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    General Hospital CAST - Warren Bauer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Warren Bauer Played by Bradley Cole on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bradley Cole (ABC)

    Birthday: February 11, 1959
    Birthplace: Los Angeles County, California
    Marital Status: Married, Yasuko Noda June 25, 2005
    Real Name: Bradley Cole
    Height: 6'0
    Web site:


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    Karmic Justice.

    Thursday, May 13 2010

    In their office, Diane goes over Alexis' defense, as her client remains distracted. Diane says she will probably get community service and a suspended sentence, but Alexis reminds her Michael got worse for basically the same crime. Sam comes to see her mother after Diane has stepped out and receives birthday cards for all the years Alexis missed. Alexis says she has to go to court and asks Sam to take care of the girls if she goes to jail. Sam would be honored to take the girls should anything go wrong. Sam knows Alexis is probably worried about Jason being around but says it might not be a problem. Sam hugs her mother and tells her she loves her before she leaves for court. Alexis and Diane return from court and reveal Alexis isn't going to jail. Alexis calls her daughters and tells them she's coming home. As she starts to leave the office, she runs into Warren Bauer who is irate Alexis got off and informs her they are filing a civil suit and will take her for every penny she has.

    It's What You Do.

    Tuesday, April 20 2010

    At the police station, Lucky gets involved as Warren and Sam exchange heated words. Warren again tells Alexis she will pay and he will make sure she is put in prison.

    Ethan and Luke talk about Kristina at the Haunted Star as Skye shows up with the young girl. Kristina apologizes to Ethan as Luke and Skye leave. Ethan generously accepts Kristina's apology and shares a story from his past where he acted stupidly over a crush he had on his friend's older sister. He apologizes to her as well for handling everything so poorly. Once Kristina has left, Lucky comes to tell Ethan Warren in on the warpath, claiming Ethan is in fact the one who beat Kristina. He worries that all the DNA evidence points to his brother.

    You'll Thank Me Later.

    Monday, April 19 2010

    Alexis arrives at the police station to find an angry Warren Bauer. He yells and asks why she didn't stop after she ran over his son! She calmly tells him she was in shock, but he yells that she is lying. She tells him Kiefer's death was horrible, but she reminds him that Kiefer was beating her daughter. Warren thinks Alexis is getting special treatment because she's sleeping with Mac! Mac orders Warren to leave, but Alexis asks for a moment alone with Warren. Alexis asks him to stop making everyone else miserable. Warren orders her to spare him a lecture and promises to send her to prison. Sam arrives to hear Alexis pleading with Warren. When Warren yells that Kristina got beat up because she was asking for it, Sam punches Warren in the face!

    Deal or No Deal.

    Tuesday, April 13 2010

    Once alone in her hospital room, Kristina reads some texts from Kiefer and looks at a photo of them together on her phone, when Warren comes to see her. Kristina cries as he accuses her of lying about Kiefer beating her and tells her how mangled Kiefer was after Alexis ran him down. He says she is the reason Kiefer is dead. Kristina defends herself, but Warren doesn't let up on her and denies Kiefer ever hit her. Jax and Alexis walk in and Jax orders Warren out. They go out to the hallway and Jax defends Kristina saying she's not responsible for Kiefer's death. Warren wonders who is then.

    Ethan is Arrested Again.

    Wednesday, April 07 2010

    As the Bauers say a tearful goodbye to their son, Melinda sees Alexis and blames her and Kristina for Kiefer's death. She wants to talk to Kristina to know what made Kiefer go driving off into the night getting himself killed. Alexis weakly says she's sorry, but Melinda isn't consoled by that considering her 'perfect' baby is dead. Warren tells Alexis to go and she does so in tears.

    Alexis returns downstairs to find the Bauer's giving a press conference about Kiefer and that they are offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of their son's killer. Mac walks up and Alexis blames herself for not seeing the signs of abuse from Kristina earlier. Mac says he second guessed himself with Georgie, but had to accept that bad things happen no matter what. Despite what Kiefer did to Kristina, his heart goes out to the Bauers and he is looking for the driver. Alexis hates Kiefer for what he did, but she didn't wish for this. Mac tells her Kristina is going to need her to assure her this isn't her fault.

    You've Got Some Mother.

    Tuesday, April 06 2010

    Warren Bauer meets with Jax about business and then they talk about Kiefer, Kristina and the possibility of Sonny being convicted. Olivia runs up to tell Warren Kiefer was hit by a car and is on his way to the hospital.

    Kiefer is brought to the ER as Sam and Molly follow. Steve tells them Kristina was beat up again and is on another floor. Lucky comes to question Kiefer, as his parents walk in. Warren pulls Lucky out of the room yelling at him for questioning his son while he is in this condition. Lucky tells Warren Kristina was attacked again and that Kiefer has been named as her assailant.

    Meet the Bauers.

    Wednesday, March 17 2010

    Lucky asks Kiefer and his parents to the station so he can establish a time line of the night of Kristina's attack. The Bauers, who are lawyers, are resistant and dismissive, but eventually agree to cooperate. After a bit of questioning, Mac comes to them and says Mayor Floyd feels the Bauers have shown good faith by coming in and their interview is over. The Bauers are sympathetic to Kristina, but feel since her father is a mob boss, anyone could have attacked her. They leave and Lucky goes to GH. Mac sees Alexis and tells her the DNA from underneath Kristina's fingernails has come in.

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