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    General Hospital CAST - Steve Webber - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Steve Webber Played by Scott Reeves on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Reeves (ABC)

    Birthday: 1966-05-16
    Birthplace: Santa Monica, CA
    Marital Status: Married to Melissa Reeves (ex-Jennifer, Days of Our Lives)
    Real Name: Scott Reeves
    Height: 5'8"
    Web site:


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    So Happy It Hurts.

    Monday, October 15 2012

    In the hallway Dante and Anna talk about Jason’s role in saving the baby. She does not want him getting harassed and just wants a simple statement on file. Later, Steve feels guilty for signing Heather’s paperwork and believing all of her lies. She was his responsibility and now Maggie is dead. Dante assures him Heather will never hurt anyone again. Steve is not sure. Getting caught has never stopped her before. Steve is not sure if he even wants Heather to survive the surgery.

    In This Town, Nobody Dies.

    Friday, October 12 2012

    Epiphany and Steve get Olivia to a room. Dante joins them and tells them what is happening on the roof. Steve thinks he can help talk Heather down to save Sam’s baby. Epiphany is shocked that Sam is the mother. Epiphany remembers Tea and Sam the night the babies were born.

    My Little Do Over.

    Wednesday, October 10 2012

    At home, Olivia gets Steve to wake up. She calls Dante and Steve gasps out that his mother did this to him. He tells her the baby is Sam’s and Olivia thinks he is hurt worse than she thought.

    Ellie and Spin return to the hospital and discuss their picnic. He is preoccupied by thoughts of a friend and she guesses it is Maxie. It was clear she was worried they had sexual relations - the subject came up during girl talk. He is actually worried about Sam. She tried to get info from him but he thought Jason should deliver it. Later, Ellie mentions that Maxie made it clear to her she did not want to be friends with Spin anyway. Suddenly Olivia rushes in with Steve and Dante. Steve insists again that the baby Heather has is Sam’s, not Tea’s. Spin is excited. This changes everything for Jason and Sam. Later, Ellie tells Spin that she thinks Maxie misses being friends. Spin is sure Maxie is not jealous and is glad he has opened himself up to life’s possibilities. They kiss.

    In Steve’s hospital room, Olivia realizes her vision about Heather was right and maybe they should take her visions more seriously. Sam and Jason rush in. Steve informs them that Heather is not after money- she is after a family. She was acting like the baby was her own son. But he is on medication and they need to find him soon.

    Never Count A Sociopath Out.

    Tuesday, October 09 2012

    Heather shows up at Steve’s with his new baby brother. Steve wants to call someone – Heather must realize how wrong this is. Steve wants to check the baby but she pulls away. He insists and pulls a blanket to reveal there is no baby with her at all. Heather thought it was best if they were alone for their reunion. Plus, if anything happens to her no one will see the baby again. Steve wants to give the baby back to Sam. Heather grabs her things to leave but Steve stops her. He does not want her to disappear out of his life again. Maybe they can make this work. He hugs her and begs her to take him to the baby. She asks to go freshen up first and when she steps out he calls Dante. She watches him make the call. Later, Olivia walks in and Steve is knocked out on the floor.

    Our Little Secret.

    Monday, October 08 2012

    Jason pounds on Steve’s door. He asks if Heather has been there but she hasn’t. Steve wants to know if this is about Tea’s baby. Jason confirms the switch. The baby Tea took back to Llanview is Sam’s. But now the baby is gone and so is his nanny - Heather. Steve demands Sam be told but Jason does not want her to know until the baby is safe. Steve thinks Heather could be selling the baby. Things could get dangerous. Doesn’t Sam deserve to know?

    Magical Mystery Tours.

    Friday, October 05 2012

    Olivia and Steve get home with takeout after the disastrous wedding. She is pretty sure a judge will not grant her the ability to commit Kate because of her magical mystery tours. She is worried the hallucinations will keep happening and Steve thinks maybe they are premonitions, not hallucinations. She does not want to predict the future. Although she is seeing something – the two of them in the bed together. They run off to make it come true.

    A Wedding For The Books.

    Monday, October 01 2012

    Olivia and Steve meet Dante and Lulu at The Haunted Star for the wedding. Olivia rushes off to see Kate while Lulu tells Steve that Olivia had another hallucination. Meanwhile, Max warns Milo to keep quiet with Sonny. Sonny overhears and demands to know what they are talking about. Max tells him it is a wedding surprise. Sonny does not want any surprises today. Maxie pulls Lulu aside and tells her how she went to tell Spin she loved him and saw him asking a girl out. Later, she sees Spin and Ellie together and gets upset. Alone, Spin tells Ellie about his history with Maxie but that they are over.

    Back at the party, Sonny is surprised to see Johnny and Carly. Johnny leaves to check on something in the back. Alexis arrives and Sonny reminds her he wants to keep the truth about Trey from Kate until after the wedding. Spin wonders where Jason is. Olivia pulls Steve outside and tells him that something is up with Kate and it is not good.

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