Kristina declares they need to get Joss back before Jax get wind of it.

    Carly and Jason return home and find Michael, who tells them about Jax. He relays the message that if Carly bails Jax out, it will look good for her in court. The kids return home to a lecture about what they've done. Carly gets a call informing her the judge has made his decision about Josslyn. After Jax has been released, he drops by the house and confronts Carly about the set up. He doesn’t believe she had nothing to do with it, despite her insistence to the contrary.

    We Have The Baby.

    Friday, July 15 2011

    Morgan and Molly bring Josslyn to the old pizza shack that is closed. Morgan wonders how long he will have to stay there. Molly doesn’t know. It all depends on when Jax comes to his senses. Morgan wishes there was a way to convince his mom and Jax to get back together. Molly gets on the laptop and gets to work on furthering their plan.

    Why Are You Doing This To Me?

    Thursday, July 14 2011

    Molly races over to Morgan's house and tells him that Jax will be taking Josslyn away any minute. Morgan says they can't let that happen. Molly thinks they need to scare Jax into seeing the value of a compromise. Molly gets on Morgan's laptop to plan. Later, Carly returns home and discovers that both Morgan and Josslyn are gone.

    Graduation Day.

    Tuesday, June 14 2011

    Jax stops by Carly's house to tell her, per Alexis' invitation, he is going to Kristina and Michael's graduation. He hopes they can put aside their differences for the day. Morgan walks downstairs and is cold towards his step father. Jax is sorry he let him down, but he tried to be a good father to him. Morgan only sees that Jax left and that he's trying to take Josslyn away from them. Jax says if he had adopted him, he would be fighting for custody of him as well in order to keep him safe. Morgan isn't swayed by Jax's sentiment.

    How Did You Pull This Off?

    Wednesday, April 20 2011

    Molly summons Dante, Morgan, Michael and Kristina to Kelly's. She has a plan and needs them all onboard as a family. The kids agree, but Dante needs to be coaxed. Later, Molly sees Shawn and asks if she can interview him about Afghanistan for a school project. He is flattered, but he can't talk about what happened there. Dante returns and Shawn leaves. Dante warns Molly to be careful around her new friend.

    Sonny walks out of his office to find his family springing a birthday surprise on him. Dante points out it was all Molly's idea. Molly tells her Uncle Sonny they couldn’t have the party at his house because Brenda didn’t want them to overwhelm Lucian, which sets Carly on edge.

    Some Family You Got There.

    Tuesday, March 01 2011

    As Michael and Morgan return home, they see a car they don't recognize in front of the house. They worry the Balkan has come after Carly. Morgan wants to call the police, but Michael leaves to check it out first. Although instructed to stay in the car, Morgan gets out.

    Inside the house, Sonny's men tie Shawn up so Sonny can get answers out of him. Michael walks in, as Morgan hides around the corner. Sonny asks his son to get Carly out of there so he can deal with Shawn. Michael tries to help Carly talk Sonny down, but Sonny just wants them to leave. Carly won't let him torture Shawn, but if he does, he will do it in front of his son.

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