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    General Hospital CAST - Ronnie Dimestico - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ronnie Dimestico Played by Ronnie Marmo on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ronnie Marmo (ABC)

    Birthday: January 2
    Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Wendy Marmo
    Real Name: Ronnie Marmo


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    It’s Billable.

    Monday, May 07 2012

    Dante and McBain come up with a plan outside the Haunted Star Casino. Dante walks in with his gun drawn and Ronnie tightens his grip on Lulu. Dante puts his gun down at Ronnie's insistence and kicks it over to him. Ronnie tells Dante that his wife was a whore, no better than those girls at the club. Ronnie then tells him it was him in the parking garage, that he tried to take him out but shot at Sonny instead, setting in motion the accident that killed Cole and Hope. The girls get loose and Ronnie takes a shot. There is a shootout between McBain and Ronnie and Dante and LuLu are able to get away. Ronnie grabs Sam and holds a gun to her stomach. Sam drops to the floor and McBain fires a shot at Ronnie. Sam is holding onto him when Jason shows up.

    This Is For My Mother.

    Friday, May 04 2012

    Ronnie has LuLu and Sam tied up at an empty casino. LuLu tells him he made a mistake taking Sam because the baby's father is Jason Morgan. Sam warns him that McBain is in town with Dante. They are going to find them. Sam then remembers to herself what happened when Ronnie took her into the hotel room. Sam recommended he take LuLu to the empty casino and then shook out LuLu's purse. She had grabbed the casino matches before he tied them up and led them out. Sam dropped the matches by the door. Ronnie points the gun at the two girls and they beg him to just run and leave them. McBain and Dante show up and listen just outside. They need a plan.

    Little Girl Detective.

    Thursday, May 03 2012

    Ronnie has LuLu tied up in a hotel room. He tells her Dante isn't coming because he is locked up for beating the strippers. She screams for help before Ronnie grabs her and tells her it is her fault for snooping around. He goes to take a shower and puts on cartoons. She kicks at the remote and turns the volume way up. McBain knocks on the door and gets into it with Ronnie before Ronnie pushes him out and locks the door. Outside the door, McBain's phone rings and it is Anna. Inside the room Ronnie gives LuLu a last warning then leaves to go smooth things over at the front desk. He runs into Sam in the hallway. In the room, LuLu gets access to her cell phone and knocks down a lamp. Sam wants to check it out and Ronnie grabs her arm.

    I Will Rip Your Heart Out.

    Monday, April 30 2012

    Ronnie plays dumb when Dante confronts him about Lulu at the station. Dante accuses Ronnie of setting Eddie up and shutting Lulu up before she could get to him. Ronnie insists he's innocent. Dante grabs him, throws him against the wall and says he's not going anywhere until he tells him where his wife is. A cop walks up and Ronnie tells him Dante is the dirty cop and he has proof…boots and photos in his desk drawer. The cop pulls a gun on Dante and tells him to step back from Ronnie. Dante is handcuffed to a chair and left with Ronnie. Dante freaks out with worry for Lulu. Dante wonders what happened to make Ronnie do this. Ronnie knew Dante would put the pieces together so he needed some insurance. As he walks away, Dante swears he wil rip Ronnie's heart out if he hurts his wife. Luke shows up at the station and finds Dante handcuffed. Dante tells his father-in-law that Ronnie set him up. He tells Luke to find Lulu.

    Nothing About This Is Okay.

    Friday, April 27 2012

    Dante worries about Lulu to Ronnie at the station. He hasn't seen or heard from her. He texts her, but Ronnie secretly pulls her phone out of his pocket. Ronnie thinks Lulu is at the courthouse for Maxie and suggests he go there. Ronnie will cover for him. Dante runs out saying he owes him one. Ronnie looks at Lulu's phone and says, "Don't worry. I already collected."

    Dante returns to the station to Ronnie, who cracks jokes about Lulu's disappearance. Dante calls Luke to ask if he's talked to his daughter. Luke tells him Lulu suspects Ronnie in the stripper case. Dante hangs up and confronts Ronnie about Lulu.

    You Want To Toss Something Around?

    Monday, April 23 2012

    Ronnie approaches Lulu at the police station, as she digs for dirt on him. Luke calls to warn her away from Ronnie until she can talk to Dante. Once she hangs up, Lulu remains skittish as Ronnie thanks her for breaking the stalker case wide open. She tries to downplay her role and even Eddie's guilt, but Ronnie is certain Eddie is guilty. Ronnie gets called away, allowing Lulu to get back to work. Dante and Olivia show up. Lulu tries to talk to Dante, as Ronnie walks up to give Dante information on Steve selling organs on the black market. Olivia calls Steve, but Heather answers. She tells Olivia the Memphis police just showed up for Steve. Olivia freaks out and pleads with Dante to go to Steve's place with her. Dante asks Lulu to go to the Metro Court to fill Sonny in. Lulu leaves, as Ronnie follows.

    One Of Their Own?

    Friday, April 20 2012

    Dante and Ronnie knock on Johnny's door. They have questions about a black market organ ring they've traced to him. Johnny tells them to leave unless they have a warrant. Once they're gone, Johnny pounds on the wall in frustration. He makes a call, which leads to threats and yelling at someone on the other end. He starts tearing his living room apart as Carly arrives. She wonders what's going on. He tells her a business deal went bad and blames Sonny. Carly urges him not to seek revenge. Johnny calms down and they start kissing. They decide they should try and be happy. Carly leaves for Sonny's party.

    Back at the station, Ronnie tries to convince Dante Eddie is the guilty party in the stripper case, so the case is closed. Dante doesn't believe it because there's no solid evidence. Ronnie doesn't want Dante to let his personal relationship with Delores cloud his judgment, but declares they have each other's back like always.

    Lulu returns to the station and searches Ronnie's name on the computer. Ronnie shows up wondering if she's looking for something.

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