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    General Hospital CAST - Dante Falconeri - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dante Falconeri Played by Dominic Zamprogna on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dominic Zamprogna (ABC)

    Birthday: April 21, 1979
    Birthplace: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    Real Name: Dominic Zamprogna


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    GH Recap: Lovely To Be Back.

    Wednesday, September 17 2014

    At the clinic, Maxie and Nathan find Lulu and Dante and they all run off to find Anna before the building explodes. Meanwhile, Robin and Jason prepare to leave their room just as Anna is entering. Neither of their access cards works so Anna dashes off to look for a different card. She runs into Obrecht, who is frantic to find Nathan. The groups converge and Obrecht pulls Nathan into her arms. Anna gives her officers orders to clear the facility while they head to the main entrance. Nathan wants to know what happened to Victor. Anna tells him he’s dead but when he presses for details Obrecht urges them to get a move on. Inside their room, Jason works to unlock the door when it suddenly opens and Helena enters. She has her goons knock out Jason and Robin sarcastically congratulates her on her return from the dead. Helena strokes the embryo chamber and tells Robin that Stavros is dead but will live on, no thanks to Lulu. She tells Robin that Dante and her mother are here to rescue Maxie and Lulu, but the building is about to blow and the doors are sealed. Helena has the override card from Victor with access to all the back tunnels. Robin refuses to leave with Helena as Jason gets a gun, shoots Helena’s goons, then takes Robin and runs off. Helena calmly grabs the embryo and walks out. Meanwhile, the others realize the front door is locked so they all raise their guns and shoot the lock at the same time. It works and they escape and take cover just as the building explodes.

    GH Recap: Tick Tock Liesl.

    Tuesday, September 16 2014

    At Crichton-Clark, Maxie and Nathan start making out over Peter’s dead body. He realizes it isn’t the best time or place and instead gives Maxie a sexy lesson in proper gun handling before she grabs the Aztec knife and they leave. Meanwhile, Dante bursts into Lulu’s room, gun drawn. Stavros puts a scalpel to Lulu’s neck and threatens to slit her throat, Cassadine style. Dante relents and kicks over his gun but then Lulu suddenly elbows Stavros in the gut so Dante can pounce. Lulu and the female doctor struggle, and Lulu is able to open the door with her badge long enough for police backup to see Dante. There’s lots of shooting but they can’t get in the room and Stavros pulls a gun on Dante. Lulu throws herself in front of the gun, insisting Stavros kill her first. In Victor’s office, Obrecht interrupts his arrest by pulling a gun on Anna. Anna thinks this is about Faison and suggests Obrecht think about her son instead. Obrecht says she is – and suddenly shoots Victor. Anna can’t believe it but Obrecht couldn’t risk Victor escaping jail now that he knows the truth. The police backup come in and tell Anna that Dante is sealed in a room with Lulu and Stavros. Anna runs off with them while Obrecht apologizes to Victor. It’s kill or be killed, but she regrets he had to die. Victor isn’t dead and croaks out he’d hoped their kiss-kill relationship would end in a kiss – or a kill by his hand. She tells him they are the only two who know Nathan is not really his son, and the truth is far, far worse. Meanwhile, Jason punches out the clinic director and snatches his medical file. He takes the access badge off of the doctor and sneaks out of the room. He hides as Maxie and Nathan walk by, then enters a room to find Robin chained to a wall. She’s ecstatic and realizes he can’t talk and has a fever. He suddenly shoots off her handcuff and she admonishes him for not warning her, then gives him a big hug. Meanwhile, Maxie and Nathan open a door and find the doctor and director that Jason took out. Nathan wakes up the director who tells him the person who knocked them out was a priority patient of Mr. Cassadine. Outside the room with Stavros, Lulu and Dante, Anna has the men look for another way in. Inside, Stavros reminds Lulu that he can raise their child with or without her. Dante and Stavros struggle over the gun. It goes off, killing Stavros. Anna finally enters with backup and tells them Victor is dead just like Stavros. Back in his office, Stavros wants to know who Nathan’s father is. Obrecht moves to put a pillow over Victor’s face. He pushes a button in his vest and suddenly loud sirens and lights go off across the whole clinic. He tells Obrecht it is a contingency to protect against biological warfare, and in a few minutes all that will be left of the clinic will be a crater. He won’t disclose how much time she has and she runs for it. As the sirens go off Anna leads another sweep of the clinic and is about to open the door holding Robin and Jason. Meanwhile, the clinic director tells Nathan and Maxie they have to leave since someone triggered the disrupt sequence.

    GH Recap: A Little Prick.

    Friday, September 12 2014

    In his office, Victor orders one of his lackeys to find out if Nathan is his son. Stavros barges in to discuss Lulu and her hormones. Victor has to keep him calm and sends him to bed. While Stavros wanders the halls grinning moronically and laughing to himself, a minion informs Victor that Obrecht is there. She's shown in and asks to see her son. That won't happen until he gets his DNA test results. Anna starts barking into Obrecht's ear for information. Liesl informs Victor that Nathan is his son. She could never have let Cesar know. This makes Victor angry. Down the hall, Nathan struggles with his chains. Peter shows up to gloat and notices Maxie is gone. The cop challenges him to shoot. They bicker about her and Nathan tries to be threatening. Peter wanders off to find Maxie. Meanwhile, Maxie sneaks around and wakes up a patient. It's Peter the elder. She rambles until he mutters 'Felicia'. This confuses Maxie. His son walks in. He introduces them and explains that Maxie's parents shot his father in the head. "Now it's time for her to die," says the father. Back down the hall, Dante tries to keep Lulu calm. She feels like she's trapped in a weird alternative universe. He tries to be reassuring but she's not that optimistic. Stavros shows up to say he got confirmation that she will need hormone injections. He calls a doctor in to do them. Lulu starts calling Stavros names. He threatens to inject a bullet into her husband. Dante tells her not to do it. "One little prick and my Lulu will be filled with everlasting joy!" Stavros declares. Dante yelps and Lulu gasps. They shoot her up. Stavros announces that he's taking her away. Back in the room where Nathan is being held, he plays dead until a Cassadine minion comes in to check on him. Nathan knocks him over and chokes him to sleep. He grabs the keys, gets free and escapes. He barges into Victor's office with a gun and demands to know where Maxie is. "You're not going to kill your own father," Victor says. And down the hall, Jason struggles to get free from his restraints.

    GH Recap: Your Egg, My Sperm, Our Child.

    Wednesday, September 10 2014

    At Crichton Clark, Stavros shows Dante and Lulu the embryo – all that’s left to do is implant it in Lulu and in nine months she’ll have his child. Lulu tells Stavros he’s wasting his time since she can’t carry a baby to term. Stavros just chuckles. He’s done his research and knows about her procedure and that she’s able to carry the baby. She taunts him for not knowing how a woman’s body works and tells him she needs hormones for weeks to prepare to carry. Stavros will consult with the doctors at the clinic but is determined to have Lulu carry their child. Alone with Dante, Lulu worries Stavros will take her from him. He swears he will do what he has to do to make sure Stavros doesn’t hurt her again. Elsewhere, Nathan and Maxie focus on escaping. She apologizes about how stubborn she was when they were cuffed together before and admits she was a little disappointed when they found the key. Nathan knocks down a table and suddenly they have a paper clip. He gets Maxie unlocked and they hide it from a goon when he checks on them. Maxie then tries to unlock Nathan but breaks the paper clip. She decides to go get help alone and won’t listen when he tells her it isn’t safe. She promises to come back to him and dashes off.

    GH Recap: Back From The Brink.

    Tuesday, September 09 2014

    In his office at Crichton Clark, Victor gives Nathan’s DNA test top priority. Peter enters his office and demands to know what room Dante is in so he can exact revenge. Victor dictates who gets bullets and tells Peter that Dante and Lulu are otherwise engaged. He tells Peter about Stavros’ defrosting, and while he may be crazy, he’s family. There aren’t many Cassadines left so he wants to give Stavros what he wants. Peter wants to know when he gets what he wants. Victor tells Peter he has many balls in the air and has someone else on his mind right now. Someone he loved and thought he could trust, but he isn’t sure anymore. Elsewhere, before Dante can tell Lulu why he’s investigating her father, they’re shocked by a thought-dead Stavros. He taunts Lulu and tells her he brought himself back from the brink of death for her, his ice princess. Lulu spits in his face and he just laughs – he likes her feisty side and he’s sure he’ll wear her down. Stavros grabs Lulu, excited to start a family. He knows all about Rocco, but their child will be of noble blood, not some peasant from Bensonhurst. She tells Stavros that thanks to him she can’t have children but he delights in telling her before her deep freeze he took one of her eggs and fertilized it personally. He produces the embryo in question and tells them all that’s left to be done is implant it in Lulu. Meanwhile Nathan asks Maxie why she put the brakes on her wedding and she admits it’s because Mac told her Nathan had feelings for her. Nathan confirms he’s had feelings for her since they met. He sensed her pain and felt connected to her, and then she was gone and he was left to think about her. Then she showed up on his worst day ever right when he needed her – until Levi took the wind out of his sails. She laments how much Levi ruined her life and apologizes to Nathan for dragging him into this. He asks Maxie what she feels about him. She has faith in him, but she doesn’t trust her judgment right now. She can’t answer his question and he suggests they focus on escape instead.

    GH Recap: Sight For Sore Eyes.

    Monday, September 08 2014

    At Crichton Clark, Maxie screams for help, chained to a wall. Outside, Nathan is blindfolded and struggles against Victor’s goons. They beat him until Victor calls them off. Victor looks over Nathan, wipes some of his blood and tells the goons to take him to Maxie. They handcuff Nathan next to Maxie, sucker punch him one last time, and leave. Nathan looks at Maxie and realizes what sight for sore eyes finally means. He thinks they are at the same facility Nina was in – Crichton Clark - and they were brought there by Victor. She gives herself a hard time for not listening to Nathan and asks if he’ll ever be able to forgive her. He says there’s nothing to forgive and tells her she’s perfect the way she is. It tortured him to watch Levi tear her down and he won’t allow it anymore. She wishes she had listened to her heart sooner. Elsewhere, Dante wakes up handcuffed to a wall, Lulu chained to another wall. They realize it’s some medical facility and wonder what happened to Nathan and Maxie. Dante is sure Anna has everyone looking for them but Lulu’s worried their captors covered their tracks and Anna will have no clue where to start. They are both upset for being away from Rocco but grateful for the family back home. They go over the facts and consider Peter kidnapped her to get revenge on her dad. Lulu wonders if her father even knows what’s going on. She can’t imagine he would hurt Tracy like he did but Dante wonders if she can be so sure. He comments how strange Luke has been acting since being released from Miscavige and reveals he’s been investigating Luke. Before he can tell her why a wall opens and they are shocked by what they see. In his office, Victor considers that Nathan might be his son. His phone rings and Obrecht asks for help. He says he’s fresh out of embryos but promises to help find Nathan on one condition – then asks her if Nathan is his son. She demurs and he tells her if he finds out she has kept his son from him there will be a reckoning. He’ll be in touch after the DNA comparison and hangs up. He sends Nathan’s DNA to the lab.

    GH Recap: Way Less Fun.

    Wednesday, September 03 2014

    A smoke bomb is thrown into the cabin knocking Dante, Lulu and the cops out. A bunch of men in gas masks rush in with Victor. Nathan is outside by the window. While Victor gloats, his goons stitch up Peter and grab the jewels. Victor notices that West is missing and calls for him to come out. When the Cassadine threatens to shoot Maxie, the cop runs in. They have a stand-off and the cop gives up his gun. Before Victor can shoot him, they do introductions. Victor realizes that Nathan is Obrecht's son. "If she hid you from Faison, who is your father?" he asks. West doesn't know. Victor decides to put killing him on hold.

    GH Recap: Like A Noose.

    Tuesday, September 02 2014

    Peter gets ready to take the girls to his boss when the cabin is surrounded by the cops. Outside, Nathan and Dante work on a plan B if negotiations fail. Peter emerges with a gun to Lulu’s chest and demands a helicopter, $100,000 cash and some handcuffs and duct tape for the girls. Dante suggests letting one of hostages go. Peter promises to let Maxie go when the chopper arrives but Lulu is going no matter what – there are plans for her. Lulu elbows Peter and Dante shoots him. Levi goes down and Lulu is uninjured. She and Dante hold each other close while Maxie looks for Nathan. Suddenly a gas bomb goes off and everyone passes out. Men in protective suits come in and give the all clear for a masked man in a suit to enter. Nathan sees it all from outside.

    GH Recap: Speaking Of Miracles.

    Friday, August 29 2014

    At the mystery location, Lulu and Maxie manage to call Dante and Nathan. Lulu explains that they are in an indistinct house that isn't big or small. Dante fills them in on what they've learned and they try to trace the call. Dunkleman shows up and grabs the phone. Dante tries to negotiate with him. Levi hangs up. The ladies explain that they know who he really is and call him 'Petey'. That makes him angry. Maxie makes it worse by going on about how Nathan is 'ten kajillion times hotter than Peter or whatever your name is'. Peter eventually explains that Maxie and Lulu have very different fates in store for them. He prepares to drag them out of there to see his boss.

    At the PCPD, Dante and Nathan suit up and head out with some of their men. After they leave, Britt and Nikolas show up, looking for news.

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