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    General Hospital CAST - Dante Falconeri - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dante Falconeri Played by Dominic Zamprogna on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dominic Zamprogna (ABC)

    Birthday: April 21, 1979
    Birthplace: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    Real Name: Dominic Zamprogna


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    GH Recap: Shocking Reveal.

    Friday, January 30 2015

    At the Spencer house, Dante is out cold in the basement, but eventually stirs awake. He comes too and sees a fuzzy image of someone in an orange jump suit sitting in a chair.

    Back at the Spencer house, Dante’s phone chirps with Lulu’s voicemail, but he ignores it. He calls out to Luke, who is motionless and doesn’t answer. Dante manages to crawl over to Luke, only to find a dried up corpse dressed in an orange jumpsuit with a bomb in its lap.

    GH Recap: Prison Break.

    Thursday, January 29 2015

    At the house, Fluke hurls Dante down the basement steps. He makes some ominous remarks and then ungags Luke, who begs him to let his son-in-law go. Fluke waves a gun at the unconscious cop and gloats. When he mentions Bill's empty grave, Luke prompts him to confess his identity. Fluke doesn't give an answer and reminds him that he has other things to worry about... like the Star exploding with all of his loved ones on board. He taunts him some more and Luke curses him as he strolls out, returning a minute later in a tuxedo. Picking up a crowbar, he clobbers Dante with it. Fluke pulls out a bomb. The one at the Star is already running. He plants the second on Luke's lap.

    GH Recap: Yin And Yang.

    Wednesday, January 28 2015

    At the Spencer house, Fluke catches Dante before he can break into the basement. The two end up arguing about what is down there. Dante tells Fluke that he believes the real Luke Spencer is in the basement and that Fluke is actually Bill Eckert. Dante orders him at gunpoint to open the basement door. Fluke eventually opens the door and cuffs himself to the stairs per Dante's orders. As Dante approaches the open door, Fluke manages to escape and get the upper hand on Dante.

    GH Recap: Condemned.

    Tuesday, January 27 2015

    Dante tries getting into the old house when Michael surprises him. The cop explains that he's just there to make sure Shawn hasn't been snooping. They look around. Dante wants to check the basement. He picks up a crowbar as Sloane arrives. He has a court order that condemns the house. Michael objects. Sloane says the order came from the mayor and asks for the keys. Michael tells Sloane that he'll hear from his attorneys. Later, Dante breaks into the house. Before he can pry open the basement door, Fluke interrupts.

    GH Recap: Escape Plans.

    Monday, January 26 2015

    Dante meets with Jordan at the cemetery to discuss Bill Eckert’s grave. Jordan fills him in on Sonny’s orders to find out if Eckert was really dead or not and says that the man posing as Luke is still a phony. It appears he is Bill Eckert. They compare notes and Dante suspects Luke is being stashed in the basement of the Spencer house and says he needs to get over there.

    Fluke shows up at the cemetery and runs into Dante and wonders what Dante is doing here. Before Dante says anything, Lulu, Bobbie and Lucas arrive. They are also shocked to see Dante, who claims he knows Lulu’s family is important to her, and asks about Ruby’s connection to Bill. Bobbie tells him that Ruby was Bill’s sister and gives a speech about Ruby, telling Lucas that Ruby would be so proud of him. They all plan to meet this evening at The Haunted Star for the party. Everyone leaves except for Fluke, who takes a moment alone at Ruby’s grave and spots Bill’s grave, which is still open.

    Dante arrives at the Spencer house to see if his hunch about Luke is correct.

    GH Recap: A Mom Like Heather.

    Friday, January 23 2015

    Morgan finds Kiki with Avery at Kelly's. They discuss Michael. She had no idea he could be so cold to them. Morgan thinks they need to talk about their kiss. Before they can, Dante and Lulu show up and fuss over the baby. When Morgan mentions he's looking for a job, Lulu offers him one at the Star. They head out, leaving Dante to talk to Kiki about Michael. She tells him about his brother kissing her.

    GH Recap: Complicated.

    Tuesday, January 20 2015

    Dante strolls into Kelly's to see Shawn. He runs into Nathan at the bar and starts unloading about his family. As he eats, he fills his partner in about the Johnny situation. Dante learns that Nathan is living above the bar now. After admitting that he was wrong, Dante decides to get some flowers and head home. Maxie soon arrives and gets lovey-dovey with Nathan. He explains that he's moving in there. She thinks it can wait until tomorrow.

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