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    General Hospital CAST - Morgan Stone Corinthos (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Morgan Stone Corinthos (Past) Played by Aaron Refvem on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Aaron Refvem (ABC)

    Birthplace: New York
    Real Name: Aaron Refvem
    Height: 4'8"


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    Like Father Like Son.

    Thursday, January 21 2010

    Carly and Morgan go to the Quartermaine's to invite them to Josslyn's christening. Edward says of course they will be there because Josslyn is Michael's sister and there is nothing more important than family.

    A Day For Contemplation.

    Wednesday, January 20 2010

    Michael walks in his house and finds his family who is back from the ski trip. Carly says they have to plan Josslyn's christening and pick out godparents. Jax wants Alexis and Lucky, but Carly balks at choosing Lucky. Morgan knows it's going to be Jason and he and Michael leave the room. Carly states that Jason will be the godfather of her daughter and there's no changing her mind. Carly doesn't want Alexis because of their history and Jax tells her she can pick both godparents.

    Dominic goes to the Jacks house so Morgan can ask him to come to the christening, as Jax walks in the room. Dominic agrees to come and Jax sends Morgan out of the room so he can ask Dante about the investigation. Dante says things look good, but worries how Carly and Morgan will react. Jax reminds him he's giving Morgan a chance to have a normal life. Once Dante has left, Morgan looks on Jax's phone and finds an email from a senator to Jax about Sonny. Jax says he's helping Sonny and asks Morgan not to tell Carly.

    Lucky Gets an Eyeful.

    Friday, January 15 2010

    At the ski cabin, Michael flashes back to killing Claudia and Carly asks if he's okay. Jax suggests he and Morgan go back on the slopes and they leave. Carly knows Michael has been remembering Claudia and wants to help him. Michael wants to go home, but says everyone else should stay. He saw Max, who tailed them up there, and thinks he can drive him home. After Michael leaves, Jax returns while Morgan stays out for another snowboarding lesson. Carly tells him Michael left and can't believe he could ever be like Sonny. Jax thinks it's up to them for him to have a normal life, but Carly says they can't make his choices for him.

    Impossible Situations.

    Thursday, January 14 2010

    Although affected by entering the ski cabin, Michael prepares to go skiing with Jax, and Morgan, as Carly is content to eat chips and read her book. Michael wonders if she's scared, which prompts her to suit up and try out the skis in the house. Carly is unstable and gets ribbed by her kids for being such a novice. After they hit the slopes, Carly revels in how much fun skiing is and how good she is, as her family chides her for only having one lesson on the bunny hill. Carly's next run isn't so successful, as she props her leg on Jax's lap while sitting on the couch. Morgan gets Josslyn, as Michael goes out for wood. Michael returns and is taken aback by the sight of Carly on the couch with her daughter and has a flashback of killing Claudia.

    Change of Scenery.

    Wednesday, January 13 2010

    Jason brings Carly home, who won't let him leave fearing he will beat himself up over Franco. She tries to assure him he did nothing wrong, but Jason knows Franco was always one step ahead of him. He admits he and Franco are alike, but Carly says Franco can't compete with Jason's heart. Jax comes home after Jason has left and Carly worries about Michael getting busted for Claudia's murder. Jax promises they will get through this and hugs her. Michael and Morgan come home and learn they are going on a ski trip. Morgan is excited, but Michael wants to stay home with Sonny. Jax wants them to put their troubles behind them as a family and they all say they won't go if he doesn’t. This changes Michael's mind and they look forward to their trip.

    Mobsters Are So Colorful.

    Wednesday, January 06 2010

    The Jacks family prepares to leave the country as Sonny walks in declaring the kids will stay with them. Carly and Jax tell him what happened with Franco and they need the kids to be safe. Michael thinks Morgan should go with Jax and Carly, but he'll stay with Sonny and Jason where he belongs. Carly sends the boys upstairs, as the adults argue. Sonny assures Jax and Carly Franco will be taken care of and asks them to trust his judgment. Sonny leaves and Jax tells Carly he won't put his family in danger just to appease Sonny. Carly worries Michael didn't want to leave because he feels his life is not worth saving. Carly has to consider Sonny in all of this and tells him the boys take his verbal abuse of Sonny to heart. Jax understands, but wants to talk about it after Franco is caught and convinces her to leave tonight.

    Lulu Will Have To Do.

    Tuesday, January 05 2010

    Jax calls the cops, fearing Carly has been kidnapped, when he finds Josslyn alone. Lucky shows up and Carly calls to tell him she's okay. After they hang up, Lucky wants to stick around to hear what Carly and Jason have to say about Franco. Jax makes Josslyn a promise to keep both her and Carly safe. Michael and Morgan come in the house and Jax fills them in on what happened but insists Sonny can't get involved when they want to call their father. Jason brings Carly home, who immediately checks on her daughter. Jason explains why Franco took Carly and Jax blames him for putting the family in danger yet again. Jason goes to look at Josslyn's room and Jax orders Lucky to launch a manhunt for Franco, but Carly thinks it would be dangerous to provoke him. Carly and Jax argue alone in the living room about how they should handle things, as Michael and Morgan return. Jax says they will leave the country tonight. Carly says if he thinks it will keep them all safe, she's onboard.

    Lucky returns to the living room and Carly tells him they are going to Australia. He thinks it's a good idea and leaves. The kids don't want to go, but they head upstairs to pack. Jason comes back out and learns the Jax family is leaving the country. He approves of the idea and Carly urges him to be careful. Carly tells Jax she didn't want police involvement because Franco has photos of Michael kneeling over Claudia's body. They fight about Jason and how he handled that situation and Carly declares he needs to remember Jason saved her tonight. Jax counters he's the reason she was kidnapped in the first place.

    Back at the hospital, Elizabeth tells Nikolas she wants things to go back to how they used to be. Nikolas says he can't go back because he loves her, as Lucky walks up to the door.

    Life Lessons.

    Tuesday, December 29 2009

    Lucky brings Michael home, who walks into his surprise birthday party. Carly wonders how Lucky knew about the party, but Lucky tells them he didn’t, he had to give Michael a ride home because he was driving drunk. Sonny thanks Lucky for bringing him home and promises it won't happen again. Carly walks Lucky out and asks what happened. Lucky fills her in, but says he didn't arrest him and it won't go on his record. Lucky urges Carly to remind Michael of the evils of drunk driving and leaves. Carly returns to the party, as Kristina, Molly, Alexis, Max and Milo leave. Carly sends Morgan, who asks the adults to give his brother a break, out of the room. Sonny grills Michael about what he did and says he's taking his car away from him until he understands how serious this is and leaves. Jax tells Michael to think about what he's done and makes his exit as well. Carly reminds her son what happened to Jason because of AJ's drunk driving, but Michael wonders who she is more worried he'll turn out like: Sonny or AJ. Carly thinks he's more like her and points out all his good qualities. She won't ever give up on him because she loves him.

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