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    General Hospital CAST - Maya Ward - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maya Ward Played by Annie Ilonzeh on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Annie Ilonzeh (ABC)

    Birthday: August 23, 1983
    Birthplace: Grapevine, Texas
    Real Name: Annie Ilonzeh


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    It's a Gift.

    Friday, June 04 2010

    At the hospital, Steve tells Lisa and Elizabeth about the investment he's about to make, which will make him financially independent. Elizabeth wants to know more and Steve agrees to fill her in when he hears something. Lisa wonders why Elizabeth wants to get involved when her baby's father is so wealthy. Elizabeth says she doesn’t want to be dependent on anyone. Later, Steve tells Lisa and Elizabeth the investment can't be lower than $100,000, but Elizabeth doesn't have that kind of money.

    In Luke's office at the Haunted Star, Lucky expresses his concern over his father's disappearance to Ethan and believes Helena is involved. Maya walks in and says she checked into Tracy's whereabouts, as he asked, and says there's no trace of her and Edward is worried. Ethan isn't worried though, but Lucky explains his rationale for believing Helena has something to do with them missing. Lucky gets a text that says Luke and Tracy went casino hopping on a Caribbean Island and want to be left alone. Ethan is convinced, but Lucky isn't buying it. Maya thinks Lucky might be using this as a diversion from something that's bothering him closer to home.

    Blowing Off Steam.

    Tuesday, June 01 2010

    Maxie comes to the hospital and sees Matt talking with Maya. He gives Maya more attention when Maxie tries to talk to him. Maya knows what he's doing and orders him not to try and make Maxie jealous with her. She walks away and Maxie tells Matt she wants to go on a real date with him. He's defensive at first but then agrees to buy her a drink at Jake's later.

    Maya happens upon Lucky who hits a wall outside in frustration over Nikolas. She tends to his hand and he invites her to stop by and listen to his LP collection some time.

    That Was the Wrong Thing to Say.

    Monday, May 24 2010

    Lucky sees Maya at the hospital who tells him Elizabeth and the boys left a half hour ago. Lucky is confused because Cam and Jake were supposed to stay with him tonight.

    Time To Pay Up.

    Thursday, May 20 2010

    Maya comes to see Luke at the casino on Edward's behalf to tell him Tracy is in Fiji so he can call of the search. Luke doesn't think that makes sense, but thinks Ethan should be relieved so Tracy doesn’t find out what's missing from the till. Ethan says he and Maya got in a high stakes poker game, which cleaned them out. Luke is impressed Maya is a card shark, but Maya blows Ethan's cover story saying she's never played cards with him before. Maya leaves and Ethan confesses he lost the money but he got a loan from Johnny. Luke thinks it's a bad idea and that he's just looking for excitement. Ethan confirms that and Luke warns that Sonny is out for blood and he's opening up a vein.

    Bring It On.

    Thursday, May 06 2010

    Skye brings Maya to the Metro Court wanting to spend the day going to spas and lunching, but Maya is suspicious. Skye eventually cops to doing this for Edward who wanted Maya to have a nice day. Maya wants to call their outing over because she doesn’t want to take Edward's money. Tracy finds them and asks how much would it take to make them both disappear. Skye tries to explain Tracy to Maya and Maya makes it clear to Tracy she is not after Edward's money, she was just looking for a loan and to get to know her family better. She suggests Tracy get used to her face because she's not going anywhere. Tracy later sees Helena talking to her man servant at the bar about the Spencers and her ears perk up. Helena does her best to dodge the issue and brings up Elizabeth, but Tracy wonders why she is bothering with Elizabeth's new baby since Helena already has an heir.

    A Nice Day For the Park.

    Wednesday, April 28 2010

    Ethan follows Maya to the boat house as she gives Michael some food. He thanks her for everything and she wishes him luck with whatever he has to do. Michael leaves and as Maya is about to do the same, Ethan surprises her. He tells her he won't say anything about Michael, but warns her his world is dangerous.

    The Secret to Parenting.

    Tuesday, April 27 2010

    At the boathouse, Michael explains his situation to Maya who allows him to take all the time he needs to sort things out.

    Maya comes in the mansion with Edward to hear Tracy, Monica and Ethan arguing. Ethan says he is there on behalf of Luke, but Monica thinks he's just trying to steal from them. Edward thinks they need to take inventory of what's missing and starts to call the cops. Maya stops him saying he can't because they allowed Ethan in the house, giving him full access. As the Q's argue, Maya slips out and Ethan follows. He wonders where she's going noticing she has a big lunch packed.

    Good Enough.

    Monday, April 26 2010

    Elizabeth thanks Steve for assigning her to oncology at the hospital because it's given her a whole new outlook. After he walks way, Maya walks up and Liz asks her to tell Shirley she likes her jewelry to keep her going. Maya knows she's terminal, but Elizabeth has hope. They walk in Shirley's room as Shirley tells Steve he needs to go on a date. She thinks Elizabeth should set him up with one of the blonde floor nurses and says Maya would be a good choice as well. Maya and Elizabeth meet back up at the hub and Maya offers to help sell Shirley's jewelry at her friend's boutique, but looks worried when Elizabeth suggests Shirley could get better. Elizabeth returns to Shirley's room as Steve tries to have a conversation with her about pain management. After Elizabeth leaves with a piece of her jewelry, Steve tells his patient she doesn't need to be so chipper with the nurses. Shirley explains she and Elizabeth need each other and that's what she needs most – sweet time.

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