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    General Hospital CAST - Kristina Corinthos Davis (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kristina Corinthos Davis (Past) Played by Lexi Ainsworth on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lexi Ainsworth (ABC)

    Birthday: October 28, 1992
    Birthplace: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Lexi Ainsworth


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    Public Relations Nightmare.

    Monday, March 04 2013

    At home, Molly doesn’t regret breaking out the Port Charles Three since they saved Sam. She and Kristina discuss how creepy Sam’s bite marks were with the poison Stephen used in his fangs. Molly puts on the press conference and Kristina is pretty sure Molly has a bit of a thing for Rafe. She denies it, but is ecstatic when the mayor announces his release.

    Relationship Suicide.

    Tuesday, August 07 2012

    Sam is outside Alexis’ house with McBain when Dante shows up to arrest him for hitting Todd. John agrees to go willingly and Sam will bring Alexis. Inside, Kristina tells Alexis that Trey might surprise her and she jokes about doing a background check. Sam busts in and tells Alexis John needs help. Alexis warns her about the complications and Sam tells her she is already involved. They head out to the police station. Later, Trey comes by. He knows Alexis thinks he is just out to hurt her and she is not the only one. Kristina tells him she will talk to Johnny but he wants to handle it. She has a lot of people looking out for her, but she knows he is nothing like Kiefer. He tells her not to be so sure about that. He would never hit her but he is far from perfect. She is looking for someone real. They start making out. Later, they go swimming then come in and make out again.

    Big Plans For Port Charles.

    Monday, August 06 2012

    Kristina pours Alexis some ice tea at home. She heard "Mob Princess" is over and wonders if Trey is going back to New Haven. Kristina tells her Trey is staying right here for her. Alexis is surprised and Kristina thinks Alexis thinks she is too dumb to make her own choices. Alexis just wants to protect her. Kristina wants to make her own choices and face her own consequences. Alexis feels like Keefer was her fault and she is truly sorry. Kristina tells her she can’t protect her from her own life. Trey is a good guy, not like Keefer. They are choosing each other. Alexis wants things to be wonderful for her. She agrees Kristina is capable of making her own decisions and will try to appreciate what she sees in Trey and not question it.

    Crisis Of Confidence.

    Thursday, August 02 2012

    While they are making out at his apartment, Trey assures Kristina he meant every word and wants to go to the bedroom. They kiss again, but she pushes him off. She hasn’t been with anyone since her high school boyfriend – he used to beat her. She thought she loved him but he put her in the hospital once. She has not trusted anyone since. Trey assures her he would never hit her. She believes him but is not ready to sleep with him. She just needs time to feel safe with him. He wants to take it as slow as she wants. She wonders what his father will think about the show. Trey assures her his dad will be thrilled if he has a chance with her. Later, Trey tells Joe that Kristina doesn’t deserve to be used like this. Joe makes him promise he will marry Kristina.

    Opposite Of Tons Of Fun.

    Wednesday, August 01 2012

    At his apartment, a shirtless Trey goes over his dad’s plan in his head. Kristina arrives and he tells her she deserves to know why he is walking away from the show. Trey did not want to involve her but she assures him he can trust her. He tells her his dad is in some trouble, and he will be okay, but he could have lost him. That got him thinking that if they moved forward with the show she could lose her dad too. He couldn’t live with himself if he cost her her family. Now the show is over and nothing is in their way. He hasn’t stopped thinking about her since their kiss. He wants to be with her. She is ecstatic and they kiss.

    Flipped On The Griddle.

    Tuesday, July 31 2012

    At the warehouse, Kristina is looking for Trey. Sonny senses there is something wrong and they sit down to talk. He misses her and wants to spend more time with her. She thinks maybe he is right about Trey, that he is only interested in the show. Sonny wonders if she wants to be in a relationship with a guy who cares more about a reality show than her. He wants her to value herself. She is not so sure anymore the show is what she wants. Trey shows up and tells them he called the cameras off. He has been thinking "Mob Princess" is a bad idea and they should rethink doing the show.

    Join The Business.

    Monday, July 30 2012

    Sam only needs one more number to crack open the safe in Todd’s office when Kristina walks in. She wants her to leave early, grab coffee and talk about Trey. She wants to be with him even though Sonny thinks he is keeping a secret. Sonny doesn’t know anything about him but Sam doesn’t think Kristina really does either. Maybe Trey is holding something back. Kristina thinks Trey shares her feelings and she thought he was going to change his mind but then he started acting different. He was upset when his dad called and has been distracted ever since. She just wants Trey to go out with her. Sam thinks Trey does not deserve her if he can’t see how amazing she is. Kristina leaves and Sam jumps back on the safe. Jason comes in.

    Psych 101.

    Monday, July 16 2012

    At the warehouse Sonny tells Kristina he will honor the agreement he signed and show her and Trey around. He is not sure what Trey thinks he will find. Meanwhile, Trey finds his dad’s medal. His phone rings and Joe tells him he is fine and not to say a word about being his son. Trey eyes Sonny, wraps up the tour and leaves. Sonny does not think Kristina is using the smarts God gave her. Trey is hiding something! She thinks Sonny is projecting guilt. She cares about "Mob Princess." He wonders if she just cares about Trey. Trey has always been straight with her. She knows all she needs to know about him. Kate comes back and Kristina tells her she is not interested in the fashion industry and leaves. Kate tells Sonny she saw Joe.

    Stockholm Syndrome.

    Friday, July 13 2012

    Michael visits Kristina at home to get her opinion on what to wear on his date. She slams the door in his face when she learns it is with Starr. She thinks he is rubbing his happiness in her face. She knows she is being an idiot. It has nothing to do with Starr, but with Trey. What if he isn’t interested? Michael thinks at face value Trey is attempting to be responsible, but he is trouble. She thinks she could do worse and would appreciate his support. He set up a picnic for Starr and needs to go.

    Kate visits Sonny at the warehouse. Sonny is upset. There is something she needs to know. He had Jason track down Joe Jr. and bring him to Port Charles. He didn’t kill him even though he wanted to. He is in Atlantic City to stand trial. She wants to see him. He does not think it is a good idea. She wants to know what he said. Joe told him she threw herself at him, that he gave her money for things she wanted that Sonny could not afford. Having sex was her idea. Joe also knows about the baby. Kristina and Trey show up. Kate is not happy to see Trey again. He apologizes but Sonny is done with the cameras. He is done dealing with Trey. Kate thinks he should give them the tour. If he had known Kate was going to be there he wouldn’t have come. Sonny pulls Kristina aside and does not want her comparing him to Trey. She agrees they are nothing alike. Trey is honest about who he is. Meanwhile, Trey finds his dad’s medal.

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