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    General Hospital CAST - Warren Bauer

    Full detailed profile on Warren Bauer Played by Bradley Cole on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bradley Cole (ABC)
    Warren Bauer

    Actor: Bradley Cole

    Who played Warren Bauer over the years

    Bradley Cole (March 17, 2010 - July 23, 2010)

    Useful information on Warren Bauer

    * Father of Kiefer Bauer.
    * Vowed vengeance for his son's death.
    * Shot up General Hospital.


    Current: Lawyer


    Warren was the demanding father of troubled teen Kiefer Bauer. After Kiefer was run down with Alexis' car and died, Warren made it his job to seek justice. He also targeted Kristina, as he refused to believe that his son beat her. When he felt justice had not been served, Warren brought a gun to General Hospital and started shooting, hitting Mac and Ethan. As he turned his attention towards Kristina, Mac gathered enough energy and shot him in the back and killed him.


    Melinda Bauer


    Kiefer Bauer (son with Melinda Bauer) (deceased)


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    Friday, July 23 2010: Give Yourself To The Experience.

    Near the nurses' station, Warren shoots Mac and Ethan. Michael gets protective and Kristina cowers as he turns his attention to her. Before Warren can shoot Kristina, Mac garners enough strength to shoot him from behind and then falls back to the floor.

    Steve and Matt tend to Ethan and Mac respectively. Maya cowers in shock as Olivia rushes to help Steve with Ethan. Steve instructs Michael to get to the ER to tell them people have been shot and they need gurneys stat. Patrick and Carly come to the scene and tend to Warren. Carly then goes to Kristina as Warren whispers to the girl, "This is all your fault," and then dies. Michael returns with Lisa and more hospital workers. Robin and Maxie come to the shooting scene and panic over seeing Mac. Patrick consoles Robin, as Matt assures Maxie he will save Mac. Maxie follows Matt to urge him to do better than his best because Mac is the only family she has left and she needs him. Olivia gets dizzy as she talks with Steve. After Steve walks away, Maya thanks Olivia for stepping in when she couldn't. Olivia notes Ethan wasn't the first person Maya's seen get shot.

    Thursday, July 22 2010: Full Of Surprises.

    Elsewhere in the hospital, Michael attacks Warren in order to stop him from going after Kristina. Kristina runs out of the room yelling for help and Lucky, Maya, Ethan and Steve run in to pull Michael off Warren. Warren wants Michael arrested saying the attack was unprovoked. Lucky makes it clear that won't happen because no one saw anything, which makes Warren furious. Mac walks in and goes along with Lucky. Warren thinks his son is dead because of the conspiracy between cops and criminals in Port Charles and vows justice on behalf of Kiefer.

    Elizabeth comes to the hub as Nikolas, Lucky and Steve work on trying to find the baby. Nikolas urges her to go back to her room and Elizabeth leaves to check on Shirley first. Lucky and Nikolas check the hospital database for disruptions in inventory and Nikolas finds a crib in the O.R. that isn't supposed to be there. Warren walks up to the hub, pulls out a gun and shoots Mac. He then turns his attention to Michael and Kristina. Michael puts himself in front of his sister as Warren points his gun at her.

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