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    General Hospital CAST - Claire Walsh

    Full detailed profile on Claire Walsh Played by Dahlia Salem on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dahlia Salem (ABC)
    Claire Walsh

    Actor: Dahlia Salem

    Who played Claire Walsh over the years

    Dahlia Salem (February 24, 2010 - present)

    Useful information on Claire Walsh

    * Federal Prosecutor.
    * Brought in by Jax to prosecute Sonny for Claudia's murder.
    * Slept with Sonny.


    Current: Federal Prosecutor


    Came to Port Charles to prosecute Sonny for Claudia's murder after Jax pulled some strings to bring her in. Over the course of the trial Michael ended up confessing and going to prison for the crime. Claire agreed to arrest Jason and place him in Michael's cell in order to protect him.

    Claire remained in Port Charles as Federal Prosecutor intent on busting Sonny. Part of her plan was to flirt with him in order to get him to trust her. She fell for him though and they slept together. She recused herself from any further investigations of him and was prepared to see where things went with them. However, Brenda came to town and Sonny broke things off with Claire.




    Sonny Corinthos






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    Tuesday, July 05 2011: Threats And Confrontations.

    Carly finds a bored Michael in his office with Edward and Abby. She says this is clearly not the job for her son. After Edward subtly threatens Abby's job, Michael says he is grateful for the opportunity and will work hard at it. He and Abby leave and Carly says she won't let Edward take her son. Edward doesn't think she has a choice. He explains that he had to bring Michael back because he's lost most of the rest of his family. Carly reminds him Ned, Dillon and other Wards are still out there. Edward thinks Michael is smart and is suited to this. He then threatens that she's already lost Michael and if she's not careful, she could lose Josslyn too.

    Friday, January 21 2011: Happy Hour At Jakes.

    Claire goes to the Metro Court to give Carly some papers to look over regarding Sonny and his children. When Carly puts two and two together and realizes that she is now part of Sonny’s legal team, Claire gets defensive. Carly interrupts her and announces that she has positioned herself perfectly to pick up the pieces after Sonny’s breakup with Brenda. After Claire has left, Diane brings Carly the paperwork that she was looking for. She has found authentic records that prove that Dante gave up all parental rights to Brenda’s child. Carly can’t wait to show them to Sonny. Diane urges her to do so post haste, but Carly announces her plan to do it at the wedding where it will expose Dante and Brenda the most.

    Sonny has called Claire over to his office to help with a legal problem. Claire tells him that Diane would probably rather be the point of contact for him, but he assures her that he has already run it by Diane. He asks her if she would consider representing Dante and Brenda in their wrongful death case. Claire doesn’t see why Theo Hoffman isn’t enough. Sonny persists in asserting that they really need her help. She says that she’ll take the case and he should consider it a wedding present. Brenda arrives and Sonny tells her that Claire will be working on her legal team now.

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