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    General Hospital CAST - Garrett (Prescott) Floyd - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Garrett (Prescott) Floyd Played by John Bolger on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Bolger (ABC)

    Birthday: 02-26-1954
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Christine Radman since 1979.
    Real Name: John Bolger


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    Consider it Handled.

    Monday, November 09 2009

    Nikolas and Elizabeth stop their passionate interlude when they hear Lucky arguing with the mayor. Rebecca also walks up and sees Lucky and Floyd.

    The Wife He Deserves.

    Thursday, October 29 2009

    Mayor Floyd runs into Alexis at the party and apologizes for Andrea. She says they should call a truce and he asks her back as district attorney, but Alexis turns him down.

    Sonny and Mayor Floyd exchange niceties making it clear they are aligned. The mayor walks away and Mike walks up and tells Sonny he’s surprised he threw a party for Claudia. Sonny responds she has worked hard to be the wife he deserves. Jason and Sam then show up at the party.


    Tuesday, August 04 2009

    Mac comes in the interrogation room and tells Alexis and Diane that Alexis could be charged with murder. They move out into the squad room and Lucky brings in the Floyds for questioning regarding Alexis’ behavior the night of the accident. Andrea says her behavior can be summed up with one word: deranged.

    As Andrea talks with the cops, Alexis privately pleads with Garrett to admit she didn’t send the emails or pursue a relationship with him. Andrea sees them talking and orders Alexis to stay away from her husband. Mac asks if Garrett has anything to add to Andrea’s statement and he backs his wife up.

    What Planet Did You Wake Up On?

    Monday, June 29 2009

    As Kristina looks on, Alexis addresses Mayor Floyd’s accusations to the press. Robin and Patrick convince Kristina to leave with them, as Alexis says she will recuse herself from the case, but not as district attorney. The mayor claims his innocence before Mac has him booked. Alexis sees Patrick and asks where Kristina is. He tells her Robin is with her getting a cab and they discuss the Brianna case.

    Mac tells the mayor his wife posted bail and Alexis talks with Patrick and Robin about Brianna’s injuries. Alexis tells the doctors her affair with the mayor was just one night, after she found out she had cancer and saw Ric and Sam having sex.

    Alexis is so Busted!

    Friday, June 26 2009

    A news crew comes to the police station and asks why Mayor Floyd is there. Mac arrests the mayor, who tells the press he is innocent and there is no way Alexis can prosecute him because they were lovers. Alexis is exasperated and then sees Kristina who overhead.


    Wednesday, June 24 2009

    Patrick and Robin go to the mayor’s office, who isn’t receptive to them. Patrick says they want to find out what really caused Brianna’s head injuries. Patrick tells him Brianna’s injury doesn’t match his story and he’s shocked to learn Brianna suffered two blows to the head. Patrick supposes the mayor wanted her death to look like an accident. The mayor insists he was in love with Brianna, so he couldn’t have killed her. He explains how he was disillusioned after getting into politics and his marriage was grounded in mutual ambition, but that fell flat for him too. He says he was going to leave Andrea for Brianna and if she was murdered, he wants to know who did it.

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