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    General Hospital CAST - Franco (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Franco (Past) Played by James Franco on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Franco (Ivan Nikolov/

    Birthday: 1978-04-19
    Birthplace: Palo Alto, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: James Franco
    Height: 5'10"


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    A Busy Day at the Tree Lot.

    Monday, December 21 2009

    Franco walks in the restaurant and says he has a package for Jason – one that he won't want to miss.

    Rightly So Serpico.

    Friday, December 18 2009

    Ronnie comes upon Franco who is spraying graffiti and it's clear they know each other and have an arrangement. It seems Ronnie busted him for a crime he didn't commit (giving him the C077X booking number), but then later let him go on a murder case. Ronnie has to live with what he's done, but what Franco has planned scares him. Franco responds, "Rightly so Serpico." They discuss Franco's recent activities and Franco warns him if he busts him, his cover with the mob will be blown. He threatens Ronnie instructing him to keep his eyes open because he never knows what could sneak up on him.

    At the Christmas tree lot, Lulu tries to talk some sense into Maxie regarding Spinelli, but Maxie just needs it all to blow over, which means she needs Spinelli to sleep with someone. Lulu wonders what happens if he actually likes the person he cheats with. Maxie is outraged at the possibility and Lulu suggests she let things play out naturally. Maxie doesn’t want to get old waiting like Lulu, suggesting she embrace her feelings for Dominic. Lulu later runs into Carly and Josslyn and learns her cousin is working on forgiving Jax. Carly says she doesn't like secrets between them and hopes Jax doesn't keep any more. As Carly looks around the lot with her daughter, Franco bumps into her and they both lay claim to the same tree.

    The Little Picture.

    Thursday, December 17 2009

    Franco enters his studio and pulls a diamond bracelet out of a bag.

    Sending a Message.

    Monday, December 14 2009

    Jason continues to get information from Franco in his studio, about the night Claudia was killed. Franco lets him know he saw everything and Jason angrily asks what he wants. Franco says, "I just got it." Franco wants to know why Michael is so important to him and why he feels the need to protect him. He calls Jason a genius and wants him to acknowledge that, saying killing is not a bad thing. Franco urges Jason to clean up the Front Street mess by killing him. He wants Jason to own who he is and asks if he's had his fix today. Jason wonders if he wants him to get caught and Franco suggests Jason lure him to a place that isn't associated with either of them. He insists he doesn't have a death wish, at least not for himself. Jason will keep that in mind and leaves.

    Spinelli goes to Franco's studio and gets freaked out when the artist picks up a razor, saying he needs to send a message and he is it. Franco angrily works on a canvas as Spinelli tries to help him understand why Jason rebuffed him. Spinelli tries to leave, but Franco tells him he wanted Maxie for the same reason he wants him: to send a message to Jason. He wants Spinelli to tell Jason next time he needs to show a little respect. After Spinelli leaves, Franco gets a call from his manager to come back to Paris with her before he does something she can't fix. He tells her Jason doesn’t want to play, so he had to make some new friends to get him to, as he burns a photo of Jason.

    We Have to Talk.

    Friday, December 11 2009

    At his studio, Franco excitedly offers Jason refreshments, but Jason has no time for this. He asks why he set him up to find him and Franco responds, "Why the hell not?" Franco goes through Jason's history of violence and Jason wonders how long they are going to play games. Franco thinks they are the same and should compare notes, but Jason doesn't think so. Franco gets mad when he thinks Jason is patronizing him, but then believes Jason is just testing him. Jason looks around the studio and wonders what Franco meant by them being the same. Franco says they are both psychopaths, they are both obsessed with death and they are both artists. Franco tries to convince a disbelieving Jason of his point and brings up Claudia and the front street shootout. Jason wonders why he killed Joey Limbo and he tells him he was cleaning up his mess, but then wonders if Jason left Joey for him to finish so they could work together. He thanks Jason and wants them to team up. Jason works alone and asks Franco what he saw regarding Claudia. Franco tells him if he wants answers he has to play nice. Franco angrily puts away his snacks and gets upset Jason didn’t feel his presence at the cabin or on Front Street. He gets more upset, calling Jason's work sloppy and says he expected more from him. Franco asks about Michael, indicating he knows he killed Claudia.

    Can I Call You Jason?

    Thursday, December 10 2009

    Franco sets out some snacks and drinks in his loft and lights a candle, but then thinks better of it and blows it out. As he tends to his Jason Morgan shrine, his phone rings, but instead of answering it, he shoots at it.

    Jason goes to Franco's studio with his gun drawn and sees the board with all the articles and photos of him, including one of Jason standing over Claudia's bagged up body. Franco comes up behind him and excitedly welcomes him. He teases Jason that he was a little slow picking up the hints and extends his hand. He says it's a privilege and asks if he can call him Jason.


    Monday, December 07 2009

    As Franco watches, Jason looks around his studio and calls Sam to meet him there. They are both disturbed by his art and Jason shows her the clothes Franco wore as the homeless guy. Sam thinks Franco wanted him to know it and Jason believes Franco was the one who sent him the photo of Claudia's dead body. Sam suggests Jason take control of the situation back from Franco and they decide to go through the entire studio one section at a time. As they go through Franco's things they realize Franco killed Joey and is using death as art. Jason plans to wait for Franco until he gets back and asks Sam to check the neighborhood to see when was the last time anyone saw him. He tells her this is obviously about him and he needs to face Franco alone. Sam asks him to be careful and he says, "Always," and kisses her before she leaves. Jason pulls his gun, turns out the lights and waits. He hears someone trying to enter the studio and raises his gun.

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