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    General Hospital CAST - Lucas "Lucky" Lorenzo Spencer Jr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucas "Lucky" Lorenzo Spencer Jr. Played by Jonathan Jackson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jonathan Jackson (FayesVision/

    Birthday: 1982-05-11
    Birthplace: Orlando, Florida
    Marital Status: Married to Lisa Vultaggio
    Real Name: Jonathan Jackson
    Height: 5'8"
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: Nikolas tells Lucky the truth about Jake

    Tuesday, July 14 2015

    Lucky interrupts Nikolas and Laura at Wyndemere and lets them know he reunited Liz with her son. Laura leaves the two brothers to talk. Nikolas swears to Lucky that he had no idea that Jake was on the island, and Lucky believes him. Lucky talks about traveling the world to try and find himself, but he still feels broken and is in no condition to be near his kids. He says that stranger Liz is dating is probably better for his own kids than he is. Nikolas tells Lucky that he’s no stranger, and he confesses the man is Jason. He also tells him that only the two of them, Helena and Liz know. Lucky is shocked they aren’t telling him the truth, but Nikolas says Sam is with Patrick now and the Quartermaines have all recovered from Jason’s death and have moved on. He explains that Liz doesn’t want Jason to go back to his old life, which is why she isn’t telling him the truth. Lucky asks why he told him. Nikolas says if he chooses to leave this way he knows that Liz and the kids weren’t with some stranger. He tells Lucky the choice is his, and that he can choose to stay and be with Liz and the boys too. Later Laura returns and finds Lucky is gone. She asks how their talk went. Nikolas tells his mother that he was honest with Lucky and told him whatever he chooses to do that it will all be okay.

    GH Recap: Jake is reunited with Liz

    Monday, July 13 2015

    Lucky knocks on Liz's door while Jake and Luke wait in the distance. She hugs Lucky and brings him inside. He's eager to explain but she wants to bring Aiden down to see him first. The kid comes running down the stairs. He mentions Jake Doe and goes back to bed. They talk about how it's been five years since their Jake saved Joss. He says that it wasn't their son who saved her. "He's alive," he explains. This doesn't make sense to her. Lucky tells her that Helena smuggled their son away. He has the child brought in. Luke asks him to watch over Liz. Reluctantly, Jake lets her hug him. She's overwhelmed and steps outside with Lucky. They embrace. Once she regains her composure, they go back in and Lucky takes the child into the kitchen. Liz thanks Luke for bringing her son home. He admires her resilience and suggests that she never question happiness. Lucky returns and walks his father out. Luke asks him what he's afraid of. His son admits he's afraid of the darkness inside him. He's afraid that he will pass that on to his kids. Luke assures him that he won't wind up like him or Tim. If he knows there are demons stalking him, then he's already fighting them. He promises to come to his aid if he ever needs it. Lucky goes back inside. "It feels like everything is finally right," he says. She's still overwhelmed and can hardly explain how she feels.

    Laura pays her son a visit at Wyndemere. She fills him in on what happened with Luke and Lucky. Moments later, Lucky arrives.

    GH Recap: Lucky and Jake return to Port Charles

    Friday, July 10 2015

    Luke, Laura and Lucky discover Jake on Cassadine Island. Luke says that Helena claims he’s been here the whole time with a governess. They wonder if Nikolas knew, but Laura is sure he wouldn’t have kept this a secret. Luke explains that he really did hit Jake that night, and Helena was in town messing with Aiden’s paternity tests when she decided to have Jake taken. Lucky tells his parents that he had to go along with Frank’s kidnapping plan because he knew there was a chance that Jake was alive. Laura and Jake go off to talk, as she preps him for the changes that are about to happen. Meanwhile, Lucky and Luke have a long talk about their lives and the choices they’ve made. Luke tells Lucky that he was never happier than when he was with Laura and raising him. Laura returns with Jake and says she’s explained to him how they are all going to Port Charles together. Lucky tells him that he has aunts, uncles, brothers and even a mom there. Jake says he doesn’t have a mom, but Lucky tells him that he does.

    GH Recap: Lucky rescues Luke and Laura

    Monday, July 06 2015

    Lucky rushes into the warehouse and shoots Frank Smith as well as all of his thugs. Luke and Laura finish them off. Lucky's parents embrace him. They tell him about his brother getting shot. Lulu and Dillon pop up. As they share a reunion, Frank rolls over a little and tries taking a shot at Luke. Luke shoots him. Before Frank can die, he tells Luke that Lucky was in on it. Spencer shoots him again. After Lulu and Dillon depart, Luke asks his son about what Frank said. Lucky explains that he was forced to play along to protect Jake's life. "My son isn't dead," he says. Meanwhile, Lulu calls her husband to tell him what happened.

    GH Recap: Back Together.

    Friday, April 10 2015

    Lucas checks Nathan over at the hospital. They discuss their wounds and the doctor suggests a double-date. The cop tells him he broke up with Maxie. Lucas wishes they could have worked things out. Down the hall, Silas sneaks in to grab the necessary meds for Ava. Meanwhile, Nina walks into the hospital looking for Silas. She's informed that he's out of town. When she turns around, she bumps into him. She goes on about all of the vacillating feelings she had toward him. She's sane enough now to apologize. He's glad she's moving on. Before he can leave, Kiki and Morgan stroll in with CPS. Nina stares at the baby. She pays her condolences to Kiki, who warns her to stay away from the baby. After Nina says that Ava was a home-wrecker, Kiki attacks her. Nathan gets between them. Kiki gets threatening and the cop sends her away. Nina updates her brother about life with Franco. He doesn't approve. Down the hall, Silas offers to give the baby a check-up. When he's left alone with her, he takes her picture for Ava. Later, he checks in with Kiki. She asks him about his situation in the city. He's vague and she tells him what a great parent he is. While they wait for results on the baby's tests, Nina looms in the hall. Moments later, someone sneaks into the room where the child has been left alone.

    GH Recap: Prison Break.

    Thursday, January 29 2015

    At Brad's, Lucas has to push him off so they can get dressed for the party. Lucas notices his jacket is wrinkled. Brad offers to iron it and asks him to move in. He nervously tells him all the advantages there would be and then admits he loves him. Before Lucas can respond, Drake and Sam arrive. Lucas rushes off to dress. Sam spots her missing gewgaw on Brad's shelf and demands to know where he got it. Lucas comes out and says he gave it to him. He found it on the docks where Jake was found. Sam realizes that Jake must have broken into her apartment.

    GH Recap: Keys To The Coffee Kingdom.

    Thursday, January 22 2015

    In Pentonville, Fluke talks to Sonny over the phone and threatens his and Julian’s sons. Sonny warns Fluke to stay away from Michael and Lucas, but Fluke wonders what they can do about it. Sonny threatens to expose Fluke as Bill Eckert. Fluke tries to play it off that he’s not Eckert, that Eckert is dead. Sonny says they’ll see about that. Fluke tells Sonny to stay out of his business or Michael and Lucas will pay. Sonny tries to offer up his territory if it will keep Michael safe. Fluke is surprised he’s willing to had over his coffee kingdom so easily, but says he will just take what he wants now. Fluke hangs up on Sonny. Sonny tells Julian they have one option left now, to bust out.

    Lucas and Michael arrive at the docks. Michael gets a call from Luke, who asks Michael to bring Lucas and meet him at the haunted star to discuss the clinic. As Michael is on the phone, Lucas happens to find Sam’s phoenix on the ground.

    GH Recap: Double-Dipping.

    Monday, October 20 2014

    At home, Lucas cracks Bobbie up with a story of hucking Jocelyn out of her corn costume. They discuss Carly's happiness. Bobbie wants both her kids to be happy. Lucas says he is as Brad arrives. Bobbie jokes with Brad and wants to get acquainted, but Lucas says it can wait until the wedding. Brad asks, "What wedding." He and Bobbie bond over Lucas not telling them things. Lucas invites Brad to his sister's wedding, adding that everyone hates the groom. Bobbie suggests Brad help Lucas find a job at the hospital. Brad is stunned to hear Lucas has four years of medical school. Lucas doesn't want to practice medicine. Bobbie argues for it. Brad wonders why Lucas chose not to use his degree. Lucas can never measure up to Tony. Bobbie debates and protests until Lucas hollers, "Enough!" He finally agrees to talk to Dr. Obrecht so he and Brad can leave.

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