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    General Hospital CAST - Franco (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Franco (Past) Played by James Franco on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Franco (Ivan Nikolov/

    Birthday: 1978-04-19
    Birthplace: Palo Alto, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: James Franco
    Height: 5'10"


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    Special Delivery.

    Tuesday, July 13 2010

    Franco comes to Jake's and hands Coleman a stack of cash. He wants Coleman to book a performance artist for one night only. Coleman looks at the money and says, "Done." Once Franco has left, Matt and Maxie arrive and banter at a table over drinks. They discuss music and Matt notes it's nice to have a real conversation with her. He asks what's really going on with her and she tells him she's been unsure of things recently. She's not sure how to be really happy and he admits he's been there. Coleman gets on stage to announce the special performance coming later that night. Maya walks in and sits at the bar. She asks Coleman if he's a reckless guy who likes to take big risks. Coleman says he's the guy who consoles the hot widows of those dudes. Brook arrives and learns of the guest performer. Lulu is next to walk in and tells Maxie how jealous Spinelli is, which makes her happy, which in turn annoys Matt. Dante and Jason then enter. Lulu goes over to her man, as Ethan walks in, which Maya takes note of. Coleman then introduces Kalup Ishmael to the stage.

    Sam prepares her evening with Jason as Franco comes to the door with her delivery.

    Kill Him With a Pen.

    Monday, July 12 2010

    In the park, Jax threatens to kill Franco if he doesn't get away from Josslyn. Franco doesn’t budge and even gives Josslyn one of his toy monkeys. Jax calls the cops so Franco takes his monkey and leaves.

    Franco goes back to his house and paints C077X all over his walls.

    A Cassadine First.

    Friday, July 09 2010

    Franco comes to his mansion on Country Road 66 and meets with Wilhelm, who Franco wants to manage his next show. Franco says he is putting the finishing touches on his exhibit. Once alone, Franco looks over photos of the women in Port Charles and wonders who will be the lucky winner.

    Lulu finds Jax and Josslyn in the park, as Franco watches them. After a quick visit, Lulu has to get back to work and leaves. Jax puts his daughter in her stroller and starts to pack up Josslyn's things. He panics when he hears Franco's voice and sees him next to Josslyn.

    Skilled Liar.

    Wednesday, July 07 2010

    In her cabin, Franco's mother worries about him, but he assures her he's done nothing wrong. He tells her the cops probably won't bother her again and that it will be over soon because he's finally at the culmination of everything he's been working for.

    At the Metro Court, Jax plays along and kisses Skye, knowing Carly is watching. Carly walks over pretending not to be fazed. After they chat and Carly leaves, Jax thinks she really didn't care, but Skye knows better. Over at the bar, Olivia talks to Carly about work and gets yelled at, but she knows Carly is upset about Skye and not the hotel. Later, Jax and Carly discuss Morgan's adoption and she assures him she doesn’t want to back out of it. Carly then wonders if he got the divorce papers in the mail. Across the way, Olivia gets a call from Johnny who tells her Sonny tried to kill him. Once the restaurant is closed, Jax and Carly banter and then further discuss their divorce. She thinks he will be happy to have this behind him, but he just wants what she wants. Jax leaves and Franco makes his presence known to Carly. He tells her he came to apologize and says he would never harm her family, especially her daughter. She responds she will kill him if he threatens her family. He brings up Michael and tells her he was quite the prize in prison, but thank God he's out now and everyone is home safe.


    Tuesday, July 06 2010

    After Franco creeps Maxie out at Crimson, she goes to see Spinelli at the penthouse who thinks he has a lead on the artist. She wonders where Jason is and when he'll be back. Spinelli thinks they should take advantage of the fact that they are alone. Maxie wants him to focus on finding Franco, but Spinelli wants to drag his feet on it so Jason will stay out of prison longer. Maxie thinks he needs to focus on Franco anyway and find him before he targets his next victim. Spinelli vows to keep her safe, as Jason and Dante return saying they got nowhere with Karen. Maxie blurts out she just saw Franco.

    Franco comes to the cabin to see Karen, calling her mom. She hugs her son, but asks what he's done now.

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