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    General Hospital CAST - Kristina Corinthos Davis (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kristina Corinthos Davis (Past) Played by Lexi Ainsworth on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lexi Ainsworth (ABC)

    Birthday: October 28, 1992
    Birthplace: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Lexi Ainsworth


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    The Lady's Looking For Trouble.

    Friday, November 04 2011

    Milo brings a drunk Max and Diane into Sonny's house, interrupting Dante and Lulu's announcement. Sonny orders Diane out, but she wants to know what's going on. The room clears out leaving Diane to explain to Alexis she is no longer representing Sonny. She suggests Alexis represent him. Alexis balks, as Diane explains she is now focusing on her gossip column instead of law. She summons Max and leaves so Alexis and Sonny can work out the details, but Alexis flees. Later, Ethan arrives, as Olivia gets dizzy again and heads home. Alexis helps Kristina bypass Sonny so she can say goodbye to Ethan alone. In the foyer, Ethan gives Kristina a bracelet and encourages her to take full advantage of her opportunities at Yale, including boys. She says she'll give the guys a chance, but in her heart she'll be waiting for him. Later, Michael tells Abby it was two years ago that he killed Claudia. Sonny happens by and overhears Michael say it will never be over for him and that he still dreams about her. Sonny makes a call, as Kristina says her final goodbyes to everyone. Alone with Michael, Dante urges his brother not to help Sonny cover up the truth.

    Thank You For Not Giving Up On Me.

    Thursday, November 03 2011

    Inside the main room, Kristina asks to speak to Sonny alone. Alexis reluctantly leaves them to it. They talk about Yale and Kristina apologizes for her behavior towards him. Sonny thinks they are a lot alike and it's just who they are. Sonny will miss her, even all the drama she brought. Kristina will remind him he said that. Sonny just wants a better life for her than he had. Kristina finally sees that and thanks him for not giving up on her. They both get emotional as Sonny tells his daughter he will always be there for her. Abby, Michael and Dante enter the room talking about his shooting. Noting the tension between the brothers, Abby changes the subject by bringing up her friend who got beat up. Dante agrees to put someone on the case immediately. Lulu and Olivia walk in and Dante helps them with the food. Michael isn't happy with Abby for jumping in for the save. Abby was just trying to help and urges Michael to let Sonny fend for himself. Sonny makes a toast to Kristina, who worked hard and made her dreams come true. Alexis and Sonny both get choked up as he talks about what a beautiful woman their daughter is. Kate shows up, but walks out, feeling like she's interrupting. Sonny follows her to ask her to stay. Kate thought she was invited to dinner, not a family reunion. Kate doesn't think she belongs in there, but Sonny thinks otherwise. Dante comes to the doorway, as Sonny thanks her for what she did at the warehouse. Kate leaves and Dante questions his father. Sonny thinks Dante should be a cop after the party. Lulu walks up and asks Dante to put his badge down for one night. Dante agrees and asks if she's ready to announce their engagement. Dante calls for the room's attention, but Lulu stops him.

    Better Perspective As A Drunk.

    Wednesday, November 02 2011

    Alexis has a breakdown as Kristina packs for college in her room. Molly reveals she's too sick to go to the party at Sonny's. After Kristina calls Ethan to invite him to dinner, she tells her mother her whole world is changing except how she feels about Ethan. Alexis gives her a stuffed animal to cuddle with, as well as a photo of the three of them in case she gets lonely. Alexis cries and they all hug. Alexis doesn’t want to let go and tells Kristina how proud she is of her. Kristina says she knows what she and Sonny did for her. Alexis panics, but Kristina just references all the support they've given her. She thanks her mother, which produces more waterworks from Alexis. Molly gives her sister Stefan's book of Russian poems. Alexis calls her girls the future of this family and believes their goodness has eclipsed any bad from the Cassadines. Alexis leaves the sisters alone to say goodbye since Kristina is leaving right after the party. Molly cries as she tells her sister she'll miss her and that she loves her. As Kristina leaves her room, the book of poems lies on the floor.

    Two Toxic Junkies.

    Thursday, October 13 2011

    Kate overhears Sonny talking to Alexis and Kristina at the hospital. He tells his daughter how worried he was about her. He says at this point, his kids are all he has left and they mean the world to him. After Alexis steps away, Sonny continues to tell Kristina how important his kids are to him and that he'll always be connected to Alexis because of her. Kate looks affected and walks away. Alexis returns and tells Kristina she just got a call from Yale. Kristina's been accepted.

    A Victimless Wedding.

    Monday, September 26 2011

    Elsewhere at the party, Molly brings her sister a fortune cookie. It says love will stand her up. Kristine interprets this as meaning Ethan will help her out of the chair. She's eager to ask Kate for a job. Her mother has been eavesdropping and decides to barge in. Kristina declares that she's making her own decisions now and Ethan will always be there for her. Alexis goes off, opening her cookie. It says love is behind her. She bumps into Mac. "I'm not ready!" she blurts before running off. Meanwhile, Kristina wheels out to see Kate and her father. She tells Kate that she's interested in a job. Kate makes faces and then tells her to think about it for a few days. Alexis wheels her daughter away. Jason and Sam announce they're going. Everyone throws rice until they get out to their bike. They climb on and drive off.

    Exactly What They Wanted.

    Friday, September 23 2011

    At the church, Maxie discovers that Sam's dress is missing. Meanwhile, Franco fondles the dress in his studio. Sonny shows up at the church and gives Shawn security instructions. Edward and Monica arrive, as do Robin and Patrick as they all wonder why no one else is there. Maxie greets them and learns no one got the mass email she asked Spinelli to send out. Matt shows up and Maxie tells him this is huge disaster, so she can't listen to his news until later. Molly and Kristina arrive and Maxie drags them off to talk about the dress mishap. Michael and Abby walk in and an annoyed Carly arrives to see Sonny talking to their son. Sam and Jason show up in street clothes, much to Maxie's dismay. They greet their guests and tell them there's not going to be a wedding. Carly smiles. Maxie freaks out, but they share that they can't get married because they already are. Maxie is offended and walks away. Molly thinks it's romantic and Spinelli gives instructions to the reception, but Maxie returns to tell them the catering truck overturned so that's ruined too. Sam gets an idea.

    The Look On His Face.

    Wednesday, September 21 2011

    Sonny heads to the hospital and tries to make amends with Robin. She's not having it and tells him the fact that he doesn't know Jason has left the hospital speaks to the person he's become. Sonny's next stop is Kristina's hospital room. He has a nice moment with Alexis, Molly and Kristina until Ethan shows up. Sonny gets snarky, so Alexis pulls him out in the hallway. Sonny wants them to go to the wedding together, but Alexis won't get in a car with him. She suggests he not force nice moments to happen, but to be grateful when they do. Back in her room, Kristina talks with Ethan and feels it when he touches her leg.

    There's No Place Like Home.

    Tuesday, September 20 2011

    Kate visits Kristina in her hospital room with a gift. Kristina wonders if Sonny put her up to it to convince her he's a good guy. Kate assures her she's there on her own accord. Matt checks in on Kristina, who wonders if she will be able to feel her legs soon. Matt tells her when the swelling goes down she should get the feeling back. Matt leaves and Kate tells Kristina Sonny wants to take her on a trip when she gets out of there. Sonny walks in and describes a beautiful place he'd like to take his daughter.

    Best Man.

    Thursday, September 15 2011

    Johnny visits Kristina in her hospital room as she sleeps. He blames himself and Sonny for this. He says it has to stop as Sonny enters warning Johnny away from his daughter. As they bicker, Kristina wakes up and tells her father to leave. She blames him for causing her condition when he set the car bomb. After Sonny leaves, Kristina cries to Johnny, saying she knows Sonny will never apologize for being the one to hurt her. Sam enters, as Johnny leaves. Sam tries to help Kristina see that Sonny just doesn't know how to deal with his guilt over what happened to her. She urges her little sister to let go of some of her anger towards Sonny. It might make her feel better. Matt drops in and after Sam is gone, Patrick arrives. Kristina gives Matt attitude when she learns he performed the surgery. Matt performs tests on Kristina, revealing that she can't feel her right foot.

    Hello Blaze.

    Wednesday, September 14 2011

    Sonny returns to Kristina's hospital room, but there's still no word. Michael asks his father if he went after Johnny. He wants to help, but Sonny tells his son he has everything under control. Alexis returns with news that there's been a complication.

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