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    General Hospital CAST - Maya Ward - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maya Ward Played by Annie Ilonzeh on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Annie Ilonzeh (ABC)

    Birthday: August 23, 1983
    Birthplace: Grapevine, Texas
    Real Name: Annie Ilonzeh


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    She's A Stripper?

    Thursday, January 06 2011

    At the mansion, Edward lays out his offer to Ethan and Maya – either they live together as husband and wife or else the million dollars will be rescinded. Ethan says he'll pack his bag and move in, but Maya doesn’t like Edward dictating her life. Edward counters that this is an opportunity for freedom. Tracy returns from her honeymoon solo. She explains Luke is off on a diamond heist. She isn't leaving him though, she just won't be there to save him. Edward returns to swaying Ethan, who says he will think about the offer.

    It's All About The Timing.

    Monday, December 27 2010

    At the reception in the mansion, Carly privately confirms with Spinelli that the document is real and wonders what she will do with the information that Dante gave Brenda full custody of their kid. She wants to keep this a secret for now, as Jax comes out wondering what they are doing. Carly makes up a story, which Jax accepts, but doesn't necessarily believe. In the main room, Luke and Tracy toast to being Mr. and Mrs. Wile E. Coyote, while Mac and Alexis have fun on the dance floor. Jason and Michael enter the reception, as Tracy tosses the bouquet. It lands in Brenda's hands as she and Sonny return to the party. They announce this is good timing because they are now engaged. The room is stunned, but Michael breaks the ice by congratulating them. Tracy tells Luke she thinks it was rude for them to announce their news at their wedding. Mac asks Alexis if there is any jealousy, but Alexis replies, "Ewww. Yuck. Gross." Jax angrily leaves to get the car as Edward asks Jason to tell Brenda she's making a mistake. Jason says there's nothing he can do, but then grabs Spinelli wondering what he's doing there. Spinelli responds he's there to make peace with Dante. Edward pulls Ethan and Maya aside, as Jason congratulates Brenda and Sonny. However, he says Brenda will still stay at the penthouse because she is still in danger. Sonny doesn’t like that idea, but Brenda thinks it sounds old fashioned and could be fun. Across the room, Lulu assures Dante she isn't looking for marriage as Dante eyes Brenda and Sonny. Brook Lynn welcomes Luke to the family, while Tracy orders Nikolas to terminate his association with her granddaughter. Once all the guests have left, Tracy and Luke dance. She pulls the prenup out of his pocket and throws it in the fire. She cries as she walks back to him and passionately kisses him.

    In the den, Edward tells Ethan and Maya he is an old man with no heir to take over his life's work, except for maybe them. He suggests the happy couple could be looking at more than a million dollars if they're willing to cooperate. He thinks they have the right instincts, but they are aiming too low. He has a lot to teach them and he wants to make his past mistakes right with them. Maya thinks it's crazy, but Ethan just grins.

    Christmas Surprises.

    Wednesday, December 22 2010

    Just as Luke and Tracy are about to be pronounced husband and wife at the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy stops the minister and asks Luke to see the prenup. Brooke pulls her aside and orders her, on behalf of everyone there, to step aside, get out of her own way and marry the man she loves. She encourages her to take a chance because nothing in life comes with a guarantee. Tracy returns to Luke and tells the minister to proceed. Luke and Tracy are pronounced husband and wife and Luke kisses his bride.

    The Hunter Is Trapped By The Game.

    Tuesday, December 21 2010

    At the mansion, Maya and Lulu try to convince Tracy to prepare for her wedding, but she still doesn’t believe Luke will be there. Maya and Lulu encourage her to change, insisting Luke will show up. Tracy reluctantly agrees, but says once Luke leaves her at the altar, they can have a bonfire and burn the dress.

    Edward calls everyone to their seats in the foyer, as they all wait for Luke to join them. After some delay, Luke finally enters and takes his place with the minister. Tracy walks down the stairs and if affected by seeing that Luke actually showed up. After getting silent confirmation from Alexis that Luke signed the prenup, Tracy walks down the aisle to her groom. Luke tells Tracy the hunter was trapped by the game. He loves her and they are perfect together. They are each other's unlikely surprise and that's why he is standing there in full out unapologetic husband mode. He throws Alice the key to the getaway car and says he wants to call Tracy wife and know it's more than just another nickname. Tracy tells him he brought her back to life. He gave her something to look forward to and a reason to get up in the morning. She looks forward to their next adventure and will love him until the day she dies.

    The Decoy.

    Wednesday, December 08 2010

    At the mansion, Luke demands to know what Edward's angle is in regards to Ethan. Edward admits he made mistakes with Mary Mae, Bradley and Justice. Maya is his chance for redemption and he knows that she actually loves Ethan so he will put his feelings aside for Maya's happiness. Luke doesn't buy it. Maya and Ethan enter and Luke warns Ethan and Maya their union is going to cost him something. Tracy joins them and says no one leaves until the bride says so. Lulu enters, suggesting Luke start treating Tracy like a real bride, as Edward tells Ethan and Maya he wants them to present themselves as Mr. and Mrs. Lovett and to cohabitate, or else the deal is off. Everyone disperses as Lulu tells her father she's worried Tracy will get hurt. Luke thinks she's projecting her feelings about Dante onto them. He warns her that Dante is addicted to adrenaline and he wonders if she can make peace with all the chances he takes.

    Ulterior Motives.

    Tuesday, December 07 2010

    Ethan visits Luke at the Haunted Star bemoaning the fact that Maya won't sleep with him. Luke has his own problems considering high rollers, whose money he was counting on to pay for the wedding, blew him off. Tracy enters, furious the casino is closed, which means they aren't making any money. She reminds Luke he needs to pay for the wedding or there will be no wedding. Maya joins the group and apologizes to Ethan for brushing him off. She kisses him and he suggests they go have sex, which does not go over well with her. She tells him she wants out of the marriage because it's interfering with her life and it's not worth it. He thinks there's a nice payoff in the end for them, but Maya says that's the problem. She wants him to see this as something more than just a money maker. She storms out and Ethan follows her. Tracy worries Edward will double cross Ethan and Maya and wonders what angle her father is working. Luke agrees that Edward is definitely up to something.

    Ethan follows Maya out on the street, but she doesn't want to get hurt by his player ways. He assures her he is interested in her for real and kisses her.

    Get Off Your Knees.

    Monday, December 06 2010

    Maya brings Ethan to a room to "meet him half way." They kiss, but then Maya threatens to out him to Edward if he doesn't fess up about Lisa. Ethan explains he was just helping Johnny get with Lisa so Olivia wouldn't find out. Maya sarcastically relays how relieved she is that she isn't married to a cheater, but to a pimp. Maya later sees Lisa who explains she wasn't with Ethan. Maya warns her to keep an eye on her wallet if that changes.

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