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    General Hospital CAST - Maya Ward - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maya Ward Played by Annie Ilonzeh on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Annie Ilonzeh (ABC)

    Birthday: August 23, 1983
    Birthplace: Grapevine, Texas
    Real Name: Annie Ilonzeh


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    No One's Getting Voted Off.

    Thursday, April 01 2010

    Ignoring Tracy's disdain for her, Skye says hello to Luke and meets his son Ethan. Tracy asks Skye what exactly she's been up to. Edward brings Maya to the casino and is thrilled to see Skye has returned. Some bickering ensues and Tracy leaves. Luke asks Ethan to get Maya and Edward out of there so he can be alone with Skye. Ethan obliges and once alone, Luke asks Skye why she returned. She remains coy and they flirt as Tracy returns with Jax, who she convinced to come with her by saying she had a project that would catch Carly's attention.

    Two Arrivals Shake Things Up.

    Wednesday, March 31 2010

    Ethan argues with a young woman he gets into a car accident with on the side of the road. He tries to help her, but she clearly doesn’t want it so he walks away.

    Edward opens his door to Ethan, but he was expecting his great granddaughter Maya. Monica comes downstairs, as Ethan asks Edward for Luke's cigars. As Ethan starts to leave, he opens the door to the woman he got into the altercation with. Edward orders Ethan out and Edward and Monica get acquainted with Maya. Tracy walks in and asks Maya how much money she wants so she can leave. Edward and Monica apologize for Tracy's behavior and Tracy exits. Monica then goes to the hospital and Edward says he can see Mary Mae in Maya already. He tells her how much he loved her and says his recurring mistake has been waiting too long and being too late, citing not knowing his son Bradley and screwing up his chance with Justus. He hopes he can do better with her. They talk about Mary Mae and then Maya calls his offer of help blackmail since she had to move in with him to get it. He calls it nonsense and then suggests she tour Port Charles and offers her the Bentley.

    Maya goes to a house and when no one answers the door, Lucky comes up behind her, telling her no one lives there anymore.

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