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    General Hospital CAST - Maya Ward - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maya Ward Played by Annie Ilonzeh on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Annie Ilonzeh (ABC)

    Birthday: August 23, 1983
    Birthplace: Grapevine, Texas
    Real Name: Annie Ilonzeh


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    Every Party Has To End Some Time.

    Tuesday, June 07 2011

    In bed with another man at the hotel, Maya tells Ethan she's sorry. The guy gets dressed and leaves, but not before urging Ethan not to take his anger out on Maya. Maya launches into the story of how she met Aaron, a cardiologist she met at the hospital while visiting her aunt. She cries as she says she won't be coming back to Port Charles. However, she loved being married to Ethan because he made everything fun. He was the best time she ever had, but being with him scared her to death. Although hurt, Ethan remains calm and understanding. Maya says their differences are too great because she is not wired for the adventure he seeks every day. She's sorry she didn't tell him, but she couldn’t let him go. She asks how he has been and Ethan lies about what's been going on. He says he's great and he's finally learning what it means to be part of a family. She feels bad he won't be getting Edward's money, but he doesn’t care about it. He just thought she needed it. She wants him to yell at her, but he won't. He says they had a great time, but every party has to end. He states she was the most fun he ever had too. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves, but pauses outside the door as he tears up.

    May The Spencers Rest In Peace.

    Monday, June 06 2011

    Ethan heads to Maya's hotel room and finds her in bed with another man.

    You Can't Leave Me.

    Monday, March 14 2011

    Ethan boards the Haunted Star where Luke shows his son diamonds he stole. He can't fence them though because they are too hot. Instead, he wants Ethan's help to plant them on Jax in order to help Carly. As they plot, Tracy and Maya find them and demand to know what they are up to. Luke readily fesses up to planning to blackmail Jax. Maya and Tracy aren't exactly pleased to hear this. Luke asks Ethan to take Maya home so he can talk to his own wife. Luke tells Tracy he wants to take her on a honeymoon. Just the two of them in a romantic location. He will even pay for it. He promises there are no hidden agendas.

    Spies Like Us.

    Thursday, March 10 2011

    Ethan finds Kristina at Kelly's and sits with her as she does homework. They discuss the explosion and she tells him how great he was that night. She wishes there was something she could do to help her dad. Ethan thinks if anyone can find Brenda it's Sonny. She grabs his hands, noting he always knows what to say to her. Maya walks in asking if she should be jealous. Kristina looks mortified, as Ethan declares Kristina wants to marry him. Ethan and Maya joke around about it and then sit at a table behind the teen. Ethan complains that Edward is driving him crazy and asks if they can find their own place, as Kristina eavesdrops. Maya doesn’t want to leave Edward right now. Ethan says he will stick around as long as she needs him to, but he wants to look around. She agrees, but insists they have to meet with Edward once a week. Kristina tells them her neighbor is renting out their guest house. She says it would be fun to be neighbors. They decide to check it out, as a leery Maya subtly stakes her claim to Ethan.

    External Forces.

    Monday, February 07 2011

    Mac hauls Tracy to the station for smuggling diamonds, as Maya, Ethan, Brook, Nikolas and Luke follow. Luke says he'll get her out of this, but she just wants him to go. He tells her not without his wife, so she tells him to settle in. Luke calls Alexis, who runs in dressed in her pajamas. Alexis can't believe she was called out at this hour for Tracy's arrest. Mac says he will release Tracy on her own recognizance and they will sort it out in the morning. Tracy tells him if it's a choice between Luke and lock up, she'll take lock up. Tracy insists she's innocent and hires Alexis to get the charges dropped and push her divorce from Luke through. Mac just orders everyone out.

    No Time For a Breakdown.

    Friday, February 04 2011

    Nikolas and Brook Lynn board the Haunted Star and learn from Maya and Ethan they are closed until Luke returns. Ethan thinks that will be any day now because Luke sent Spanky Buns a caseload of expensive wine. Tracy enters and says she can't be bribed by Luke after what he pulled on their honeymoon. Ethan says Tracy won't be involved in the jewel heist because he already got Maxie to sign for them. Tracy says Luke can smuggle as long as he doesn't use her as his mule. Luke returns and Tracy embraces him, as she thanks him for leaving her out of his most recent scheme. Luke says he'll put the wine away and then they can have a toast. Tracy tells him not to worry about the jewels because she already found them. Ethan and Lucky admit Maxie was a decoy and Tracy says she will keep them as payment for all money he owes her. Mac walks in and arrests Tracy for jewel smuggling on behalf of Interpol.

    Time Is Of The Essence.

    Wednesday, January 26 2011

    Robin runs into the hospital late because of a garage door mishap. Patrick says he'll come by to check out the garage door, but Robin says she needs to start doing things on her own. Later, Terrell offers to help Robin when she can't book a repair man. Patrick wonders why she didn't let him take care of it, as Lisa privately notes to Terrell he's no handyman. Elsewhere, Ethan finds Maya and tells her they lost their apartment because she didn’t give the landlord their deposit. He thinks she truly wants to stay at the mansion because she can't leave Edward.

    Tracy invites Brook to the mansion for lunch, but her granddaughter is suspicious. Tracy wants her to quit her job as Nikolas' companion. Brook defends Nikolas, leading Tracy to ask if she's in love with him. Brook just doesn't want to get off the gravy train and she won't let Elizabeth get her hooks back into Nik. She also points out her granny got the guy she wants, so why can she? Tracy tells her to go get her man, but if he so much as looks at her cross-eyed, she will get him. Edward enters the room after Brook has left. Maya and Ethan enter to announce they will be staying there. Edward is thrilled but Tracy is disdainful knowing Ethan isn't happy about the arrangement. Edward takes Ethan out of the room, as Tracy confronts Maya, who tells her she didn’t really want to leave.

    Interesting Theories.

    Thursday, January 13 2011

    At Johnny's, Ethan secretly listens as Maya admits to Johnny that Ethan is important to her and not just for the money. She says the few days in Vegas were the best days of her life, but she knows Ethan will take the money and run once they get paid. Johnny gets called away, but tells Maya to feel free to stay. He loudly says it's time she and Ethan had an honest conversation. After he leaves, Ethan walks out. She notices the bruises on his face, but he tries to cover with a story. She says he's not fooling anyone and Ethan says neither is she because he heard what she said. He wants to get back to how they were in Vegas with no inhibitions and kisses her.


    Tuesday, January 11 2011

    At Jake's, Lulu grills Dante about his feelings for Brenda, saying he's changed since she's been in town. He tries to explain how weird it is that she will be his stepmother. She wants him to take himself off the case, but he has to see it through. She feels bad for being insecure, but he wants her to tell him when things are bothering her. She takes the opportunity to tell him the brown jacket that makes him look like Serpico bothers her. Elsewhere at the bar, Maya and Ethan discuss their relationship after apartment hunting. Ethan admits he has a lack of hope and faith and isn't good at long-term relationships. Maya assures him this is just a business arrangement, but Ethan knows she's hiding behind the wall she always puts up. Lucky and Siobhan meet up at Jake's and he tells her if marriage is the only thing that will keep her there, he'll be the first in line.

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