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    General Hospital CAST - Steve Webber - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Steve Webber Played by Scott Reeves on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Reeves (ABC)

    Birthday: 1966-05-16
    Birthplace: Santa Monica, CA
    Marital Status: Married to Melissa Reeves (ex-Jennifer, Days of Our Lives)
    Real Name: Scott Reeves
    Height: 5'8"
    Web site:


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    Pretend To Marry A Guy Like You.

    Thursday, August 16 2012

    Michael and Carly read to Joss in her hospital room. She is feeling worse. Outside, Steve and Liz need to wait for the blood work but there is no reason to believe it is worse than a bug bite. Liz brings Joss a lollipop and she and Carly talk about Jake as they care for Joss. Carly tells her again how grateful they are. Meanwhile, Alexis wakes up in her hospital room and remembers that she used her key to get in Wyndemere and the lights were off. Then she woke up on the sofa. Suddenly, she remembers something, but then it is gone. Trey arrives and comforts Kristina while Starr comforts Michael. Michael tells Starr about Joss’ health history and is worried about Carly. They sit with Josslyn when Liz pulls Carly out to talk to Steve. Starr pulls out a stuffed animal, Fred the magic frog. Joss can talk to Fred who will send any message she has to the people she loves. She gives the frog to Joss. It is time to let go. Michael thinks she is amazing. She breaks down and he holds her. Meanwhile, Kristina wants to know what Trey wanted to talk with her about. He tells her the production company is going to sue him if they don’t deliver 10 episodes – plus a wedding. He doesn’t want to mess up what they have by rushing into a fake wedding. She wants to help. He tells her his dad is in jail. In the hall, Steve pulls Sam aside with Carly and tells them Alexis and Joss have the same condition. It is not a bug bite. It is nothing they have seen before. In fact, it is possible they have been injected with something. Jason arrives and finds out they were injected and they don’t know how to treat it. Ewen skulks off in the background.

    You Got A Boat?

    Wednesday, August 15 2012

    Carly and Jason bring Joss to the hospital. Jason waits outside while Steve takes Carly and Joss into a room. Jason fills Liz in, but she presses him when she sees how upset he is. He tells her he and Sam are divorcing. She can’t believe that is what Sam really wants but other people got in the way. Suddenly, McBain and Sam come in with Alexis. Sam tells Jason that Alexis just collapsed. John and Jason are left alone and Jason tells him about the divorce. Jason tells John that Joss has a red mark on her arm and John tells him Alexis has the same mark. Inside Joss’s room, Carly fills Steve in about how they found her outside. He wants to take blood to be sure since she has a bit of a fever. He asks how long she has been sleepwalking and she tells him it was the first time. When Steve comes out of Joss’s room Jason tells him about Alexis.

    House Of Horrors.

    Tuesday, August 14 2012

    Luke calls Anna from his hospital room. He is worried about her since he has not seen her since Heather told her Robin was alive. He does not want her to buy into her lies. Steve walks in and apologizes - If he had not signed the release papers Heather would not have been able to hurt everyone. Luke tells him Heather had an accomplice - Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. Lulu and Dante arrive and Dante tells Steve that the Memphis police will be contacting him soon. Steve understands. Luke tells Dante and Lulu about Heather’s partner. He tried to negotiate with him and for awhile he thought he might let him go when he talked about his daughter. Maybe he has a daughter too. Lulu is surprised he was thinking about her when he was tied up. Luke does not think it is sentimental to think of the people you love when you are dying. They consider who it could be and Luke tells him the guy was wearing expensive shoes.

    Relationship Suicide.

    Tuesday, August 07 2012

    In her hospital room, Steve kisses Olivia’s hand and she starts to wake up. He tells her Keenan is on his way. She calls him Steven Lars and he is shaken. Ewen comes in and asks Olivia some questions and she cries a bit as she remembers what happened. They assure her she is going to be fine. Outside, Liz asks Ewen to finish their conversation. He gets a text from Jerry telling him to keep Liz out of it. He tells Liz he could be about to commit relationship suicide, but he really cares about her and hopes they can continue to see each other. Inside, Olivia asks Liz for a mirror and she sees Heather looking back at her.

    Opposite Of Tons Of Fun.

    Wednesday, August 01 2012

    Liz and Steve go to Kelly’s for breakfast. She wants him to take a break from the hospital and assures him Ewen is going to take good care of Olivia. He just wants to be there when she wakes up. Liz has faith in Ewen and Steve wonders if things are getting serious. Patrick put things in perspective for her, how difficult every second is after losing Robin. She may have taken Ewen for granted. She is surprised Ewen even wants to try after her mixed signals.

    You Look Good Not Crazy.

    Thursday, July 26 2012

    At General Hospital, Steve looks over Olivia’s X-rays and Liz can tells he is upset. Olivia absorbed a massive amount of LSD and there is no telling how it will turn out. She is sure if anyone can pull her through it is Keenen. Steve denounces Heather as his mother – all she has ever done is use him, starting with selling him as a baby. She thinks he wanted to believe she could change. Taking responsibility for her was the biggest mistake of his life. Lulu and Patrick get off the elevator. Patrick thinks it is a mistake – he can’t do anything without Robin. He pulls her into a room and tells her he can’t do it. She tells him he will ruin his reputation if he does not get help. He will lose Emma if he keeps taking the drugs. She leaves to find Ewen.

    My Name Is Steve!

    Wednesday, July 25 2012

    Steven Lars goes to visit his mother at the station. He's not there to get her out. "I'm here to make sure you never see the light of day again," he explains. She doesn't think he can be serious. He lectures her for what she did to Olivia. "You're certifiable!" he blurts. That miffs her. He calls her a 'murderer'. He's revoking his guardianship. She's outraged at her son. "My name is Steve!" he declares, walking out. As she's taken back to the cells, Anna shows up to speak with her. She rolls up her sleeves and demands to know what Heather knows about Robin.

    Scorched Earth, Smoking Ruins.

    Tuesday, July 24 2012

    Dante fills Steve in on Heather’s misdeeds at the hospital. She was holding Luke in a shack in the woods where she buried Anthony. She hired a forger to write letters to Anna and Lulu. Steve did not know she was capable of this. Dante tells him there is something else she used the forger for – Maggie’s suicide note. The theory is Heather killed Maggie to protect him from what happened in Memphis. They are reopening the investigation. Suddenly, Luke is wheeled in. Steve asks Anna if it was Heather and she screams at him that Heather was aiming at her. Steve works on Luke in his room. Outside, Lulu comes in with Patrick and sees Dante. He tells her Luke has been shot. She rushed to his room and Anna stops her outside and fills her in. Dante approaches Patrick and tells him about Olivia. Will he look at her? Patrick tells him to find Keenan. He tells one of the nurses on duty he does not need anything else and leaves. Suddenly, Luke flat lines. Steve refuses to give up and puts the paddles to his chest. They get him back and have to get him in OR. They are hoping for the best. Anna thanks Steve and she finds out they have Heather in custody. She leaves to make sure Heather pays. Steve tells Dante he was right – Heather was his responsibility and he failed. Dante just hopes the damage is not permanent. Dante tells Lulu what happened with his mom. She is sorry they were fighting. She just wants everyone to be safe.

    Anyone Got A Plan C?

    Monday, July 23 2012

    At the hospital, Steve complains to Epiphany about Olivia’s crusade against his mother. Dante brings Olivia in and she is freaking out. He tells Steve what Heather did. Olivia grabs a scalpel and starts waving it around, then puts it to her throat. Steve talks her down and tells her the monster is gone. They subdue Olivia and take her off. Dante is livid with Steve for ignoring Olivia. He is legally responsible for Heather, a murderer, and he just defended her. Steve assures Dante Olivia will get the best care, but is unsure if that will be enough

    A Hard Day’s Night.

    Thursday, July 19 2012

    Olivia visits Steve at the hospital and tells him she spoke with Spinelli again. He is mad, but Olivia wants him to wrap his mind around other possibilities and maybe Dante can help. Now he is really mad and tells Olivia they need a break. She can’t believe it – she is trying to protect him. He tells her it is not working and has nothing else to say. Later, Olivia walks in on Heather dressed as a maid in Anna’s hotel room.

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