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    General Hospital CAST - Maya Ward - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maya Ward Played by Annie Ilonzeh on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Annie Ilonzeh (ABC)

    Birthday: August 23, 1983
    Birthplace: Grapevine, Texas
    Real Name: Annie Ilonzeh


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    An Inevitable Pull.

    Monday, October 04 2010

    While Robin rests in her hospital room, Maya comes in and they discuss what happened with Lisa. Robin notes no one knew how crazy she was until a couple of weeks ago, not even Patrick who knew her better than anyone. Patrick stops in and Maya leaves. He tells Robin Lisa is at Shadybrook and that Mac went to check on Emma. She can't believe it's over and tells him about seeing Stone. He wishes he had been there for her, but she reminds him he saved her life. She tells her husband Stone just reminded her of how much she has to live for and how much she loves him. Patrick will never understand why he cheated on her and declares how much he loves her and Emma. Robin knows, but love wasn't enough to keep him from cheating and she doesn't know if it's enough to make her want to stay in their marriage.

    Let Me Go And Move On.

    Wednesday, September 29 2010

    Johnny overhears Olivia checking on Dante at his place and ribs her for being overprotective. She wonders if it bothers him that Lulu is with Dante and he says no, but he thinks it's a bit wacky considering he and Lulu dated. Olivia asks if he's found anything about Robin, but he hasn't. He believes Robin just took off though. Ethan and Maya stop by and Olivia and Johnny go to her place so they can be alone. Maya doesn't quite understand how Ethan lives life on his own terms not worrying about what people think. She admires that he doesn't take things too seriously, but he says that's not true. She wonders what matters to him then and Ethan responds his family. She envies him because for her, family is a standard she has to live up to, but for him, family is something he can enjoy. He wants to teach her how to enjoy and they get up to dance.

    Listen More Than You Speak.

    Wednesday, September 15 2010

    Kristina goes to Kelly's and sees Ethan. She tells him what happened at school and how she's worried about Michael. As he bolsters her spirits, Maya walks up and Ethan goes over to kiss her, which Kristina witnesses.


    Tuesday, September 07 2010

    Maxie comes to the hospital looking for Matt, but runs into Spinelli. They catch up and then talk about their relationship. She tells him he will always be special to her and he feels the same. He walks to the elevators, but decides to turn back. However, he sees Maxie with Matt and sadly gets on the elevator. Maxie tells Matt about running into Spinelli and he wonders if she wants to go back to him. She says it's not like that, but he just wants honesty from her and if Spinelli is still in the picture he needs to know. She just feels guilty for hurting Spinelli. Lucky walks up to the hub and chats with Maya, as Patrick, Steve and Lisa enter the area. Robin races up to Lisa demanding she stay away from her daughter and punches her. Patrick pulls Robin away and she tells everyone what happened. Lisa denies it, reminding Patrick she was in the scrub room with him the whole time. Patrick confirms that, but says he doesn't know where she was twenty minutes before that. Robin continues to angrily lash out at Lisa, as Lisa claims she's the victim. Steve has no choice but to suspend Robin pending further investigation.

    Family Is Always Welcome.

    Wednesday, September 01 2010

    At the Q mansion, Tracy, Edward and Monica bicker as Maya walks in the room. Edward wants to spend time with his great granddaughter, but she has to work. Tracy snarkily encourages her to leave. As Maya opens the door, Brook walks in. She says she made a mistake and wonders if she can come home to her family. Maya warns her to watch her back and leaves. Edward tells Brook family is always welcome, but Tracy wants to know what kind of mistake she made. Brook explains how she was helping Carly with her plan, but they had a falling out. Edward says of course Brook can live with them, but Tracy has one condition – she has to go back to school full time. Brook declares she wants to go back so she can make something of herself. Tracy and Monica are wary, but Edward thinks she has a solid plan and believes her. Tracy and Monica leave the room bickering and Edward leaves to see if Alice has her room ready. Alone, Brooke gets on Edward's phone to try and transfer some money to her account. Tracy returns and busts her, as do Monica and Edward re-enter as well. Tracy looks at the phone and informs Edward Brook was about to transfer $50,000 to her account. Edward doesn’t know if he should be proud or furious. He offers her the money if she abides by his rules, but she doesn’t need the money that badly and leaves.

    As Olivia sits by his bedside in the hospital, Johnny wakes up. Robin comes in and checks him out. She tells him not to push himself and leaves. Johnny tells Olivia he thought she was finished with him, but she responds that he thought wrong. She asks what he remembers about the shooting but he gets agitated and a little faint. Maya comes in and says he's fine and Olivia leaves to get cleaned up. Maya comes back to check on Johnny and informs him the cops think he was unarmed when Sonny shot him. Claire comes to question Johnny, as Olivia returns. She overhears him tell Claire that Sonny told him their war was over, but then Sonny pulled out a gun and shot him.

    Game Over.

    Tuesday, August 24 2010

    Johnny loses consciousness in the hospital and is rushed into surgery. Lucky asks Ethan what he really knows about the shooting. Ethan just says Sonny has a history of pulling his gun unprovoked. Lucky then runs into Dante who thinks Sonny had his shot and he took it. Next, Lucky questions Maya, who doesn't have much info to give. Michael comes to the hospital and asks Dante how Johnny is. Dante doesn’t think he should be here, but Michael wants to know what really happened. Dante tells him Johnny wasn't armed, but Michael thinks otherwise. Lisa comes to the nurses' station and asks Steve if he wants to go out for a beer at Jake's. Steve wonders what happened with Emma and Lisa explains Robin and Patrick overreacted. She thinks Robin is just paranoid and wonders why it always has to be just a big drama with her. She turns her back and smugly smiles.

    Done Playing Games.

    Monday, August 23 2010

    After Steve gives a nervous Maya a pep talk, Johnny is wheeled into the ER. Maya tells Steve she contacted Ethan since Johnny doesn’t really have any family around. Ethan walks up as Lucky comes in to take a statement. Patrick runs into the hospital and tells Steve Lisa took Emma. Steve thinks she's just using Emma to get his attention and suggests he keep calling until she picks up her phone. Patrick says he's done playing games and if Lisa isn't back at the house by the time he gets there then he's calling the police. Steve wonders if he's prepared to come clean and a panicked Patrick is ready to do anything to get his daughter back. Back in Johnny's room, Ethan tries to cover his worry about Johnny by making jokes about how he doesn't want his money train to end. He then tells Maya he'll owe her one if she saves Johnny's life. She reminds him it's her job to do that. Once Ethan has left, Johnny wakes up. Maya tells him they are going to fix him up. Johnny responds, "Good luck."

    Back in Johnny's room, Maya asks him if there's anyone he wants to see and he says Olivia. She says she'll call her, but Johnny then asks for Ethan. Lucky secretly listens as Ethan wonders how Johnny screwed up his plan of killing Sonny.

    That Would Be Crazy.

    Wednesday, August 18 2010

    Maya asks Johnny to meet her at Jake's to express her worry about Ethan working with him. Ethan walks up and Johnny tells Ethan what they were talking about, much to Maya's chagrin. Johnny walks away and Maya says she doesn't want Ethan to read anything in to it, but Ethan teases that he is overwhelmed by the attention. Maya tells him to shut up and dance with her. After Maya leaves, Johnny tells Ethan they are retaliating against Sonny on Friday. He wants Ethan to be his witness as he kills Sonny in self defense and offers him hazard pay. At another table, Lucky shares in the blame regarding his and Maxie's long ago affair. He assures her he doesn't hate her for any of it and is past any blame he once placed on her. She again compares Lisa's behavior to her own with Lucky, but he wants her to stop beating herself up over it.

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