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    General Hospital CAST - Franco (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Franco (Past) Played by James Franco on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Franco (Ivan Nikolov/

    Birthday: 1978-04-19
    Birthplace: Palo Alto, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: James Franco
    Height: 5'10"


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    Full Of Surprises.

    Thursday, July 22 2010

    Franco watches from the shadows of the museum as Jason and Dante realize his exhibit involves exact replicas of places and things in Port Charles. They find a laptop and watch a video of Carter in prison, asking Franco what he wants him to do to Michael. After they go over the plan on the video, Jason throws the laptop across the room in rage. Dante chastises him for destroying evidence linking Carter to Franco, but Jason makes it clear no one will ever know about what happened to Michael. He grows more furious with Dante for putting the wheels of events regarding Michael in motion. He grabs him and says he should kill him. Dante reminds him that is the reaction Franco wants him to have by letting him know he is the one who unleashed Carter on Michael. Jason thinks they are wasting time and storms out of the room. Dante follows and then gives Jason a gun because they have to do whatever it takes to take down Franco.

    In another part of the museum, Franco and Wilhelm discuss the exhibit and Franco says he wants the night to be spontaneous because he is nothing if not full of surprises. He indicates he will be blowing the exhibit sky high and after this performance, Wilhelm will be the toast of the art world. Wilhelm leaves, as Franco goes to oversee the last minute touches on his exhibit.

    Jason and Dante come to the exhibit, which is filled with scenes from Franco's previous crimes and appearances in Port Charles. Franco welcomes everyone, especially Jason, to the exhibit on the monitor and says one among them will not survive. Video of Jason from Franco's loft then plays as Franco secretly laughs as he watches Jason in the crowd.

    Franco appears on the hospital monitors at the hospital, as Nikolas and Lucky find Aiden's empty crib. He says, "Welcome to Franco's Funhouse."

    Live Each Day Like It Is Your Last.

    Monday, July 19 2010

    Alone, Franco watches a video of him talking to Jason about his art of death and killing. He smiles as he watches the twisted faceoff.

    Big Messes.

    Friday, July 16 2010

    At Crimson, Franco wonders to Lulu why there's no security around her considering he kidnapped her last time. He's feeling a little ignored and asks her who he has to kill to get a little attention. She tries to secretly call for help on her cell phone, but he sees her and implies he'll kill her before anyone can get to her. She puts her phone down and he hands her an envelope to give to Dante. Maxie and Lucky come to Crimson after the concert in the park and find no one is there. Maxie thinks he's anxious to get to the hospital, knowing Elizabeth is about to give birth. Lucky denies it, but she tells him he can be honest with her. He wants happiness for both him and Elizabeth, but he and Liz stopped making each other happy a long time ago.

    Franco tells someone on the phone that the exhibit and glass cases need to be transported. He thinks Mr. Morgan in particular will get a kick out of it.

    No Time For Heartbreak.

    Thursday, July 15 2010

    Dante and Lulu come to Crimson where Maxie has been waiting. Maxie says Dante will be in the way because they have a lot of work to do and Lulu convinces Dante to leave. Maxie and Lulu talk about Spinelli, but when she feels she's being judged, Maxie leaves to talk to Robin. Once alone, Lulu receives a visit from Franco.

    Raising the Dead.

    Wednesday, July 14 2010

    Sam pulls a gun on Franco as he brings her delivery into the penthouse. Franco reminds her if she kills him Jason will go back to prison and the longer he's free the longer she has to enjoy Jason. She orders him out and he obliges, but not before he says, "Just tell Jason I'll make it easy." Jason comes home and finds a shaken Sam who catches him up on what just happened. She's upset she let a serial killer go so Jason wouldn't go back to jail. She thinks it will be on her if he hurts someone else. She thinks Jason should be out looking for Franco, but Jason says they have to wait until he makes his next move. Besides, he wants to spend time with her.

    Kalup meets with Franco outside where Franco asks him to sing another song for him. This time it has to be sad and haunting though because they are going to raise the dead.

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