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    General Hospital CAST - Franco (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Franco (Past) Played by James Franco on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Franco (Ivan Nikolov/

    Birthday: 1978-04-19
    Birthplace: Palo Alto, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: James Franco
    Height: 5'10"


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    When Will The Violence End?

    Monday, February 28 2011

    At the hospital, Jason tries to follow Sam into an exam room, but Steve tells him to give them a minute. Robin and Patrick arrive and tell Jason they will do everything they can for Sam. Michael and Abby show up to sit with Jason. Olivia runs up to make sure Dante wasn't hurt in the bombing. Jax and Alexis enter and Jason updates her on what happened. He thinks the Balkan had another guy at the reception who put Sam in the limo, but the bomb proofing saved her. Robin and Patrick exit Sam's room and tell an anxious Alexis and Jason that there is no extensive damage. Alexis races to an unconscious Sam's side and urges her to open her eyes. In the waiting area, Michael gets a call from Morgan, who wants his brother to pick him up. He and Abby leave, as Olivia sits with a rattled Jax, who wonders when this unnecessary violence will end. Sonny calls Jason for an update on Sam. Jason also tells Sonny Shawn is at Carly's house, as Suzanne arrives and overhears. Jax sees her and tells Suzanne Brenda wasn't in the limo when it exploded. He adds the Balkan probably pulled a switch so Brenda could still be alive. Suzanne makes a call and tells someone to be prepared to move at a moment's notice. Jason gets a call from Franco, who says he will be home soon and this time he's bringing a present. After they hang up, Robin tells Jason Sam is waking up. He rushes to her side and talks to Sam as she opens her eyes, but she can't hear him.

    Did You Miss Me?

    Friday, February 25 2011

    Jason shows up at the pavilion as Lulu tells Dante she came back to see him. She realized she was giving up on them because she was afraid of getting hurt. She notes how stupid it was because she's happiest when she's with him. Across the way, Jason tells Sonny Theo is the Balkan, as a firefighter tells them they need to cut the car open to remove the body. Jason wants Luke to take Sonny home, but Sonny won't leave without his wife. Jax and Alexis show up. Jax rails at Sonny, blaming him for Lily and Brenda's deaths. He urges him to make things right by shooting himself in the head. Michael tries to get Jax to back off, but Jax yells out, "How many people have to die?" Jax backs off and Alexis apologizes to Sonny. She assures him she'll take care of the kids. Edward shows up and talks with Michael and Abby. He talks about how wonderful Brenda was. He advises Abby not to let love pass her by no matter what people think. Robin and Patrick walk back outside. Robin assures Sonny Brenda wanted to marry her and nothing could have stopped her from walking down the aisle. Jason tells Luke this doesn't make sense, because Theo had plenty of other opportunities to kill Brenda and didn't. Luke thinks this caused the most damage. Jason gets a call. When he answers he hears, Franco say, "Did you miss me?" Franco tells Jason they will be together soon and for him to keep a light on for him. He adds, "I trust you enjoyed the fireworks." Jason returns to Sonny, as the body is taken out of the car. Sonny wants to see her. As he uncovers her face, they see that the body brought out is actually Sam. Jason looks devastated.

    Let It Go.

    Monday, August 02 2010

    At her new house, Karen agrees to take the baby Franco gave her. Franco tells his mother he has to go because he has found inspiration on a whole new series of art. After he's left, Karen tells the baby, who she named Pablo, that Oregon is already starting to feel like home.

    On the plane, Franco tells someone on the phone he's been inspired to go in a whole new direction. He says his next piece requires a special model, as he looks at a photo of Brenda in a magazine.

    Proceed At Your Own Risk.

    Friday, July 30 2010

    At Karen's, Franco tells his mother the baby is for her because he didn't want her to be lonely in her new house and new town. Franco goes out shopping for the baby and when he returns, Karen wonders why he's doing all this. He knows he was a difficult son and he didn't want her to be alone because he has to go away for a while. He calls the baby a second chance for her to have a better son who she can love and who loves her back. He gives her papers his lawyers drew up making the baby legally hers. She wonders if he hurt anyone to get the baby. He says it's a gift of love and all she has to do is say yes and the baby is hers.

    May We Come In?

    Thursday, July 29 2010

    Franco brings a baby to a house his mother Karen is in and says, "May we come in?"

    Give Yourself To The Experience.

    Friday, July 23 2010

    Nikolas, Lucky and Maxie see Franco's video in the hospital who tells them to give themselves over to the experience. He adds they have no choice if they want to find the baby. Franco mentions the number 66 and Nikolas realizes his son's ID bracelet included the number 66 and that's why Franco took him.

    Elizabeth finds Nikolas and Lucky and watches the video of Franco with them. She's not sure what his cryptic comments mean and wonders what he's done with her son. Lucky says they need to figure out what they do know and thinks they need to find anything in the hospital with the number 66 on it. Nikolas tells Elizabeth they can handle it if she wants to go sit with Shirley. She lets him know Shirley is gone, but hopes she's looking over Aiden until they can find him.

    In L.A., Jason and Dante peruse Franco's exhibit and run into the museum curator who is with Kalup. Dante and the curator go to look at security footage, as Kalup tells Jason Franco is waiting for him to find him. Jason sees Franco who grabs a woman and holds a gun to her head. The crowd gathers, thinking it's all part of the show, as Franco tells Jason he can help him take a life or help him save one. Things intensify as the woman finally realizes it might not be performance art anymore. Franco mentions Michael and the prison showers. He directs Jason's attention to a video of Carter, who he says will live on through his work. Franco takes off while Jason is distracted. When Franco's cameraman privately questions Franco's actions, Franco kills him. Back in the middle of the show, Dante sees Lulu and Jason takes off after spotting Franco. Lucky calls Dante to update him on what's going on at the hospital. Lucky tells Dante Jason can't kill Franco or else they might not find the baby. After hanging up, Dante approaches Lulu wondering what she's doing there. Lulu explains she's there to protect him from Jason. She doesn't think he will do anything to Dante as long as she's there because then he'd have to answer to Carly.

    Kalup performs as Jason follows Franco into a stairwell and chases after him. Franco goes up to the roof and seemingly falls over the edge. He lies in a pool of blood on the number 66 in front of Dante, Lulu and the rest of the crowd, as Jason peers over the ledge.

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