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    General Hospital CAST - Morgan Stone Corinthos (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Morgan Stone Corinthos (Past) Played by Aaron Refvem on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Aaron Refvem (ABC)

    Birthplace: New York
    Real Name: Aaron Refvem
    Height: 4'8"


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    Off the Rails.

    Friday, February 05 2010

    In his hospital room, Dante focuses on Lulu, as he tells Lucky his shooting was an accident. He says he went to Sonny's house with the intention of arresting him, but Sonny wasn't there. He lies that he found and unloaded Sonny's gun so he wouldn't use it on him later, but it jammed and went off when Sonny walked in. Lucky scoffs at his assertion that he shot himself and says, "Good luck getting anyone to believe you." Lucky leaves and Lulu asks why he's putting everything on the line for Sonny. Dante explains he didn't do it for Sonny, but for himself. He blames himself for waiting on the arrest, and then going alone. He wants Sonny to go down clean, on the case he built up, for a crime he committed. He thinks there is enough evidence against him regarding Claudia, so the shooting can stay between him and Sonny. Lulu says he has her support no matter what he decides, as Morgan walks in to ask Dante if being his friend was just part of his cover. Dante assures him that was not the case and he's happy to have him, Michael and Kristina as family. Morgan wonders if he hates their father. Dante tells him he didn't implicate Sonny in the shooting and he doesn’t hate him, but he hates what he does. Morgan says Michael might hate him, but he doesn't and he's happy he's his brother and still alive. Morgan leaves and Lulu gets Dante some sweet tea, which Olivia told her he liked when he was under the weather. She says Olivia told her lots of things about him as they were sitting vigil and Dante calls his mother an enigma because she is either flapping her gums or shut tight.

    But You Shot a Cop.

    Thursday, February 04 2010

    In the Davis living room, Michael tells his disbelieving siblings and cousin how he killed Claudia. Alexis comes in and doesn't really know what to say about the situation with Sonny and Dante, but she tells them it's okay to love Sonny, but hate what he does. She tells them Sonny loves all of the kids and would do anything for them.

    Hi Beautiful.

    Wednesday, February 03 2010

    Michael and Morgan come to Kristina and Molly's house and tell them Dante is Sonny's son, which only intensifies Kristina's anger regarding Sonny shooting him. Michael and Kristina argue about it with Morgan and Molly agreeing that Sonny didn't have to shoot Dante. Molly says from her research on the criminal justice system, Sonny could get the maximum sentence if Dante dies. She wonders if anyone doubts Sonny's guilt. More argument ensues with accusations flying about Sonny killing Claudia. Michael bursts out, "Dad did not kill Claudia! I did."

    No Mercy.

    Tuesday, February 02 2010

    Jason orders Morgan to turn off the DVD and everyone discusses Franco in Carly and Jax's living room. Lulu runs in demanding to know from Jason if Sonny killed Dominic. Jason doesn’t know anything and Lulu assumes Sonny found out Dominic is an undercover cop, which stuns the whole room. She says if Dominic is dead she hopes he and Sonny burn in Hell and leaves. Jason calls the hospital and gets the info on Dominic's condition and then talks with everyone about Dominic being a cop. Kristina goes off saying she can't believe her father shot a cop and hopes he goes to prison for the rest of his life. Sam leads her sisters out to take them home, as Morgan worries about Dominic. Carly takes Morgan out of the room as Jason leaves and Michael asks Jax what went wrong. Carly sits her boys down and tells them despite everything, they have a lot to be grateful for and they can send Dominic good thoughts and their prayers. Morgan doesn't think it will help since their father shot him and says Sonny is a criminal. Michael defends their father, but Morgan hates Sonny for shooting Dominic. Michael goes upstairs as Jax tries to assure Morgan Dominic truly was his friend and Carly agrees, saying it's okay to trust him. Carly suggests he put his whole heart and soul into believing Dominic will get better.


    Monday, February 01 2010

    At the christening, Father Coates urges everyone to make a new beginning and live a better life and then officially christens Josslyn. Afterwards, Lulu worries to Johnny about Dante, Luke is happy to be with all of his children, and Morgan questions Michael about why Sonny and Dominic aren't there. Everyone is invited to a reception at the Jacks home, but Alexis tells Jax she can't make it and leaves. Molly grabs Morgan to help her on her mission for true love. Michael talks to Jax and assumes he wouldn't want Sonny to go to prison and appreciates his help. After he walks away, Jane chastises her son for lying to Michael. Jax defends himself, but Jane feels sorry for Sonny's kids and hopes it's worth it. Carly thanks Jason for being Josslyn's godfather and wonders where Sonny is. After everyone has left, Molly and Morgan get Sam and Jason alone in the church and Molly says this would be a great place for a wedding. Jason thinks they should get to the house for the reception, but Molly continues on, citing how short life is especially for them. Molly thinks they should seize the day and tells Jason now is the moment to propose. Sam tries to talk Molly down, as Morgan is eager to get to the party. Sam says they aren't getting married any time soon, but Molly remains hopeful.

    Everyone gathers at the Jacks house for the reception, as Carly talks with the Spencers saying she blames Elizabeth for what Lucky's going though. Luke suggests she not throw stones considering her past. Michael asks Max and Milo if they've heard from Sonny and they tell him he's fine and he should enjoy the party. Lulu calls Dante but can't get a hold of him and worries to Spinelli and Maxie. Spinelli offers that Sonny might have needed him on a job. Lucky and Ethan have a drink and Lucky thanks him for not trying to stop him. Ethan is fine with it as long as he gets to drive. Carly thanks everyone for being there and thanks Jax for making her life full and complete. Michael informs Kristina he told Jax what he knows about Dominic and says he never thought Jax would turn out to be such a cool guy. Lulu asks Jason where Dominic and Sonny are and Jason responds he doesn’t know about Dominic, but Sonny had business to tend to. Carly catches the Quartermaines as they begin to leave and thanks them for coming. They make their exit and then Jane leaves to go back to the hotel. She urges Carly and Jax to remember how much they love each other no matter what happens. Spinelli talks with Jason privately who says he hasn't heard from Sonny, but is confident Sonny will call if he needs anything. As Carly opens presents, Lulu sneaks out. Carly opens one gift, which is a DVD. Morgan wants to watch it but Carly says later and hands it to him. Morgan and Molly go out of the room and load the DVD onto a laptop. Sam tells Jason she knows Molly was out of line, but he doesn't necessarily think so because he loves her. Jason then hears the DVD playing with Franco's voice on it.

    One Last Good Day.

    Friday, January 29 2010

    As the Jacks family gets ready for Jossyln's christening, Lady Jane comes to the house with presents. Carly sends the boys out of the room and says she needs to run an errand and leaves. Lady Jane tells Jax this should be one of the happiest days of his life, but notes he's sad. Jax says he's afraid it's all about to come crashing down and she wonders what he's done now. He tells her about his involvement in Sonny's impending arrest and Jane thinks Carly will be devastated. She says his hatred for Sonny is blinding him, but Jax retorts his eyes are open and Sonny needs to be gone no matter what the price.

    Carly returns home as Jax talks to his daughter about what's going on. Carly tells Jax every one of her dreams has come true and she has him to thank. Privately, Michael tells Jax his plan against Sonny is taking too long and Jax tells him it's out of their hands right now. Morgan comes in the house with a present that was delivered for Josslyn and puts it with the others, as they all head out.

    Lucky enters the empty church and talks to God. He knows he's not perfect but wonders what he did to deserve this. Jason walks up behind him and Lucky tells him he can't assure him Jake will be okay because he doesn’t know what happens next and worries about dragging the kids through this mess. More guests come in, including Maxie and Spinelli. Maxie says she wants to be there for Lulu and wishes Dominic could be the godfather since they are probably going to end up together, as Spinelli looks conflicted. Lulu and Ethan come in and Lulu thanks Lucky for coming, but is still worried. Patrick and Robin take their seats, as Johnny walks in, followed by Olivia. She asks if they are speaking and he tells her it's up to her. He adds Sonny isn't there and neither is Dante. She thinks it's odd because they should both be there already. After Olivia has left, Johnny tells Lulu and Carly about the absentee guests, but Jax is ready to get things underway. The proceedings begin and Josslyn is christened.

    Like Father Like Son.

    Thursday, January 21 2010

    On the pier, Carly, Morgan and Michael talk about the invites to Josslyn's christening and Morgan says Dominic has already agreed to come. Michael tells his brother Dominic is only trying to suck up to Sonny. Morgan sticks up for Dominic, but Michael tells him the only reason Dominic is nice to him is because he is paid to and calls him a dumb little kid. Morgan gets mad and Carly instructs Michael not to talk to his brother like that. Carly sends Morgan ahead to Kelly's and accuses Michael of being jealous because Dominic works for Sonny and that's something he will never be able to do.

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