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    General Hospital CAST - Steve Webber - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Steve Webber Played by Scott Reeves on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Reeves (ABC)

    Birthday: 1966-05-16
    Birthplace: Santa Monica, CA
    Marital Status: Married to Melissa Reeves (ex-Jennifer, Days of Our Lives)
    Real Name: Scott Reeves
    Height: 5'8"
    Web site:


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    A BLT At Kelly’s.

    Monday, June 11 2012

    At the hospital, Heather looks over the DNA results and pats herself on the back. Steve walks up and asks what she is holding. She brushes it off as nothing and asks how his day is. He has bad news. Sam lost her baby. She wonders why that is bad news and he is shocked she does not find it sad. She read in the paper the baby is Franco’s, but he assures her Sam loved the bay no matter who the dad was. He has a lunch break coming up and wants her to wait for him. Maybe they can get BLTs. He leaves and she pulls out the results to look at them again. Heather wanders around the hospital, remembering when she made the switch. Steve comes back and she tells him she wishes there was something she could do to make it up to Sam.

    In her hospital room, Jason tells Sam it was not fair for him to shut her out, and that is why he came to the motel. She accuses him of lying because she knows he had John beat up. He admits it, but he had to get John out of the way. She informs Jason that their problem was not John, it was his inability to love the baby. Her son is dead and it is Jason’s fault. He apologizes but she does not think he is sorry. Didn’t he think she had doubts? She was the one who was raped. All that mattered to her was that she was finally going to be a mom and he wanted her to give the baby away. Now he got what he wanted. She tells him they can’t go back and what they had was broken. He tells her he is not giving up but she screams for him to leave. He pulls the dragon out of his pocket and places it on her tray before leaving. Heather comes in and hopes Sam can be comforted by the fact her baby is in a better place.

    How Can I Be Okay?

    Thursday, June 07 2012

    In her room, Téa asks to see her baby. Todd tells her the baby is dead. She accuses him of killing her baby. Todd wakes up – it was a dream. Téa is holding the baby and is so happy right now. Steve comes in and tells them they can be discharged today. However, the baby has a potentially serious blood disorder, common with people of Italian or Greek ancestry. She is confused because she is 100 percent Puerto Rican. If she stays one more day in Port Charles, they can order the tests so she can know right away. Todd tells her he has a plane at PC airport and they can do the tests in Llanview. She agrees and he leaves to get a car.

    You'll Never Know The Difference.

    Tuesday, June 05 2012

    Todd brings Tea into the hospital and tells Steve how she had her baby on the side of the road. Tea thanks Todd for saving her son, who'd stopped breathing. Steve notes the baby's good health and wonders if Todd pulled this miracle off himself. Tea talks about the woman in the woods who helped Todd revive him and allows them to take the baby to the nursery. She cries to Todd, "I can't believe my baby is alive thanks to you." Todd thinks back to the baby switch and says, "Delgado, there's something I need to tell you." Tea interrupts, as does Todd's cell. He takes a call from Starr and slips that Tea had her baby. After he hangs up, Todd overhears Tea calling Dani. Tea hangs up and relays Dani's thanks to Todd for taking care of her and the baby. The baby is brought back in. Tea wonders what Todd was going to tell her. Starr rushes in, gushes over the baby and hears that Todd delivered him. All Todd wanted to tell Tea was that he's happy for her. Tea still can't figure out who her baby looks like… her or Victor. Later, Starr demands Todd tell her what he knows about who caused Cole and Hope's death. "Kate Howard," Todd replies.

    Olivia finds Heather gone at home. On Olivia's way out, Heather appears, claiming she went to Kelly's and took Olivia's car. When Olivia says Kelly's has been closed for hours, Heather backtracks. Over talk of Jason and Sam, Olivia bashes Franco and the pain he's caused. Heather grabs Olivia and warns her to never talk bad about Franco. Olivia pushes Heather off and listens as she talks about admiring Franco. She warns Olivia will learn like Sam did. "What's that supposed to mean?" Olivia asks. Heather continues to rant about Sam and how Jason left her because of her typical tryst with Franco. Olivia objects. It was rape! Steve rushes in. He got Olivia's message. Heather says they had a misunderstanding. Steve talks about the baby born and how a woman in the woods helped save it. Heather comments on people being in the right place when others are in need.

    A Cadaver We Have To Stash.

    Thursday, May 24 2012

    Heather approaches Sam at Shawn’s and lets Sam know that some people will shun the baby, but she won’t. Steve walks in and wonders what is going on so Sam tells him they were talking about how the baby would make them one big happy family. He leaves and Sam informs her that Jason is telling the Quartermaines everything. She wonders how well Steve will take the news that Heather sold Franco. Heather tells Sam that she will regret not delivering the letter she gave her for Steven. She and Steven leave, then Jason shows up. he lets her know he spoke with Monica and Sam assures him she will make sure they will have a relationship with the baby if they want. She asks Jason if he wants to join her at Lamaze.

    Picture Of Domestic Bliss.

    Monday, May 14 2012

    Heather calls Luke from the hospital and wants to celebrate but he hangs up on her. She calls back but he doesn't answer. She wants to hear all about LuLu and tell him everything she did to help Steve. Olivia walks up and wants to know exactly what Heather did to help Steve. She tells her she prayed for him. He comes out and Heather hugs him. He still can't get over Maggie and Heather wants to chalk it up as a miracle but Olivia wonders otherwise. Steve is devastated and Heather wants to lighten the mood by getting a BLT and celebrating his freedom.

    Crank Up The Heat.

    Friday, May 11 2012

    Maggie is brought into the hospital on a stretcher and she sees Olivia, Steve and Heather. They are told it was an OD. Steve doesn't believe it but the medics show him the pill bottle. Olivia stops Heather from entering the room they wheel Maggie in and tells her to start praying. Heather accuses Olivia of wanting Maggie to die. She rips open the curtain and Heather looks into the room. Steve works furiously on Maggie but she flat lines anyway. They call time of death at 3:26 PM. Heather is ecstatic. Olivia holds onto Steve as he wonders why Maggie would take those pills. Heather pulls out a letter from her purse and approaches a nurse to get Steve's mail. Heather inserts the letter and hands Steve the mail. They read the letter and confesses to the murder. They wheel out the body.

    Johnny defends Starr to Delores in the station hallway and she tells him Starr is old enough to know it is a crime to point a gun at someone. He tells Delores the gun never left his house but she tells him Michael made a statement that contradicts that. He says it is hearsay and encourages her to lose the gun and threatens to blackmail her for leaking information. Starr approaches Johnny and Tea and Delores speak in Spanish. They leave and Delores thinks Johnny cares about Starr and Johnny tells her he warned her.

    I Don’t Want Your Stupid Flowers.

    Thursday, May 10 2012

    Heather remembers poisoning Maggie at Steve's place when Olivia walks in. She tells Heather she is going to Memphis to bail out Steve but Heather tells her it will be a waste of money. She wouldn't be surprised if Steve walks in free as a bird when he does. Olivia hugs Steve and he tells them all of the charges were dropped because of a confession from Maggie. They are confused, but Heather wants to celebrate. She thinks it is a shame Maggie tarnished his name and is glad she is out of the picture. Olivia wonders what she means and Heather brushes it off, then goes to freshen up. They vow to figure out why Maggie confessed as Heather eavesdrops. They find out Maggie has been rushed to the hospital, but she is alive.

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