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    General Hospital CAST - Kristina Corinthos Davis (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kristina Corinthos Davis (Past) Played by Lexi Ainsworth on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lexi Ainsworth (ABC)

    Birthday: October 28, 1992
    Birthplace: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Lexi Ainsworth


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    Can You Say Scoop?

    Tuesday, July 10 2012

    Sam pulls off her ring at home when Kristina comes in. Sam is not sure she should be wearing it. Kristina thinks Jason could be helping Sam with her grief, but things have changed. She kissed John McBain. They were upset and drinking. But he did not do anything she did not want him to do. The Jason she loved, she has not seen in a long time. Kristina begs her to put her ring on and she does. She won’t rule out a reconciliation today.

    Gossip Doesn’t Take Holidays.

    Thursday, July 05 2012

    Molly and TJ kiss inside her bedroom. They hear someone pull up, but Molly ignores it and leaves him to change. Outside, Kristina wants to enjoy the holiday with Trey. He still wants to see what else goes on in the warehouse. Plus, he thought they had an understanding to keep it professional. She doesn’t see the problem and presses against him. Alexis shows up goes inside. Kristina agrees to go with Trey if he erases the footage of Molly. She remembers TJ is inside but it is too late. Alexis walks in on TJ changing and starts screaming. Molly runs in and tries to explain but Alexis wants her to explain to the cameras why TJ was in her bedroom. She thinks Molly was about to have sex, but Molly insists they were going to the dock. Kristina thinks Molly learned to lie from the best, and Alexis refuses to treat Kristina like an adult because she is acting like a child. TJ tries to defend Molly, but Alexis kicks him out. Alexis is not done with Molly. Outside, Trey insists they are still going to the warehouse.

    Wish It All Away.

    Tuesday, July 03 2012

    Outside Alexis’ house, Sam tells the cameras to get out of her face. Kristina comes out and apologizes. She knows Sam blames Jason, but they share a connection. Kristina wants her to forgive Jason, like a fairy tale, and wish it all away. They hug and Sam leaves. Kristina calls Trey to meet her at the house. He agrees. TJ arrives and he and Molly kiss. Kristina and the cameras walk in and Molly begs Kristina to delete it. If their mom finds out she is dead. She agrees to keep quiet and has the footage deleted. She will deal with Trey. TJ and Molly leave to change for the lake. Trey shows up and wants to go pay Sonny a surprise visit at the coffee warehouse.

    There Will Always Be Haters.

    Monday, July 02 2012

    Trey and Kristina talk about the TV show at the club. He is trying to establish a career, but she thinks there has to be more to him. His dad Joe Jr. calls. He hopes the stars are not giving Trey trouble. He can handle them, it is the rest of the cast that are a problem. Joe Jr. encourages Trey to charm them into getting what he wants. Trey admits it has been tougher than he thought, but not to lose faith in him. Would he bankroll it if he didn’t? A customer comes in and Joe hangs up. Trey tells Kristina his dad has always been there for him. His mom dumped him off on his dad and left. Kristina kisses him but he breaks it off. He does not need any distraction because his dad went out on a limb. He is not about to fail him. She wonders if he would rather be kissing Starr. He admits he would be attracted to Kristina if they were not working together.

    Let It Roll.

    Friday, June 29 2012

    At the club, Michael tells Starr she looks beautiful when she is happy. Trey and Kristina bust in with the cameras and tell them about Kate’s confession. Kristina pulls Johnny to the side and wonders why he looks like he just dodged a bullet. He feels bad for Kate. She needs help, not punishment. He wants to know what is up with the cameras. He bets if she looks at all the other kids at Yale, they got in on connections too. Meanwhile Trey thinks Kate is heading right to jail. Starr and Michael leave and the cameras turn their focus to Johnny and Kristina. He wants to talk. He was raised in this life but it is a bad business. He is managing a singer now and has a special lady. Trey cuts and wants to keep it real. Starr returns and tells Johnny the charges were dropped. Johnny admires Starr and wishes Michael luck getting Kristina away from Trey. Michael is impressed with what Starr did for Kate. She was incredible. They share an intense look and he offers to drive her home. Kristina is excited to finally be alone with Trey.

    Jerk With An Agenda.

    Thursday, June 28 2012

    Alexis, Kate and Sonny prepare to enter the courtroom. Sonny is still wondering how she could confess to something she didn’t do or remember. Kristina shows up with the cameras and Alexis wants to talk off camera. Trey reminds them he has all access. Kate tells Kristina on camera that she is the one who shot out the tires. Trey jumps in – he could have Kate’s confession go viral. Sonny says she has not signed a release and has her right to privacy. Kate was not aware she did it. She has an illness, DID. Connie wanted to hurt Sonny and Alexis thinks Kristina understands perfectly. Sonny, Kate and Alexis go into the courtroom. Outside, Trey wonders why Kristina keeps sabotaging them. He is tired of making exceptions for her. Kate is celebrity. Inside, Alexis and Sonny are livid at Trey. Sonny asks Kate to come to him if Trey approaches her again. She just does not want anyone else to be falsely accused. Then, she gets a flash and remembers something.

    Starr is singing in the renovated club and studio as Michael listens. Johnny comes in and when she is done he and Michael talk about how good she is. Michael thanks Johnny for helping Starr, then apologizes for blaming him for the accident. And if Carly wants him back, he is not going to judge. But if he hurts her, he is going to hurt him. They shake on it. Starr is impressed with the changes in the club and their civility with each other. Michael tells her he apologized to Johnny about blaming him for the accident. Starr wonders why Johnny is not trying to clear his name, but he does not want to hurt Kate. Starr knows she was right about her faith in Johnny. Sitting with Michael, she confesses she hates Trey. Michael thinks Trey is using Kristina, but Starr is not sure how that is Trey’s fault. He is pretending to like her to keep her interested in the show. Michael does not want him exploiting her too. She looked really beautiful when she was singing and deserves somebody who cares about her. Trey and Kristina show up with the footage of Kate’s confession.

    French Word For Shower.

    Friday, June 22 2012

    At the casino, Luke wants to call Anna. Heather knocks him out with a bottle. She loves him and can’t let him get Anna involved. Heather hears voices. It is Kristina and Michael, looking for Starr. Heather hides behind the bar with Luke and listens to them bicker about Starr and Trey. He calls Starr but he gets her voice mail. Kristina goes to get a drink where Heather is hiding, but Michael stops her. They decide to go to the apartment to see what is up instead. They leave and suddenly Lulu shows up. She sees Heather at the bar. Heather tells her she was looking for Luke. Lulu tells Heather she needs to leave so she can lock up. Reluctantly, she does. Lulu calls Luke and reprimands him for not locking up. She turns off the lights, locks up and leaves. Heather comes back out and tells Luke they have to get going as she drags him off.

    Todd shows up at Starr’s apartment and he wonders what this place has that his doesn’t. Trey comes out in just a towel and manages to say three things in one sentence to make Todd not like him. She does not like him either, they are just sharing expenses. He thinks he is the French word for shower. Tea sends her a picture of the baby, and Todd recoils when she tries to show him. Starr thinks he can’t look because he killed Victor. He leaves. She gets in the shower and asks Trey to answer the phone when Michael calls. He turns up the music and does not hear the phone ring. He opens the door for Michael and Starr comes out in a towel, mad he used all the hot water. They all stay in and order pizza. Trey and Starr banter while Michael and Kristina seethe. They continue to fight and joke while Michael and Kristina leave.

    Just A Flicker Of Gratitude.

    Wednesday, June 20 2012

    Trey opens the door to his and Starr’s apartment to Michael and Kristina. Starr wonders why Michael is there. He introduces her to Kristina, then gets in a fight with Kristina about Trey. Starr is confused and Trey fills her in on the show. Michael thinks Trey is setting them all up. He knows Trey wants Starr to be part of the show and Kristina asks him if that is true. She is worried because Starr tried to kill their dad. Trey and her go outside to talk and he assures her he can handle himself from Starr. Inside, Michael tells Starr that Trey is a tool. They start talking about Kate and Connie when Trey walks in.

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