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    General Hospital CAST - Molly Lansing-Davis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Molly Lansing-Davis Played by Haley Alexis Pullos on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Daniel Tanner/

    Birthday: 1998-07-10
    Birthplace: California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Haley Alexis Pullos
    Height: 4'5"


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    GH Recap: I'm Not Ava.

    Tuesday, May 26 2015

    Outside the courtroom, TJ and Molly discuss Shawn’s situation. TJ remembers how poorly he treated Shawn when he first came to town, but he’s been a real father to him. He tells Molly his mom gave him a relationship with Shawn, and now she’s taking it away. Later, Sonny and Ric arrive, and TJ apologizes to Sonny for what his mom did to him. Sonny tells TJ today is about Shawn and they need to let him know that he’s not alone. Inside the courtroom, Sloane asks Scott to file charges against a known Jerome associate. No name is mentioned, but Scott is eager to bring this person down, so Sloane says he will bring them in. Scott feels bringing down both Butler and this other person will make it a great day. Later everyone arrives for Shawn’s arraignment. Scott is shocked to see Sonny there and warns him that he may be in for a surprise.

    GH Recap: Jake Is Jason.

    Friday, May 01 2015

    In her dressing room, Lucy freaks out about having nothing to wear. Felix tries calming her down. Meanwhile, Carly drags Pete into a supply closet. She's determined to make sure that tonight is a night Ric will never forget. She heads out to the ball room and finds the lawyer. She wishes him all the happiness in the word and they shake on it. Lucy gets up on stage to start the event. After she gives the history of the ball, the nursing staff of GH take to the stage for a musical number about raising money. Once it ends to applause, there is a small explosion and Obrecht appears. She gives her rendition of "99 Red Balloons" as she pops balloons all over the stage. Lucy huffs and puffs. There's sparse applause. Lucy ushers her off the stage. Carly nabs Spinelli and drags him to the control room. Molly heads over to Liz's table and hands her a box to open as Ric performs. Lansing comes up on stage. He talks about his year and the second chances he's received before asking Liz to open the box. It's a ring. He performs "Marry You." But as he does, Carly has a projection of Hayden and Jake's wedding photo interrupt. She jumps up, grabs the microphone and calls Pete up to the stage. Pete explains that he and Hayden were paid off by Ric. Liz narrows her eyes and runs out. Ric chases after her into the hall. She slaps him. He tries to rationalize his actions. Liz has given him many chances, but he's not good enough for her and she never wants to see him again. She storms off. Jake and Hayden exit the ball. He asks who she is. Everything she told him about herself is true, but everything she said about him was a lie. Carly pops up to bark at Ric until he leaves and then she orders Hayden out. Nikolas tracks Liz down in the dressing room. She vents about Ric and worries about Jake. Nikolas mutters that Jake really is married and then shrugs it off. She's determined to be with him. "Jake is Jason!" the prince explains. Back in the ball, Lucy calls Brad up for an impromptu number. Reluctantly, Brad gives in and performs the same song Ric did. Felix sends a team of men up to dance with Brad. Everyone claps. Lucy thanks him for performing a song he didn't pick. Everyone's jaws drops as Brad makes his way over to Lucas and proposes.

    GH Recap: I'm Back!

    Thursday, April 30 2015

    At the Metro Court, Ric shows Molly the ring he picked out to propose to Liz with, but Molly asks her dad not to do it. She says it’s too soon and he should take time to make sure it’s really right. She worries that Liz could have unresolved feelings for Jake, but Ric tells Molly not to worry as he and Liz are meant to be. Molly gives him a hug and is sure they’ll be happy together. Outside the ballroom, Jake runs into Liz. The two make small talk, and he says he heard she’s back with Ric. She confirms that. Liz tells him that Hayden paid her a visit and told her to keep away from him as they had reconnected in a marital way. Jake is furious and assures Liz that he and Hayden have not connected in any sort of way. Liz feels that maybe Hayden was just worried there was something between the two of them still. Jake wishes there was, and he admits he can’t stop thinking about her. Liz admits she misses him too. Hayden shows up, interrupting an almost kiss between the two. Jake tells Hayden they need to talk, and he takes her away. Liz heads back to Molly and Ric.

    GH Recap: Nothing To Hide.

    Wednesday, April 29 2015

    At the Metro Court, Liz and Molly set up for the ball. Molly tells Liz how happy she is that she and her dad are back together. Elsewhere, Hayden finds Ric and says he owes her some money for paying off Pete. Ric promises to get her the money and suggests she leave before they are seen together. TJ catches them together, but Ric sends her off and claims to TJ that she’s a client of his. Ric and TJ head into the main room and meet up with Liz and Molly. As Ric and Liz blow up balloons and make small talk, TJ tells Molly about seeing her dad with some client earlier and how Ric clearly didn’t want them to be seen together. Molly thinks he must have misinterpreted things, as her dad doesn’t have anything to hide. Later Ric confesses to Molly that he plans to propose to Liz tonight. Elsewhere, Jake shows up and runs into Liz in the hall.

    GH Recap: Wedding Rings.

    Wednesday, March 25 2015

    At Kelly’s, Maxie has her morning coffee and heads out with Georgie. She runs into Spinelli, who asks how she’s doing given her relationship with Nathan just ended. The two argue, and Maxie is furious with Spinelli for treating her like a prize to be won. She never expected that from him. He begs for forgiveness and says he was trying to prove he was as much of a man as Nathan and deserved her. He asks if he’s blown it with her, but she says they should discuss this later as she has to get Georgie home. Back inside, Molly stops in to see TJ and is waiting for her dad to show up to find out how his dating life is going. She fills TJ in on setting her dad up with online dating.

    Ric meets up with Molly and TJ at Kelly’s. He tells them that he did meet a nice woman through online dating, who turned out to be married. Ric has flashbacks to taking photos of Hayden with a guy named Pete, who pretended to be a pre-plastic surgery Jake. Molly makes Ric promise not to give up on dating. She heads to school, while TJ gets back to work. Suddenly the man that Ric paid to pretend to be Jake in the photos sits down and asks to be bought lunch.

    GH Recap: Florence Nightingale.

    Wednesday, March 18 2015

    Molly runs into her dad at Kelly’s and the two have breakfast. Ric tells her about things ending with Liz. She doesn’t understand how Liz, Carly and at times even her own mother give up good guys for horrible ones. She encourages her dad to get back on the horse and move on. Ric only wants Liz, but she feels if he focuses on Liz then he’ll end up doing something destructive. Ric promises Molly that he’ll try and keep an open mind and give dating others a chance. She sets him up on some phone dating apps and he begins getting hits almost immediately.

    GH Recap: Merry Krampus.

    Wednesday, December 24 2014

    At Sam’s apartment, Sam prepares Danny for the GH Christmas party. Ric thanks Sam for letting him crash at her place. Sam hasn’t seen Molly this happy in a long time. Later Molly urges her dad to go see Elizabeth. Ric leaves and TJ drops by to see Molly. She tells him the good news about her dad. TJ gives her a gift, she loves it and she loves him.

    GH Recap: Freak.

    Tuesday, December 23 2014

    Molly shows up at Sam's and lashes out at Julian over Ric's death. Julian knows Molly hates him but is sure she will feel differently someday soon. He departs. The sisters wrap gifts. Alexis arrives and Molly lashes out at her about Julian before flouncing off with Danny. Sam recaps what happened and then her mom tips her off about Ric possibly being alive. Sam thinks Molly should know. Molly returns when she says this so Alexis has to explain. Before she can get to the point, Ric shows up. Molly is thrilled.

    GH Recap: Ric Is Missing.

    Tuesday, December 09 2014

    Alexis runs into Maxie at Kelly's while looking for Molly. She putters off and Maxie talks to herself until Patrick interrupts. He fills her in about his fight with Sam. Meanwhile, Molly is with TJ in the kitchen. They talk about their moms and how they can never trust them.

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