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    General Hospital CAST - Garrett (Prescott) Floyd - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Garrett (Prescott) Floyd Played by John Bolger on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Bolger (ABC)

    Birthday: 02-26-1954
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Christine Radman since 1979.
    Real Name: John Bolger


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    Hazard Pay.

    Thursday, October 14 2010

    Olivia enters the police station as Dante looks at a photo of him protecting Brenda online. She brings him some food she cooked for him, Lulu and Michael. They talk about the car bombing case Dante is back on and Olivia tells him Sonny swore to her he was innocent. After his mother has left, Mayor Floyd enters and warns Dante he will be scrutinizing the investigation against Sonny so he better keep it on the straight and narrow. He will also keep any eye out for violations in his past. Claire is next to interact with Dante. He asks about her and Sonny and she tells him Sonny kicked her to the curb once Brenda returned. She wants Dante to build an airtight case against Sonny and let the system take care of him. Alone, Dante recalls finding Brenda collapsed on the floor of her apartment.

    The Past Always Catches Up With You.

    Friday, May 21 2010

    In the interrogation room, Mayor Floyd tells everyone Jason's transfer is a joke and they all need to relax because this could take awhile. Dante goes to talk with the mayor to fix things, but Jason just thinks he'll just mess it up. Outside the interrogation room, Dante tells Garrett he has evidence of him paying for hookers that pre-date his wife's death. Dante returns to Jason and Sam and tells him the deal is back on. He anticipates Jason staying with Michael until they are both released and then he will put Jason and Sonny away for good. After Dante has left, Sam and Jason share a private moment saying goodbye. An officer comes in the room and Sam cries as she watches Jason being taken away.

    Time To Pay Up.

    Thursday, May 20 2010

    Jason and Sam wait in the interrogation room while Claire prepares Jason's paperwork. Kristina comes to see Jason to thank him for doing this for Michael. He asks her to spend time with Sam in order to keep her busy. Kristina says Michael is lucky to have him protect him after Sonny wrecked him his whole life. After Kristina has left, Jason asks Sam to help Kristina understand Sonny better, but she is having a hard time understanding Sonny herself and thinks Kristina has good reason to be upset with him. Claire returns when the paperwork is all set, but Mayor Floyd walks in to say Jason isn't going anywhere.

    Michael is Sentenced.

    Friday, May 07 2010

    At the courthouse, Carly and Jason see Dante and Sonny walk in. Dante walks over to Carly and asks her to hear him out about Michael, but it just ends in an argument. The kids secretly come to the courthouse as Sonny argues with Dante about turning Michael in. Sonny says he might not deserve a better son than Dante, but Michael deserves a better brother. Morgan tells Kristina and Molly that after today everyone including Sonny will see Dante isn't the bad guy they all think he is. Lulu approaches Dante who loves her support, but worries it will alienate her from her family further. She's not worried and won't apologize for falling in love with him. Jax, Mike, Diane, Claire, Mayor Floyd, Johnny and Olivia enter the court as the kids observe and comment from their hiding place in the hallway. Court gets underway as Michael is brought in and the judge asks if any of the victim's family would like to speak. Johnny gets up and tries to paint Claudia in a sympathetic light, but says Michael had no choice but to kill her. He says Michael should be the hero in this whole thing because he saved his mother and sister. He adds Claudia would not want to see Michael punished for this and she would forgive him for stopping her. He also says Michael is not responsible for his sister's death – Sonny is. Johnny hopes the judge will be lenient because Michael never meant to hurt his sister. The judge thanks him and Johnny steps down. The judge addresses Michael and sentences him to five years in prison with the possibility of parole in two years. The courtroom erupts and after the judge restores order, Dante pleads with him to let Michael turn his life around with community service and counseling. The judge won't hear of it, but Dante begs him to reconsider out of fear of Sonny's enemies coming after Michael in jail. The judge orders Dante to sit down and sticks by his ruling saying it is a light sentence for taking a life. He hopes Michael uses his time in prison wisely. Sonny takes a turn at trying to change the judge's mind, but to no avail. The judge admonishes the courtroom for the crimes everyone has committed while trying to cover up Michael's guilt, but he has too many other cases to try so watching Michael go to prison will have to be punishment enough. The judge says everyone there is partially responsible for Michael's fate and when he is finally released from prison, he hopes Michael never goes home. Before Michael is led away, a devastated Carly tearfully embraces her son. Outside the courtroom, Michael sees his siblings and cousin who are shocked to learn he's going to prison.


    Friday, April 30 2010

    Chaos erupts and Jason leaves the courtroom after Dante outs Michael as the real killer. The judge orders the jury back to their room and instructs them to dismiss what they just heard. The judge calls Dante to the stand, who sympathetically relays what Michael told him and explains about the shirt. The judge says he needs to talk to Michael himself and issues a warrant for him. Dante is excused and Carly is recalled to the stand considering she perjured herself the first time she testified. He asks if she wishes to change her story and she says she does. However, she maintains that Michael didn't kill Claudia and Dante saying he did is his way of protecting his father. The judge calls a recess and Dante gets yelled at by Johnny and Mayor Floyd for what he did. Claire rails at Jax for knowing Michael was guilty. He says he did it to keep his family safe and she wonders how that's working out for him. Across the way, Sonny tells Carly she did good and believes Jason can get Michael out of the country. Carly thinks he wants to believe that because then he won't have to blame his new son Dante for all the damage done. Dante observes them and tells Lulu he might need her to watch his back. Carly confronts Lulu and wonders how she could betray her like she has by siding with Dante. Meanwhile, Sonny asks Dante how he could hurt his brother just to get back at him.

    Kristina and Molly return home and Jason shows up looking for Michael. He tells them Dante gave Michael up in court and he needs to find him. The girls are shocked, but Jason reminds him Dante is a cop first and foremost. Kristina tells him where Michael is and Jason takes off. Kristina thinks Dante is a liar and a user and they can never trust him again.

    This Better Be Good.

    Thursday, April 29 2010

    Claire runs into Carly in court and tells her Alexis saw Michael and called the cops, so he will probably be brought into testify soon. Sonny sees Jax and says it's time to see if everything he's done was worth it. Jax retorts he wouldn't miss seeing him go to prison for anything in the world. Diane brings Sonny back to the table, but Sonny sees Johnny and tells him Claudia got what she deserved. Mayor Floyd arrives and tells Sonny he will get what's coming to him. Court is called into session and the jury is brought in. Before Alice can announce their verdict, Dante enters and tells the judge Sonny didn't kill Claudia - Michael did.

    A Lesson in Living Large.

    Friday, March 19 2010

    Floyd walks into court and trades barbs with Diane. Claire walks in and finds Jax and tells him she's prosecuting this case for herself and not for him, but promises he won't be disappointed. Alice and Lisa report for jury duty, as a dressed up Coleman appears with Kate as well. He thanks her for the wardrobe and for the moral support, but doesn't think he will get picked to be on a jury. Alice is excited to do her civic duty, but Lisa isn't as enthusiastic and thinks she'll be excused anyway because she's a surgeon. Sonny walks up and sees Kate kissing Coleman goodbye. He questions her choice in men, but she doesn't want to talk about it with him and just wishes him luck. Sonny walks into court and the jury selection process gets underway, with Lisa, Alice and Coleman all getting picked. Opening statements are made and Diane says Sonny did in deed kill his wife.

    Civic Duty is Hot.

    Thursday, March 18 2010

    Mayor Floyd meets with Claire in the interrogation room and offers his assistance by calling in a few favors and helping select a jury for Sonny's trial. She accuses him of trying to get this case thrown out of court. He denies it, but reminds her nothing sticks to Sonny. She thinks she can get a continuance for the case while Dante rounds up Michael because of what happened to Kristina, but Floyd wants the case tried as soon as possible.


    Monday, January 04 2010

    At the police station, Mayor Floyd holds a press conference to announce that Jason Morgan has been arrested for the murder of Claudia. Lucky brings Jason in, as Floyd thanks him and Mac watches on. Lucky and Jason go into the interrogation room where Jason's handcuffs are taken off and Jason pleads with Lucky not to bring the cops into this. Jason agrees to keep Lucky informed and sneaks out the side door. Back in the squad room, Mac knows Jason's arrest was all for show and wonders what Lucky is doing. He answers, "A favor for a friend," and Mac hands him another favor he called in which is a file on a tagger connected to a murder investigation in New York City. Mac walks away and Lucky looks at the file.

    Consider it Handled.

    Monday, November 09 2009

    Mayor Floyd stops Lucky by the supply closet to ask about Sonny’s guilt in Claudia’s disappearance. Lucky says there is no evidence and he’ll have to be patient, but Floyd makes it clear he will be monitoring the investigation closely.

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