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    General Hospital CAST - Franco (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Franco (Past) Played by James Franco on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Franco (Ivan Nikolov/

    Birthday: 1978-04-19
    Birthplace: Palo Alto, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: James Franco
    Height: 5'10"


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    The Perfect Out.

    Friday, December 04 2009

    Jason goes to the loft Spinelli tracked down and looks around, as Franco watches from the shadows.

    Stray Cat Strut.

    Wednesday, December 02 2009

    At his loft, Franco takes a paint gun and shoots at photos of Sam, Carly, Sonny, Michael, Morgan, Spinelli and ultimately, Jason.


    Monday, November 30 2009

    In his loft, Franco gets upset looking at the photos he took of Maxie and starts smashing things as the woman who shaved him enters. He looks at her and says, "Next time, knock." She looks at the photos and he grabs them out of her hand calling Maxie a means to an end because she is connected to an artist he has come to admire. He then refers to Maxie as bait. As he works, he tells the woman Jason wouldn't meet him. She wonders why they need him and Franco says what she needs is a mystery to him. She starts to unbutton her shirt and he rips it off. He says, "Let's get this over with," because he's expecting company and they kiss.

    What Could Be Worse?

    Tuesday, November 24 2009

    In his studio, Maxie blindfolds Franco, spins him around and tells him to explore. Franco cautiously walks around, bumps into Maxie, grabs her and takes off his blindfold. He opens a bottle of champagne and they discuss art and a woman from his past who was murdered. He describes the crime scene, but Maxie doesn't buy it and accuses him of making it up. He tells her he makes everything up. Maxie thinks he's laughing at everyone and wonders why he makes art. He says he just likes it and loves that he gets paid a fortune for doing what he does for free. He tells her the secret to life is that anyone can die at anytime so they have to amuse themselves and not live by rules or boundaries. He says to take what you want and kisses her. They talk about Spinelli and she tells him she couldn't go through with marrying him and he wonders if she thought life had more to offer. He kisses her again, but she pulls away. He assures her he's not looking for a commitment and her boyfriend never has to know. Maxie says she would know and Franco mocks and questions her. He thinks she is trying to reconcile who she is with who she thinks she is. Maxie continues to put him off, so he tells her he'll take her back to the gallery, but she makes it clear that's not what she wants. She doesn't need anyone telling her how to live – maybe she doesn’t want to leave, maybe she's as adventurous as he is and as open to experimenting. She rips his shirt off and they start to make out as he takes off her clothes. Afterwards, Franco takes Maxie back in the limo to her apartment and tells her he will have a hard time getting her out of his mind. They get out, she thanks him and he kisses her. She backs away and tells him he is very talented. He leaves and Maxie yells out, "Wait, I didn't get you to agree to the shoot!"

    What Makes This Art?

    Monday, November 23 2009

    Maxie finds Franco sitting in his bedroom exhibit, but doesn’t realize he's the artist. After she prattles on about how freaked out she is and all the rumors she's heard about him, he tells her he is in fact Franco. She doesn't believe him so to prove it he spray paints the wall. Luke walks in and flippantly insults him, so Franco challenges him to do better. Luke sprays tic tac toe on the wall and, as a freaked out Maxie runs out to meet with Kate, banters with Franco, who tells him art is like a mirror, it's pretty clear what you see. Luke doesn't have a problem with violence, but he doesn't think Franco knows the first thing about it. Max and Milo walk in and speculate on how the person died in the exhibit. Franco explains his vision and Luke takes a couple more jabs at him before leaving the room.

    Maxie returns to Franco at the bedroom exhibit who tells her she has the look of an artist and that she sees things others can't. She asks him about designing a fashion shoot and then Sonny walks up who likes the exhibit. He thinks it looks real and assumes a lot of research goes into something like that. He warns Franco about not knowing what's real and what's imagined before leaving. Jason and Sam walk in and Franco wants an introduction. He tells Maxie to make it happen. Maxie walks over to them and pleads with Jason to meet with Franco because her career depends on this. Jason says no. Maxie tells Franco Jason is too intimidated and Franco wants to leave and tells her to come with him. As they walk out, Franco stops and waves to Jason like he did after the shootout. Jason urgently goes to find Spinelli and tells him they have to go now.

    In a limo, Franco gives Maxie a red scarf to put over her eyes because he can't have her telling everyone how to get to his studio. When she balks, he threatens to kick her out of the limo and tells her to have a good career. Maxie relents and puts the scarf over her eyes. They come to the gallery and he encourages her to use her senses to explore the gallery while still blindfolded, or else he will call a cab and she can leave. Maxie is creeped out and he says he will take off the blindfold and they can have a normal conversation after she does one more thing for him. He lays her on the ground and she nervously tells him about Mac and who her boyfriend works for. He assures her nothing will happen to her and takes photos of her in a chalk outline. As she lies there blindfolded, Franco urges Maxie to use what she knows to figure out where she's laying. She realizes she's in a chalk outline, jumps up and slaps him calling him a 'sick freak'. She tells him her sister was murdered and calls it cruel. Franco apologizes, but blames it on his artistic sensibility. He offers to call her a cab and she looks around thinking his studio is kind of amazing. She softens towards him and asks him to show her around, but gives him the blindfold to put on himself first.

    They're Expecting Me.

    Friday, November 20 2009

    As Max and Milo pull up to the meeting with Dominic, Jason and Sonny, the mystery man watches as Dominic grabs Sonny to protect him as shots are fired. Dominic gets the keys to the car and after Jason seemingly wipes everyone out, drives Sonny, Max, Milo and Jason away as the mystery man waves goodbye to them. Jason wants Dominic to take them as far from the scene as possible and says a homeless guy was watching as they drove off.

    Back at the scene of the crime, the mystery man puts his foot on a still breathing Joey Limbo's throat until he isn't breathing any longer. He then arranges Joey's body in a different position and throws the quarter Joey gave him earlier down, saying, "Keep the change."

    The mystery guy goes to his loft, makes a call and says, "I need you." He gets out a drop cloth and a razor and a woman comes over to shave him. When she's done, the now cleaned up mystery man buttons up his nice shirt, kisses her and then leaves because, "They're expecting me."

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