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    General Hospital CAST - Ronnie Dimestico

    Full detailed profile on Ronnie Dimestico Played by Ronnie Marmo on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ronnie Marmo (ABC)
    Ronnie Dimestico

    Actor: Ronnie Marmo

    Who played Ronnie Dimestico over the years

    Ronnie Marmo (July 9, 2009 - present)

    Useful information on Ronnie Dimestico

    * Police detective who went undercover with the Zacchara and Corinthos organizations to bring them down.
    * Dante's lieutenant.
    * Grew up in the same neighhborhood where Dante and Olivia lived.
    * Had a past with Franco.


    Current: Police Detective


    Ronnie grew up in Bensonhurst, where he knew Dante and Olivia Falconeri. He and Dante both became cops, with Ronnie being Dante's lieutenant, and infiltrated the Zacchara and Corinthos organizations in order to bring them down.

    As Dante grew closer to Sonny, Ronnie kept an eye on him warning him not to get too close, fearing it could lead Dante to cross a line.

    Ronnie was revealed to have had a past with Franco, as before he was accepted into the police academy he allowed Franco to take the fall for a crime he committed. He later repaid him by releasing him as a suspect on a another case, not knowing Franco was becoming a serial killer.

    After Dante was shot by Sonny, Ronnie arrested him for the murder of Claudia Zacchara.


    A wife has been alluded to by Olivia Falconeri, but nothing concrete is known.






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    Monday, May 07 2012: It’s Billable.

    Dante and McBain come up with a plan outside the Haunted Star Casino. Dante walks in with his gun drawn and Ronnie tightens his grip on Lulu. Dante puts his gun down at Ronnie's insistence and kicks it over to him. Ronnie tells Dante that his wife was a whore, no better than those girls at the club. Ronnie then tells him it was him in the parking garage, that he tried to take him out but shot at Sonny instead, setting in motion the accident that killed Cole and Hope. The girls get loose and Ronnie takes a shot. There is a shootout between McBain and Ronnie and Dante and LuLu are able to get away. Ronnie grabs Sam and holds a gun to her stomach. Sam drops to the floor and McBain fires a shot at Ronnie. Sam is holding onto him when Jason shows up.

    Friday, May 04 2012: This Is For My Mother.

    Ronnie has LuLu and Sam tied up at an empty casino. LuLu tells him he made a mistake taking Sam because the baby's father is Jason Morgan. Sam warns him that McBain is in town with Dante. They are going to find them. Sam then remembers to herself what happened when Ronnie took her into the hotel room. Sam recommended he take LuLu to the empty casino and then shook out LuLu's purse. She had grabbed the casino matches before he tied them up and led them out. Sam dropped the matches by the door. Ronnie points the gun at the two girls and they beg him to just run and leave them. McBain and Dante show up and listen just outside. They need a plan.

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