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    General Hospital CAST - Steve Webber - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Steve Webber Played by Scott Reeves on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Reeves (ABC)

    Birthday: 1966-05-16
    Birthplace: Santa Monica, CA
    Marital Status: Married to Melissa Reeves (ex-Jennifer, Days of Our Lives)
    Real Name: Scott Reeves
    Height: 5'8"
    Web site:


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    That Mean Lady.

    Tuesday, February 19 2013

    Steve and Olivia return home and notice the door is open. They see nothing wrong but are both a little jumpy. She wonders again about her vision of him with Sabrina and heads to check out the shower herself. Later, they have sex on the floor and Steve decides to take a shower. She sees Steve come stumbling out with a massive stomach wound.

    My Manifest Destiny.

    Monday, February 18 2013

    Steve and Olivia consider Heather’s possible demise by the pier. Connie comes upon the couple and wants an exclusive from Steve about Todd’s statement. He refuses, and when she learns they are going to the party she insists on going with them.

    Getting ready for the party at the Haunted Star, Starr and Lulu decide to change distributors after they try to short them five cases. Lulu thinks they will make great partners and Starr agrees. Michael arrives and tells Starr all about Todd’s arrest at the pier and his claim that John killed Heather. Dante arrives with Sonny, who he thought could maybe meet someone at the party. Lulu doubts he is ready to move on from Kate since it doesn’t look like Kate isn’t coming back. Outside, Felicia thinks about Frisco’s declaration of love. Mac can’t believe how lucky he is to have her and they start making out. Inside, Sonny refuses to tell Michael who the source of the ELQ leak was because Connie asked him not to. Steve, Olivia and Connie arrive just then. Michael believes Sonny and Connie is glad that is all cleared up. She turns to Starr and tells her now she wants back her damn boat. They fight until Sonny pulls Connie away and talks her down. She admits she is all alone. He tells her that isn’t true and kisses her. Felicia and Maxie arrive and Frisco acts surprised to see Felicia and Mac, who soon decide to go home. Felix drags Sabrina into the party, who feels compelled to tell Dante that she killed his friend but Felix stops her. Later, Maxie asks Sabrina if she is okay and Sabrina starts crying that she killed a police officer. Maxie watches her break down and later tells Frisco he is making a mistake trying to get to know her. He urges her to tell him what she did. Meanwhile, Michael gives Starr a necklace with a card that says "I love you." She is touched and they kiss. Later, Lulu finds a present under the bar she thinks is from Dante. She opens it and it appears to be a black, dead flower. He assures her it is not from him.

    A Dead Ringer.

    Wednesday, February 13 2013

    At General Hospital, Sabrina blames herself for Carlson’s death. She checked the medicine label three times and is unsure how this happened. Patrick assures her he would have died regardless but they have to talk to Dr. Webber. Britt looks on, pleased, as she gets a remorseful text from Maxie. Meanwhile, Olivia tells Steve she will feel better once they find Heather. Plus, she is still worried about her vision of Steve in the shower with Sabrina. Later, Sabrina explains her story to Steve and they wait for the autopsy results. Britt intercepts the results by flirting with the intern. When Steve gets them, they show the wrong medicine was in Carlson’s system. Steve has to write Sabrina up. Later, Olivia has a vision of Heather in scrubs. Meanwhile, Patrick catches up with Sabrina but she will not be comforted.

    Good For Both Of Us

    Tuesday, February 05 2013

    In the hospital showers, Olivia hears Steve singing and walks in to see him showering with Sabrina. Olivia asks what he is doing with her and rushes off leaving Steve confused.

    At the nurses’ station Patrick interrupts Elizabeth and Sabrina’s discussion. Liz says Sabrina has something to tell Patrick. Olivia shows up and tells Sabrina to stay away from her fiancé. Olivia argues her visions come true. Olivia is mad and asks what they know when they smirk at her. Steve confesses Sabrina has a crush on him. Olivia gets upset. Patrick tries to calm everyone down. Sabrina says she is not interested in Steve. Patrick apologizes to Sabrina for what happened with Britt. He says he will not be having anymore relationships at work and thanks her for being there for Emma. He leaves and Liz says that must have been hard for Sabrina to hear but Sabrina understands him. Patrick bumps into Britt at the elevators. She apologizes and claims she will not make it difficult for them to work together. He leaves. Britt turns to the nurses’ station and plots revenge on Sabrina.

    Back in the doctors’ locker room Steve and Olivia discuss what happened. Steve finishes up dressing and Olivia sees Heather coming out of the showers. She tells Steve and asks if she is really locked away safe at Ferncliff.

    A Personal Question.

    Monday, January 28 2013

    Felix swoops in on Liz and Sabrina at the nurses’ station to take them out for drinks and won’t take no for an answer. In her room, Ellie gets her release instructions. Steve overhears her need for a home health care aid and is confused since she has Spin. She is surprised to hear he has been calling every hour to checkup on her. Steve tells her that he is glad Olivia forgave his mistake of kissing Maggie or they would be missing out on their current love. He made it his mission to prove he loved her now they are stronger than ever. She is not sure every relationship will have the same positive outcome. He releases her for tomorrow if she has someone to pick her up. She checks her phone – Spin has called her 23 times.

    Subject To Interpretation.

    Wednesday, January 23 2013

    Dante and Lulu overhear Britt at the hospital and wonder what Maxie needs to tell them. Maxie insists she is fine but acts very strange. Steve suggests they ask Britt. Maxie glares at her."There is nothing wrong with this baby," Britt says. Suddenly, Olivia sees Maxie holding the dog again and tries to describe what it looks like. Maxie spots Spin and realizes Olivia is seeing a jackal. She tells Lulu she is coming off like a paranoid control freak and Lulu agrees to be more rational. Britt looks concerned and later Maxie insists that passing off the baby as Dante and Lulu’s is for the best – provided Britt keeps her mouth shut.

    All Drunk And Stabby.

    Tuesday, January 15 2013

    Felix is late meeting Sabrina at the nurse’s station, but it was an emergency – Magic Milo needed a spotter at the gym! A beaten Todd is wheeled in on a stretcher and he distracts Felix enough to sneak a paper clip from his chart before they wheel him into a room. Alone, he picks his handcuffs. Outside, Michael offers to take Kristina home so Alexis can get Molly and she agrees. Steve comes out with Trey’s personal effects and Kristina takes them. Meanwhile, Sabrina runs into Starr and tells her about Todd. Starr goes into Todd’s room and berates him for betraying her trust. He is sure to tell her he loves her anyway before she stomps off. Steve returns and tells Todd there was no lasting damage so he can go back to jail soon. Todd thanks ‘Dr. Drake’ so Steve orders a CT scan to determine if he is lying. After Steve leaves, Diane catches Todd picking his cuffs and warns him that if he leaves he will lose Carly and Starr – and her.

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